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Found 23 results

  1. Hi, So first I want to admit that I'm chasing a very specific recipe: the "pain au chocolat". As a french dude I would love to be able to bake those for everyone all the time. Right now after a lot of digging of old forum posts my understanding of rift recipes drop is as follow: Each recipe drops from a specific rift mob The recipes drop on the mob's body like trolls and goblins do The pain au chocolat recipe drops from one type of ogre (Can't confirm this info) The problems with the current system (if I am right about the above points) is that: You have to be aware that mobs can drop recipes in rift to make you want to open every body laying on the ground, players who don't know that are totally excluded from this reward. With the changes to rift waves we barely kill some of the harder enemies compared to earlier rifts (for exemple the ogres that I think drop the recipe I'm after) and we overall kill less mobs which makes for less recipe drop if droprate didn't change. With the intent to rework the rifts reward system I wanted to point out that this part of the rift rewards is interesting and unique to rift and it would be sad to not give it some love. I feel like having recipes drop on the ground is only rewarding to people who actively go after them and changing it to the halloween system would be a nice reward for those who focus on killing mobs which is what the rift is about. At the same time maybe it would be good to review the drop rates of those recipes as right now barely anyone even knows about those. All the informations above on how the recipes drop are only what I found about them online and may be totally wrong, I'm sorry if they are and would be very happy to correct them if you have better infos. I'm all ears if you guys have any other ideas or suggestions regarding that part of rifts!
  2. Nice area for Indy Rift 1-Feb-2023,1024
  3. Greetings. For the past few days, I have been attempting to clean up an area on Exodus that's commonly a rift site, and was probably the site of the last rift. This is the area near the southern border of L21. However, every time I plant trees, most of them get turned into woodscrap or logs after some time. The first time it happened, I was still in the area, though not looking towards the saplings, so I know no player was in local. There was no sound or message in logs, just almost every planted tree had a woodscrap on its tile instead, and one apparently had grown a stage and left a log. After the next two times I did leave the area, but I doubt some player is coming by and cutting down these saplings and no other trees. I planted almost exclusively on dirt tiles at first, and I believe all of those trees were scrapped (the grass that comes with planting a tree remained). I cut into an area of bushes that is usually in the rift zone and planted there as well on the third attempt, and those trees were also scrapped. The affected zone is at least 64 tiles East-West. I can't tell the N-S dimension because of the bushy areas on the south side. I was not at the last rift, so I don't know if there was any oddity in shutting it down. A stone pillar was left, but I mined that out during my first attempt to replant, and as far as I can tell, the area is fully cleansed of rift materials. This is what it looks like with the detritus of three planting attempts making boxes on some tiles in the area: Good luck.
  4. At Pristine Today we killed all stuff around, we was about to kill WM, but Same team that Runs around and do this over and over and over again on RIFTS killed it so we didnt get the Honor to kill WM, no asking nothing,,, This is bad If the Community do a thing few ppl shows up and Destroy what End Goal is, whats the meaning with it.... Few ppl destroys communitys, ill thing u gms should warn them for not asking, ill told it straight out on battle field ill got back this: [21:16:59] <Blaike> we should start asking at the start of the rift ... Why ask we do this a community ok they want to Bennefit from it ill dont ill do it for help my ppl to grind and have a fun experince, but they sacced and sacced we killed they looted the mats wow... so yea Not like that play style at all, something need to be done about this soon, we loose ppl, coz ppl like theese, u know big stone in a Water Pound makes riffles, ill try to do all to keep help ppl to stay few here, dont have then IQ for it ill guess, so gms should look whats going on, on many areas.... //Just Caring for our Community 😕
  5.,894 It's in the southeast corner of J20. (Thank you to Malajane for the coordinates.) Check for the opening time in your time zone.
