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Found 3 results

  1. GM, Dev responses only please.😊 They will be the only responses I will accept as answers. others will be looked at as speculation. [18:12:53] There are apparently no coins in the coffers at the moment. Now I am familiar with this, but I have heard varying information, plus my own theories. I would like this to be cleared up once and for all.. since I cannot find an answer in the wiki. This is why I want only GM and the Devs responses Only. Thank you
  2. Well, first I have to say I am sorry that this post doesn't sound as frustrated as it should, but I have cooled down a fair bit since I stumbled over... things. ^^ So, this first part of the post goes directly at you @Retrograde! I know you were at the Lunalong recording for the wurm twitch channel for at least one or maybe even 2 hours. While I haven't had time to watch it live that day I just made a bookmark to rewatch it later. I had another vod bookmarked to rewatch, I already forgot the title of that, sorry, which is also gone. Then, I had some time... so thought I might as well watch those 2 recordings. Sadly, the links I had bookmarked only took me to a twitch page telling me that I need a time machine to watch them (which I obviously not have). Now I thought, ok, let's just head to Youtube then as he has probably uploaded them there already... guess the journey just started at this point. :D So, as an advanced internet user I did the obvious first thing when looking for something: I asked uncle Google for "youtube wurm online", and it gave me some links to proper wurm videos by Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight, Gerugon, and some others playing WU. Nothing about Retrograde or any OFFICIAL wurm videos, not even on the second page! (I also checked via a vpn in case google is too used to what I normally search for, still only Katspurr, Factional Fight, a MMO-Hut video and a link to WO website and wurmpedia listed.) Ok, I thought by myself, can't be that hard, just go to the twitch channel, as I ofc already know where that is located and check the links there, as twitch streamers usually have ALL of their links set up in their description page. Well, not Retrograde ofc... found only Twitter, Facebook (which I both don't have or use), and at least a link to the official wurm homepage. Nice... Valrei Entertainment, yes, that's it... ehhh... listed are Emoo, Katspurr, Factional Fight etc, which I already had found by google but not the official Retrograde's channel. So @Retrograde: Honestly, I hate you! You are the worsed PR guy I have ever stumbled over in my whole life, I must say. You are not only NOT storing your vods for later watching on twitch as a proper and professional streamer should do, you are not even loading them up to Youtube (and if they are on YT, then WHERE THE HELL ARE THEY?). Gladly, I was able to rewatch the latest video today, where you (Retrograde) were talking about that merchandise... ahh, right, I wanted to get a coffee mug and maybe a nice wurm pillow. Guess what... Where the hell are... there is a shop? Oh yes, there is a shop button on the website at least... oh, wait... ;P And this second part does not only go to Retro but also to the DEVS responsible for the website: Where the hell are... things? 1. Retrograde/Wurm online official twitch channel not listed on website 2. Wurm Online official Youtube not listed on website 3. Merchandise shop not listed on website 4. Employment ad for new PR guy not listed on website ^^ So, in all honesty, @Retrograde please sort out your twitch problems, at least ask Emoo or Katspurr how to store vods and make them stay there so people can rewatch them when they have time for it or load them up to Youtube and set a damn link to them on your twitch page! And for the responsible devs: please fws (for wurm's sake), get a proper button on the website so I can at least get my wurm pillow and not get nightmares any longer over this ######. And take in mind: I am a wurmian, so I know where what is or at least how to use google properly to find even my pillow. ;P But you want new players, so how the hell do you think they will be able to find even the most important things? If they have to go on such a big journey and asking left and right and in hidden places about where to find what when it comes to wurm, then there is something very wrong with you devs (and the PR guy). PS @Retrograde: If that vod about the Lunalong is still somewhere to be seen, please let me know where. If it is just vanished, the answer is "cheese" and I'd like to have a rare butcher knife send to me for all that hassle I've gone through. ;P Jade
  3. Before the trolls read this and leave the hate. Please check under your bridges for the horse burgers I have left you. Thanks! If you have quit and don't play epic then don't bother commenting on this since you are now a freedomer and this no longer effects you. Thanks! On to the " requests ", lol: Step One: I would like to see the Elevation server reset with a new map and leave home servers intact. This should happen in seasons roughly once per year, or however long is deemed necessary. Start with " Epic Season One ". Throw us some maps. Let us critique them and then make a choice. Leaving home servers intact allows people to fall back somewhere in between the " Seasons ". Home servers don't need a reset the same as freedom doesn't need a reset. Step Two: Cancel the freedom to Epic transfer if you aren't going to do Step One. Step Three: Oh god, make the broken Rift Items work. Not for Epic, but for everyone! This should be simple and not sidetrack from your important things. Step Four: Move the Epic Forums INTO THE OPEN! Please! Don't throw us under some rug. We are people too! If the posts become so toxic that you must do this then you need to mod your forums and hand out some bans(Forums only). Step it up. Make some rules. Step Five: Advertise your game. Market your game. You guys have a pile of gold here. It just needs to be sold. This game is truly fascinating in so many ways! Since the transfer started, I see 99% less people come through the starter town. Before the transfer(Continuous) I always saw some new ones every week. If we can recruit, we can build, we can have an active epic. Give us the tools we need to succeed! A lot of players are quitting Epic and I don't entirely blame them. It's disappointing and somewhat sad to see them go. Since this is happening I don't see why we cant take a gamble on elevation. Enjoy freedom though guys. I will be doing the exact same thing you are doing, except twice as fast and gaining more than twice as much skill with all my friends.