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Found 4 results

  1. Roast me... This is kind of a thing that lots of games have been doing lately (EverQuest's Project1999, World of Warcraft Classic, Runescape's "Old School RS or 2007scape"). I'm not talking about a re-master but a single old-style server that will see very sparse updates if any at all, where the game is as it was since its most stable release in 2004-2006. I'm talking "everyone has the same avatar", trolls were a solid green color, only single-storey buildings, we rode our horses like surfboards back then... make it Premium only if you want to discourage new players from going there, I'll pay to play 😛 would love to see something like this, even if it were only one chaotic PvP no mans' land with no deeds allowed or literally anything at all in a "vanilla" Wurm. Now, I understand that it would be a buggy nightmare, probably a PR fever dream with all the since-patched exploits, but I can dream!
  2. Hi Potato fans Do you have an old computer running Wurm? Retrograde's comment about 'playing on Potatoes' in tonight's WurmOnlineOfficial twitch stream got me to thinking - How many of us are currently playing on 'potatoes' - old computers with old graphics cards, or maybe just computers that have to be on low graphics settings due to overheating or other problems... ...or maybe you prefer the performance or visibility on low graphics settings? It's snow joke, really I remember the first laptop I used to play Wurm had to use the minimum graphics settings, it was just too old. The screen was so bad that in winter with the low-detail snow textures, I really could not tell the difference between round cobblestones and rough cobblestones, in fact I thought they were interchangeable - I thought 'round' and 'rough' were a typo and meant the same thing. As I could see no visible difference between the two, I just used whatever materials were to hand, and when my courtyard was complete, it all looked fine and uniform ...until I got a new laptop and of course realised that it looked like a dog's dinner. I would love to hear your anecdotes, and see your screenies. Here's your chance to show us what a potato can do! Muse 💗
  3. WTS Still going to spam this in trade chat but thought I'd bundle it all on a post for fun. The prices some pretty cheap some normal. Supreme pickaxe 17imbue 35s Supreme Tin shovel 77botd (unique GM item) 35s Bag of keeping 75s Valentines 1s each (3x) Yule goat 1.5s Spyglass 2s 4,000 quality worth of gems for 16s come get them 8,500 dirt 5s
  4. Remember the original models for JK MR BL ? before we had armor and clothes showing? I would love an outfit that makes me look like the old Lib or MR. Maybe "costume" that you apply to your "back" slot.... and just instantly reverts me to an MR BL or JK. Dont even worry about animations and all that... this is about going old school i mean if i have to stand on horses to pull it off... i will! 6 smiley faces were slain in the making of this post so people didn't remove my post for trolling because of too many smilies.... (shrimpiee)