  6. So, the people in charge have made it very clear they will NOT be fixing this current overlap of rifts that was not caused naturally. This means it falls onto us, the community, to work together and fix it. I've seen too many posts about "It'll happen eventually just give it a year" and it could literally be next week if we really wanted. Lets do the Cadence rift on time and then give Melody one day, so we have Cadence on the 16th, Melody the 17th, and Harmony the 18th. We just need some people on Melody to put up signs around the rift location stating to wait until the 15th and maybe some alts in local on the 14th telling people not to finish the rift. If it doesn't work then nothing changes, but at least we tried. If we really do come together to fix this problem immediately then we could also push Melody to the 20th so that the rifts are separated by 2 days and after Harmony we aren't waiting another 7 days. The ~150 player Cadence rift and ~15 player Melody rift took the same amount of time, but with everyone on the Cadence rift being able to score WAY MORE rewards. #1 on Cadence had 821 points, and #1 on Melody got 244. The only argument I see for the overlap is that the ~15 player rift had a lot less lag, but I don't think that's a good argument for the ~150 people to miss out and for the ~15 to gain less rewards when it took the same amount of time. Also, one would hope the devs might look into having the servers run smoother during these rifts. Please spread the word, and try to make this work.
  7. So, the people in charge have made it very clear they will NOT be fixing this current overlap of rifts that was not caused naturally. This means it falls onto us, the community, to work together and fix it. I've seen too many posts about "It'll happen eventually just give it a year" and it could literally be next week if we really wanted. Lets do the Cadence rift on time and then give Melody one day, so we have Cadence on the 16th, Melody the 17th, and Harmony the 18th. We just need some people on Melody to put up signs around the rift location stating to wait until the 15th and maybe some alts in local on the 14th telling people not to finish the rift. If it doesn't work then nothing changes, but at least we tried. If we really do come together to fix this problem immediately then we could also push Melody to the 20th so that the rifts are separated by 2 days and after Harmony we aren't waiting another 7 days. The ~150 player Cadence rift and ~15 player Melody rift took the same amount of time, but with everyone on the Cadence rift being able to score WAY MORE rewards. #1 on Cadence had 821 points, and #1 on Melody got 244. The only argument I see for the overlap is that the ~15 player rift had a lot less lag, but I don't think that's a good argument for the ~150 people to miss out and for the ~15 to gain less rewards when it took the same amount of time. Also, one would hope the devs might look into having the servers run smoother during these rifts. Please spread the word, and try to make this work.
  8. An "Expeditionary Tent" You can set it up and give permissions to players in your group to hitch animals to, and use bedrolls next to. Would be great for Rifts, Unique fights or just exploring with a group of friends.
  9. Problems to Address 1. The infrequency and effort of Rifts and extreme randomness of rewards is unsatisfying. 2. Rift resources are swarmed and consumed within a few minutes of the end of a rift. Proposed Solution Make rift resources a semi-predictable reward that scales linearly with participation. For every 5 participation points, a random rift resource (rift wood, stone or crystal) appears in a players inventory. The QL is random, but the rate of reward is constant and predictable. Resources appear one at a time as the rift happens to prevent inventory overflow when the rift is closed. Desired Outcome Players feel rewarded for participating in the rift every step of the way, and are encouraged to participate as much as they are able. Rift resources are distributed among more players, with harvestable rift resources becoming an additional bonus for the quick and the skilled. Trying to fit this in the format Retrograde mentioned a while back.
