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Found 12 results

  1. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team. Current Observations: It seems as though 90% of the Wurm Population will use standard Horses for the majority if not all of their needs. Those who choose to use an alternative method typically choose Hell Horses as their main mode of transportation whether it's by Horse-Back or Cart/Transport pulling. Bison seem to receive very little love when it comes to much of anything! Bison are unable to be equipped with any sort of equipment and because Horses are more popular they are rarely Bred for their Traits, making them equally hard to obtain for those of us who do prefer to use a Bison for one reason or another. What I propose: Expand the Bonus a Bison receives from pulling a load to other "Large Transports" from just the wagon to also include Ship Transporter, perhaps even the Large Cart too. Bison are huge, durable beasts and should be able to pull larger loads much easier than a Horse or Hell-horse for that matter. Grant Bison other Colors Many new Horse Colors were added, making collecting all of the different coats an achievement for many Horse Breeders. Everyone appears to have their preferred Horse Coat and prefers to obtain that particular coat when obtaining a Horse for themselves Providing Bison alternative colors such as White, Black, Deep Brown, Light Brown, Grey, etc; would give Bison a variety and help add to their appeal Allow Bison to be equipped with even basic equipment Horse Shoes don't make a whole lot of sense on a Bison Bridles would be just as helpful on a Bison as they are for a Horse or Hell-horse. Bison are the only original intended Transportation Creature that cannot use a Bridle. (We're not counting the Bull here only because they are still "a cow") Give the Large Saddle a purpose again! Allow us to put a Large Saddle on the Bison! Allow us to ride Bison I was surprised to learn that Bison could in-fact not be ridden, they aren't even an option no matter what your Body Control is! I believe this also makes Bison less appealing to many players as Horses (of any kind) are a Swiss-army-knife of the Wurm World's transportation. Why have a Bison when your Horse can do everything a Bison can and then some? Conclusion: Bison were a wonderful addition and a great idea to be paired with the Wagon of course! Currently the Wagon bonus is barely enough reason to make them a viable option and as is hardly worth obtaining for that purpose alone. I feel our "Fluffy Cows" need some serious love to make them a viable option and a loved and welcome member to any Deed. Even half of these proposed suggestions I feel would allow the Bison to "claim more real estate" on Deeds and in our daily lives than they do now. We have a member of our Deed who has been playing Wurm with us for many years now and he loves his "Fluffy Cows". We are all saddened to see that he is only able to use them on his Cart and not able to be excited as the rest of us are when a new color appears in our Herd, his Bison just don't have that to offer him. Remember to like this post if you like what you see, a +1 post is ignored by the team.
  2. Hello. I recently got my priest's body control high enough so that he could ride a scorpion. The graphics for the scorpion appears to be bugged, though, as the scorpion appears to be swimming through the terrain instead of walking on it (at least from the rider's perspective). I am also disappointed at how slow the scorpion is: so far I haven't seen a speed faster than 7.5, even down hill. Pretty much makes the whole effort to ride one worthless. Alendhor
  3. Is it possible to mod additional key bindings (to use with console command "bind 1 <keybind>") to Wurm Unlimited? There are several missing keybinds from the base game, like Taunt, Archery Shoots, Riding a horse (there is EMBARK_COMMANDER but only works with carts and ships). Also keybinds for special moves don't work properly, DESTROY_FENCE doesn't work, etc. It would be awesome if those can be modded in without waiting for Devs to do it, if they do it. Moved from Unlimited Questions and Confusions
  4. The above thread got me thinking about how annoying it is using tamed creatures as mounts, especially ones that must be tamed, like unicorns and (to a degree) hell horses. Since tamed animals are treated the same as you by hostile critters, they inevitably wind up fighting stuff and getting hurt, and that's a problem! In that way, right now taming a creature can actually reduce its usefulness, which an oddity this suggestion could possibly address. I propose a toggle in the "Pet" menu that would let a tamed animal act neutral while mounted, so that creatures treat the pet the same as if it weren't tame, and the pet stays out of combat while mounted. This would make tamed animals much more usable as mounts, particularly the ones you can't ride otherwise. It wouldn't have any affect on PvP, since someone in PvP can target the creature regardless, which should probably cause it to fight back regardless of this toggle. I can't think of any particularly bad side-effects in general, really, and it would increase the usefulness of at least a couple different critters.
  5. Once a year on Freedom and once a year on Epic, one player is chosen (say, based on Valrei). That player gets to ride the Wurm for one day or so. On Freedom, of course, it would be a massive event, because it only happens once a year, and on Epic, it could be a once-in-a-year chance to (finally) do some massive damage to enemy deeds, like their capital on Elevation. When things like events and interesting player-made occurrences happen, people make threads about them, look forward to them and talk about them for years. I propose that this happens!
  6. Since I've been playing again, I've noticed it is a lot harder to reach things from on my cart. I almost have to be right on top of a log to pick it up, or on top of a BSB to open it. Is this because we sit now? What I would love to see is full reach from anywhere on one tile to anywhere on an adjoining tile. Sitting on vehicles makes our visibility much worse, so we need more range to balance it out. Either that, or let me choose if I want to sit or stand. I'd choose standing every time. When riding a cart or ship to battle, it does seem a bit silly to see people sitting and swinging weapons.
  7. I've been wandering the world of wurm now for over a year, yet I still move at a similar pace when I started! It would be nice if people who travel a lot got better at it over a period of time. To this end I propose adding 4 new skills and shifting climbing under one of these. Wandering - Hiking - Sailing - Climbing - Riding What do these skills do? Wandering gives a base speed bonus (1% per 10 points, ending in a 10% speed bonus), it levels VERY slowly. Hiking reduces stamina usage while walking by 3% per 10 points (ending with a 30% stamina reduction for walking). Sailing gives a 1% speed bonus per 10 points against the wind and a 2% speed bonus per 10 points with semi favourable wind and a 3% speed bonus with favourable wind. Every 10 points in riding allows mounts to be ridden up 1 steeper inclines. Climbing is unchanged These skills are intend to be slow gain and a bonus for people who are around often and travel often. I will say I am not a PvPer and have not taken PvP balance into account. However, if there is an issue then just make the bonus only take effect on PvE worlds (so PvP players can still gain the skills but they just gain nothing from them until they enter a PvE world).
  8. Bring riding unicorns back. Stop friendly and neutral guards attack domestic hell horses. Copy and alter code so that we can sit on cows and such properly. ... and yeah, other thread, I said there are other ways than size to show that these are champions. Would like to ride other things, such as bison. Also, I want a war cow, barding, shoes, saddle!
  9. It would be nice if there were saddle bags we could make and put on horses so that we could carry more items than just what our characters could carry and not have to hitch a big wagon to bring a few items somewhere.
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  11. Do you all think it might be a good idea to have a 'Spurr' option while riding a horse(or other animal) or animal drawn cart to get a great boost of speed for a short time, with a cool-down of something like 12 RL hours or some such? This would be for those moments when you're being chased, not able to outrun your pursuers, maybe are on your last bit of health. Also it could have a chance to fail when you do try to activate it, failure still causing the cool-down to activate. Your thoughts?
  12. My clint crashes whenever I ride a horse for more than a few seconds at a time, or if I seem to move too far away from the tile in which I mounted the animal I was riding.