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Found 4 results

  1. In short, players are heavily rewarded for playing on PvE servers, whilst a lot of people feel there is little reason to play on Defiance unless there is an active PvP engagement occurring. This is super unhealthy for the PvP community, and if changes aren’t made, the population on Defiance will eventually die. Some of the reasons people frequently choose to play on Freedom rather than Defiance include: More frequent rites, and therefore more sleep bonus. There are a lot more rite casts on Freedom than on Defiance due to the higher population and more concentrated number of Vynora priests. Risk free crafting. Risk free hunting. Items you make can be sold for silver, whereas on Defiance people are more likely to provide items for free. Ease of crossing between Defiance and Freedom. Instead of the Chaos/Freedom isles relationship; where you must sail between servers (which is a risk in itself), portals currently allow you to cross at a moment’s notice in order to respond to PvP. The Path of Knowledge level 11 ability which grants 25% bonus skill gain. This is unattainable on Defiance. Essentially, playing on Freedom just makes a lot of sense for the individual, but if everyone does the same, this has a negative impact on the PvP community. Usually high difficulty is rewarded in Wurm, as it should be, which is why I suggest adding incentives to play on PvP rather than removing features from Freedom: Hunting should ALWAYS be good on PvP. Right now it is terrible, particularly in the south. Spawns should be crazy high. Starter zones could be spared so new players don’t get overwhelmed. Rites could have halved requirements on PvP, and scale with number of active priests in that religion. (Or a timed cooldown, half requirements on PvP might still mean more casts on Freedom). Looting battle camps could give 1 hr sleep bonus to all in local. Valrei missions: If the Defiance server rewards are as the same on Freedom it’d make no sense, as there’s no risk to completing Valrei missions on Freedom. On Defiance, these missions should be more frequent, they should encourage going into enemy lands, and they should give lots of sleep bonus and other rewards for all participants. (My suggestion is keep Valrei missions the same as they currently are on Freedom, but buff the rewards on PvP. Note that this DOES NOT mean adding moon metals or similar to the PvP Valrei rewards.) Exclusive skins that can only be acquired on the PvP server. These could be gained through Valrei missions, HoTA rewards, or maybe as rewards for having high battle rank. These skins could be transferable to the Freedom servers to allow people to show off their pvp-gotten-gains. Some sort of penalty to using a PvP portal, a timed CR nerf or similar. Increased skill gain? Nothing as drastic as Epic, but instead a 10% bonus to all skillgain. These are just some ideas thrown out there as examples, as there are plenty of other ways to increase incentive. Feel free to add more suggestions, like, comment, subscribe, etc. It should also be noted that this thread links up with this one here:
  2. Jackal - Icbash Hi Everyone! Retrograde back with this edition of the Valrei International, we've got a few hints and teases coming today, so lets get started! But first... Patch Notes Affinity review It's been a week since the affinity system has been implemented, we've followed the effects over the past days, with nearly 200 affinities being gained across the servers. We'll be looking at making some adjustments based on observations, feedback, and the general flow, but we're extremely happy with how this system is working, congratulations to those who have received one so far, and good luck to everyone else! (Myself included, I need PAS affinities!) Preview and LWJGL (bless you) With work on the client coming along at blistering speed, we'll be launching a new development client, called preview. The preview client will be used for early release of major updates, much like the testing phase for the 4.0 client, and soon it will be used for another major update. The first release of the preview client will be running the LWJGL 3 library (stable is currently running the LWJGL 2 library) so it's a big step up With this will come improved memory usage, more modern graphics rendering systems, and is the first step on implementing the new UI (As the new UI relies on the updated LWJGL 3) This preview client will be fairly limited in it's testing phase, so we will urge everyone to try it out once available so any major issues can be reported and addressed before it replaces the current client. Forge cleaning A long running request has been to have a way to utilise forges in order to generate ash, and in the next update we'll be adding the ability to collect ash out of unlit forges It will take a few things into account including firemaking skill, and we'll have the full details available in the patch notes Keeping track Another change coming will be the ability to add little notes for your friends. Reminders such as who you purchase bulk goods from, or what deed someone is in will be a huge help in keeping track of everyone, especially if you're a social butterfly! Upcoming works There's a lot more in the works, with muttering, tinkering, and the occasional cry of triumph coming out of the dev team quarters, I've been given a few hints and teases and I must say, I am so excited for what's coming I can barely wait to share more with you, but alas, I must! Community Content This editions community content will have a few! Wurm Unlimited eSports! Launched by Darklords, a competitive 3v3 group PvP competition was held on wurm two weeks ago. With the aim to teach players PvP tactics in an environment that had no items lost or skills to grind, a 2 gold prize pool lured some players out to find out if they had what it takes to win. The competition was fierce, but the team "The Abusement Park" took home the title and the winnings! The full thread of details and videos from the fights can be found here: Q&Emoo Last Wednesday, Wurms lovable Fosters drinker jumped on stream to ride around and kill horses, collect coins, and invited some watchers into Discord to chat, I was among those who joined in and we chatted a little bit about the game, as well as plans for 2018. Emoo is back with his Wurm Wednesday streams, and I'll certainly be thrilled to sit down, imp plate armour, and listen to him deny having a Fosters tattoo on his upper right shoulder. Check out his thread and stream location here: Naked and afraid Getting started in Wurm is scary business, wolves eat you, pigs eat you, and don't even talk about what the pheasants used to do. Our very own Yaga has been working hard on building an updated wiki guide to getting started in Wurm, with information about guards, stamina, finding other players, and even why so many actions are failed. What other questions would you like to see added? Check out the guide (and recommend it to the next newbie you see) here! That's it for this edition folks, I'll be back next fortnight, with more news of what's coming, what's come, and what Keenan had for breakfast. Until then though, keep on wurming! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  3. I was watching a YouTube video tonight where someone was talking about someone that had passed way. The thing that got to me about this video was the comment section and is why i am posting this... Do you think that commenting/posting in a public setting RIP (name) to be offensive at all? I kind of do. It just makes me cringe when i see that. If you care enough to comment at all then at least spend the time to write out a thoughtful and caring message. I mean they don't even take the time out to writ the whole thing just RIP (persons name)... idk What do you think?