  10. Hi Everyone! Well, we had our first rifts opening across all servers today (a little early, so I missed out too!) but the issues that we encountered have been corrected, and fixed. We have also got the unstable client running the new rendering engine, with plenty of feedback to sort through and improve on, I'd like to thank you all for taking the time to provide your feedback and information. But with that said, on with the news! Patch Notes Wurm Online Rift Tweaking The invasion system went live this week, with the rifts opening a little earlier than anticipated (or advised) and closing even earlier! We’ve looked into why they opened early and also closed after the first run, and that has been corrected in today's update. As a result of this, we’ve reset the timers for rifts, and they will open up over this weekend, with currently 2 days warning. We’ll be implementing countdown measures as well, to ensure that players have adequate time to prepare themselves for the fight! I know there were some reports of the Rift Beasts being taken down quite easily, but don’t forget they’re the baseline grunts for these rifts, with Ogres, jackals and mages packing an incredibly strong punch! Each rift creature killed has a roughly 5% chance of dropping loot (higher for the warmaster and champions). So participation is the key to getting loot, the more you kill, the greater your chances! We’ll continue to see how the rift system goes, and adjust how often it occurs, as well as loot and warning times as things go on. Starter deeds A little delayed, but I’ll be in contact with the winners of the starter deed makeover contests this week, and organise times with the GM team in order to provide resources and such, so expect to see the new deeds soon! Cave dwellings and PvP We’ve started work on the counters for cave dwellings within PvP servers, with the awesome new battering ram! The model for it is finished, and can be shown here: We’ll have more info on the functionality and mechanics in the next news hopefully. The optional path switch feature from Path of Insanity should also be live next week, pending some inhouse testing. Wurmpedia Assistants! As many of you have read, our Wurmpedia is now managed by Keenan, and his assistant Seedlings (with random capitalisations). We are now looking for Wurmpedia Assistants to help monitor the Wurmpedia and ensure that editor updates are correct and timely. It is a proper staff position so the requirements of over 30 days playtime and good standing with the community are important! To apply, follow this link: Steam update Wurm Unlimited will be updating with cave dwellings coming to beta on Monday at around 8am UTC-5, so plan accordingly! Shop update We will be performing some upgrades to our web store this coming Tuesday at 3am UTC, while we don't expect significant downtime we apologise for any inconvenience it causes. Community content We have two pieces this week, first off comes Evenings finds of amusing recruitment notices, wonder how many clothing optional villages we have The second is some fun with Rolf, a shot from his recent vacation has been slightly Wurmified, with a huge axe and helm. Perhaps he was simply researching combat? That's it for this week, we'll be checking out the new rifts opening on Sunday to ensure it all operates smoothly, until then, keep on wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  11. Since their introduction to Wurm "Rifts" appear frequently on the Freedom isles. When they do they not only spawn "alien structures" (crystals, columns, trees...), but they also deform and disfigure the landscape considerably. They create mounds, hills and even "spikes" with 20+ slopes. This not only occurs somewhere out in the wild, in the middle of nowhere, but also in developed and populated areas, even close to deeds. What is worse: the distortion also destroys roads, highways and even off-deed buildings. Please change the rift mechanics so that the disfigurement of the landscape is minimized, and keep them away from highways, roads and user-built structures. Also: let the alien structures decay more rapidly. (At the current high spawn rate, it will only be a matter of time until our servers will turn into strange alien landscapes...)
  12. I had the opportunity to participate in my first rift this evening and I was very impressed. It was an epic experience to put it mildly. I was able to help kill many mobs and it was just an all-around terrific time. The only negative was the fact that about 1 to 1.5 hours into the rift, we had a terrible storm and lost power. My power was out for one hour. When it came back on I rushed to log on to see what, if anything, was still happening. The rift had been closed. Almost everyone was gone except maybe 4-5 hanging around in local. I asked if the rift was over and they said yes. My rift score was in the mid 50's. I asked about rewards and they said to check my inventory. Nothing. I am guessing one must be logged in when the rift closes to get any rewards? I was sad. If I could recommend any change it would be that if your name appears in the /rift summary, you should be given your reward upon your next login if something prevents you from being logged in the moment the rift closes. I still had a terrific time though. I look forward to the next one. Cheers.
  13. So just kind of a question that leads to a suggestion. What's up with Jackel and Rifts? What does the King do in PvE? Is there a King? What's new in the kingdom? The servers? The reason for these questions is simple. Am I playing farmville, where 99% of my actions really don't matter? I'm cool with gaining trophies, and getting new skills, but my question is will there be any change in the world be cause I have these skills or a lack there of? I think what I'm asking for (and others) is something a little external. Yes, things in wurm can still be player driven, but isn't there supposedly 4 kingdoms? Don't they fight each other? Must cost materials, food, weapons, such. This could be the basis for PvE world quests? Perhaps the King needs goods donated to maintain the armies, food, bandages, armor, weapons. This could be a quest, that helps improve or maintain the costs of tower guards spawning. Just something to tie in all the loose ends. As far as the jackel is concerned, Shouldn't there be a message from the king stating the need for aid? I mean I'd love to get some in game letters about this stuff. I really hate having to look in the change logs, or dev blogs, or town hall FORUMS. for things that are IN GAME. Am I ranting by myself, or are there others who have similar questions?
