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Found 6 results

  1. When you send an inscribed papyrus or paper to someone, mailing fee is set to 1 iron. If, for any reason, the receiver doesn't accept it and the letter is returned to you, you have to pay 1 copper to get it back.
  2. Hey everyone, it's Tyler or as many know, Yam or Yamcan. I have been on an amazing trip for work and was sad to leave my deed mates on such a short notice. I will soon be returning as I've completed pretty much everything I needed to on this trip. Anywhere from 1-3 weeks and my time back on the wonderful life of wurm shall begin once more! I'm super excited to come back and cannot wait to see all of you again very soon!
  3. I have came back to play some wurm after several years of inactivity, and the map around me changed quite a lot. Now what used to be my old settlement (of course abandoned long ago) is deep in enemy territory and I'm stuck in a collapsed mine. Collapsed mine is one thing, but I find it really unfair that I come back and I'm in enemy territory because I had no way to know when I left how the borders might change in the future. My suggestion is to have a free teleport after long inactivity so your first experience when you come back playing is not dying instantly and losing everything you once had. Alternative is to judge every case individually.
  4. You heard that right deli, I'm back! Last time I set foot on you was in 2013 and here I am again! Returned to wreak havoc as Orias The Deranged only could! Alright well maybe not havoc, build up a little off deed place, pester the usual oldies I know. Probably do some masonry work for a person or two. You know the usual. Might start up the delivery service from a ways back. Who knows eh? So who're the main blade and tool smiths now in case I need to start ordering stuff to get going... I'm a sucker for good tools... I only ever bought my tools from Nicrolis in the past, so who's who and what's what?
  5. I had sent my main a cod for some money to set up a deed but ended up not needing it and refused it. I guess since the alt that sent the cod had never been on the server it was refused from that it had no way to make it back to him and eventually come back to my main again. I am not sure why that is and this was just a junk item but what if it had been a rare item that someone had sent but the buyer refused? I had sent the bowl cod for 10s and as you can see in the ss there is nothing about the 10s or even a 20c cross server fee but a 10c one. So to me this tells me that it has to be blocking it from going back to the sender and my guess as to why is because he has never been on the server it was refused. A little rant while i am here.. I am not sure why the mail system is so complected there should never be a reason that any item is lost in the mail or not returned when refused. Also i don't see why it only goes to the server you are on when the item is sent. Why can't i get sent an item on Xanadu while traveling and pick it up on Deliverance when i get there at the end of my trip? The way it is now i have to either go back to Xanadu, wait or just miss out on the item. Okay rant off and i hope that all made sense but the TLDR on the deal is that the mail needs some work, lol
  6. Well besides all the regular ones so we can send more items i would like to suggest a sent/recieved section on the display window that way you can see who has not picked up their items. If there is an uncollected mail it would show in the window so you can contact the right person to remind them of the item they have waiting. Also why can we not get an item back if it is returned on a cross server mail? I think that one needs fixed too.