  14. So last week there was a few rifts that spawned and did not generate a single drop. Players spent a few hours of there time slaying mobs with no chance of a reward due to some bug in the system. There was the gratuitous lump at the end of the event though, but nothing else. So when the next round of rifts happen who is excited for a chance of another bugged event? I know I will not be interested in this.
  15. Minor: Typo on Rift Hearts (from any rift animal, not a specific type only) on examine: [14:03:43] This heart of a creature from the rift gleams from tiny ser7yll fragments.
  16. Hi Everyone, A full moon and Friday the 13th! The perfect day to unveil our new rifts. Along with a few other things. This weeks news is brought to you by Namekat Weather, forecasting "Blood rain showers with a touch of fog spiders". Save the date We've set a date for the release of Rifts, cave dwellings and the new client renderer! We'll be releasing these on the 24th of May, sometime during Swedish business hours. It's been a long time coming, and we're super keen to see how these go. PvP changes We're continuing to build our not-so-little list of PvP changes, as well as taking feedback on the existing ones. We'll be doing a quick survey over this week before implementing the ability to change paths for those of you who desire it. With the new systems coming up actual PvP updates may be short over the next few weeks, but then we'll be hitting it hard. Jackal Rising... Invasions! What are rifts? Rifts are the new invasion event for Wurm, Heralded by a shining red light in the sky, they consist of waves of creatures with increasing difficulty ending in a fight against a bosslike enemy. Each wave requires the sacrifice of hearts butchered from the mobs to summon the next wave, starting out with jackals and rift beasts, all the way up to the huge rift warmaster. These creatures can and do come with various conditions, so expect to see a few champions! How many new creatures? Of course, this would not be the same without waves of terrifying and damned creatures! The minions of Jackal arrive in force, with the following types Rift beasts: Dog like beasts of war Rift Jackals: The masses of Jackal, tough, hard hitting, their hearts must be sacrificed to open the Rifts and bring on the next waves Rift Caster: Magic wielding foes that aim to set you on fire from afar! Rift Summoners: Summons more Rift beasts and other creatures to aid them in their fights Ogre: Huge behemoths that dominate the field, don’t expect to take these on solo! Ogre Mage: Physically dominating and able to set you on fire, who says you can’t have the best of both worlds? Rift Warmaster: The driving force behind the dark energy within the rifts, summon and defeat all three waves to bring forth this tyrant! What rewards are possible? Each creature killed has a small chance of dropping loot directly into the killers inventory, as the difficulty increases with each wave, the strength of the loot does too! The rewards can consist of: Shoulder armour: Over a dozen different types of shoulder armours, each piece providing different bonuses to types of armour, and defences against types of attacks Rings, bracelets and necklaces, granting individual bonuses and some allowing gems to be socketed, granting extra bonuses depending on which gem you use! That’s not all though, once a rift is closed, participants will also have the chance to receive metal lumps, including Seryll, Adamantine, and Glimmersteel! The more you input, the greater the chance of it being rare or better too. Rifts will also be a Wurm Online ONLY release. They will not come to Wurm Unlimited Not to be overshadowed (hah, shadows) is the new client renderer! While mostly behind the scenes updates, this new renderer will provide much smoother shadows (as showcased last week) will improve how buildings render, and also lighting! There are a few tweaks still going, and as of writing this, white dyed items do not show white (but black is SUPER black). Pictured below is 99ql, 75ql, and 50ql black sailboats! It also opens up the door for all the graphics stuff we’ve discussed in the past, such as returning wood colours via shaders, and various other nifty little things! Testing time! The even better news is, both of these will be undergoing a public test this weekend! The planned time is for Sunday, 4pm (UTC+2) and will include both the new client AND Rifts. We’ll have some feedback surveys for you all to take part in after, so make sure you come check it out! The planned rift test will likely be delayed to early in the week instead of later today, as Retrograde has run into some problems with his computer. We'll have another post later on with the new testing time. Community Content To fit in with this weeks theme, I've stolen a picture from the screenshots thread. Unfortunately it's not a house on Xanadu, but it is of a castle on Release! With the full moon of Jackal hanging ominously in the background. that's it for this week, we'll be sharing more info on rifts as the days go on, as well as other things coming live in the big update (we still have a few more surprises!) but that's it for now! Until then, enjoy! Retrograde and the Wurm team.
  17. The second rift on Xanadu was apparently closed within "minutes" of it opening, and all the waves were killed off very quickly. I thought rifts were supposed to be major events. Are they not? If they are, then this seems pretty shoddy. If they're just a rush to kill everything there in a few waves, they're bound to be destroyed almost immediately, since people will prepare to do so. Even if they can't prepare, a large group of people will still wipe the place out pretty quickly. I suggest... something. Do something to make rifts an event that actually lasts some amount of time and affects the server in some way, not just a "rush to kill things in t-minus 17 hours" event. Make the waves guaranteed to last a certain amount of time with the spawns spaced out over an interval, or something. Right now, they're basically just a mad rush for the best players to kill as much as they can once it starts, and any effect they're supposed to have while open is irrelevant since they're dispatched immediately. It would also be nice for people to get a chance to engage in this content without having to be available to play within a really specific 15-minute window or miss out. I was honestly under the impression that rift events were supposed to be large, meaningful things that would last some non-zero amount of time, but right now it seems like they've been implemented as a loot piñata that gets busted apart as soon as it shows up. Rift events that last an entire day, or even multiple days, is what I'd like to see, even if it means people get less loot per person per minute. It would make them feel a bit more relevant to the server in general, open up the possibility of actual server-wide effects of them being meaningful, and would give more people the option to participate.
  18. It really seems like the early warning beacon is a bit of an easy mode feature. Players from all servers can sail around, scoping out which server makes the easiest target to go after. For players that like to stick with their own servers, this creates a bit of imbalance. It also takes all the surprise out of the new rift feature. It also insures that tons of folks are pre-camped in advance, making the rift waves get slaughtered with ease and in very little time. The 2 wave rift on Pristine was active for about a half hour and it was over. Even if it had gone a whole 3 waves, it would have ended too quickly. Easy mode = boring. As proven on Test, a solo 90 skill player can handle all rift waves, using the free heals. Make these rifts more random and no beacon until the rift opens. Also, please increase the number of creatures that spawn in the normal 3 waves, or if not that, then make more waves, to insure rifts last long enough for folks to come running for the fun. From what I heard at the Pristine rift today, nearly everyone was having a great time. Let's make it last longer and eliminate the pre-camp. Seriously, what invading force gives you advance notice? "Ok wurmians, we are coming to take over your world! We will be arriving at this spot in 3 days, so you better be ready!" +1 to no early warning +1 to more creatures +1 to more waves = more fun Thank you for the rifts regardless! Great addition!
  19. Hello Everyone, Time for a part two! Rifts have now been released and everyone can see the beautiful Red Beams in the sky! Now there is a small catch, (FOR PVE) The rifts activates ROUGHLY 3 days after the "Red beam" can be see in the sky. This means, as all rifts are activated at the same time on all servers, all rifts will activate around 1pm on Friday. (Time of this post), or see the twitter events. This is to give everyone on a PVE server a chance to get there and do the event instead of it being killed on spawn, which i kinda like as a feature. Invasions will be marked with a red light shining into the sky, they will appear 3 days prior to an invasion on PvE servers, and 1 hour prior to the invasion on PvP servers. time will tell what happens to rifts, if it has 100 people everytime and its a faceroll or if it'll be better in a months time. As all servers are split up i don't expect every server to have 100 people there.
  20. Hi Everyone, It's been another busy week, with testing and taking feedback. I'd like to thank you all for providing me with your thoughts, time and bugs, we've made huge steps this week, and it's on with the news! Patch Notes Wurm Unlimited Feedback and fun The test server as you all know has had the new client renderer as well as rifts on it this week, and there’s been a lot of enormous feedback, which we’d like to thank you all for, this unfortunately does mean that there’s several things we need to address PvP and rift loot With the introduction of the rift loot, some pvpers showed concern about how the loot and the bonuses it gives would affect balance. Most shoulders give bonuses to lighter armours, but we have made the decision to make them vanity only in PvP pending further discussion. We wish to ensure that any bonuses they do bring are balanced, and don’t set a new requirement to enter pvp. We’ll release the full bonus info on the 24th with the update. Unstable client So after a long period of dev and in-house testing, we unleashed the new client renderer on test this week, and have received valuable feedback. As a result we have decided to delay the renderers release, until we are sure that this client works for players and that major bugs are squashed, the expected release date for the new client will be on the 6th of June, Wurms Anniversary. That doesn’t mean you can’t use it on the 24th! It will be available as our unstable client from then, and we’ll continue to take feedback. Wurm turns ten! And we’re giving away the presents! We’ll have random anniversary loot boxes, which contain a random item, including some pretty rare items such as the Staff of the Land or the Pale Mask! Every premium player will receive one on our June 6th update, so simply login to collect yours! We’ll also be giving out some during events and such too, so your chance of getting something cool goes up and up! Community Content A thread on the Independence forum raised an old piece of writing done by Aeris a few years ago, named Independence anthem. It’s a song dedicated to the brave settlers of Independence, and is quite awesome! So just to reiterate, cave dwellings and Rifts will go live on the 24th, at 12:00PM Server time (UTC+1) The new client will be available on unstable and we’ll continue to work on that for a release on June 6th. Until then though, keep on wurming!
  22. Hi Everyone! Some big news this week, as I can finally reveal what’s being worked on, as well as when you’ll be seeing it! But first… Patch Notes Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited Live Beta PvP updates! We’re pleased to see that the updates have been well received. We’re not looking to rest on our heels though and along with continuing to work on other projects mentioned in this news we’ll be also drawing up plans to tackle some of the more tricky areas, as well as looking forward to a much larger overhaul down the line. Enkis Deliverance Derby of Death! (sorry Magykal!) The deliverance derby event sure turned out to be a little more bloody than anticipated! The sheer number of racers meant chaos at the checkpoints, as creatures spawned to harass the poor riders. The race was a lot of fun, and while Enki managed to collect a few more corpses, most people agreed that it was a good time (those who survived!) Summer of Fun This summer is gearing up to be a big one, and I can finally share some of it with you all! We will be releasing a huge update at the end of the month, including cave dwellings, rifts, the new client launcher, and the new rendering engine! We’ll have more information coming as we go into detail with each feature, but expect a public test in the near future! A New Moon is Rising. A prophecy long hinted at, many whispers about one of the moons orbiting the lands of Wurm and all the creatures that dwell on it have set their sights on the world of Wurm! Invasions of these unholy twisted creatures will be the background for our rift system, with these strange and twisted creatures looking to drain the world of Wurm of its essence/resources/lavender sprouts. We’ll have more information in next week’s news prior to the testing, so get your battle gear ready! New client renderer Long teased, long discussed, and often considered fictional. We’re nearing the end of our inhouse testing of the new client renderer, and look forward to including it within testing soon! This will have greatly improved performance with the game, as well as some much smoother looking views. Check out the amazing before and after view of shadows: Community content This week's showcase is a bit of nostalgia for me. Lufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals was the first RPG I ever played, and the first game I ever got fully absorbed by. Over the long years I’ve played many RPG’s, and many games, but Lufia has always had a special place. One of our talented community mapmakers has recreated the world of Lufia II in wurm unlimited! I’m absolutely thrilled and in love with it, and I may just have to rebuild Alunze Kingdom! Of course after all this, we also have the Anniversary (Can Wurmiversary be a thing?) We haven't forgotten about that, and will be working on some fun events and surprises for you all there too, but until next week, keep on Wurming! Retrograde and the Wurm team