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Found 3 results

  1. It breaks my lil heart to watch the CA HELP tab and see the number of brand new players just getting completely obliterated by huge problems at the start of their adventure. A lot has been done to make the game more accessible over the years; it's all very impressive. The problem, as I see it, is that new players seem to always go to Xanadu. Now maybe that's not true - perhaps it's equal across all the servers - but the ones in trouble, the ones that cry in vain for assistance are invariably on Xanadu. So here's my basic idea: let's not give Xanadu as an option to toons created on fresh email addresses. Assume that they are brand new players, and stop them going to the biggest, most murderous, most isolated, most awe-inspiring server until they have skilled-up, or perhaps they're joining friends already there on an established deed. Something like that. Speaking for myself, I'd cross half a server to help a noob bleeding to death in the woods, but I cannot do that on Xan. Nothing against Xan; I am just thinking about the new players and the realities of being dropped into the middle of it. I'm really not trying to revitalise the older servers; I have interests on several servers including Xan, where I have deeded 3 times in different places. I like Xan. Xan doesn't like noobs. I think a mechanic along the above lines would lead to an increase in the Xan population as people will aspire to go there, and they'll be playing long enough to make that a reality, because they'd have survived better on the smaller servers. Sorry that i didn't write this better, but I hope you can see my point, and that the idea is actually helpful.
  2. I have 5 friends I speak with on a daily basis on Wurm Online. We spend a lot of time on comms and we often discuss topics which plague our fair community. One of those friends is on the ledge, and wants to quit Wurm. When asked why, his answer is simple: There is nothing left for him to do. After 6+ years of playing, my friend has been everywhere. He has lived in every server, built every type of deed, won and lost Chaos battles, played in the Epic servers, built underground deeds, worked on making tunnnels and canals, built colossuses and basically played any type of character profession that matters. So his interest has dwindled. Upon asking him what would rekindle his love for Wurm, his answer was a simple one: A new island. Being a new player I balked at this. Why would we add new islands when we already have a world that is too big for the small community we have? Surely more servers equals more land, which equals a more splintered community. Or does it? However, he argues that old players need something new. New servers promise this. More lands, more places to explore, perhaps new monsters to fight or resources to be found? Maybe the love of sailing and heading to New destinations to encounter the unexpected. What is your opinion on this? Should Wurm have a fresh new server? Maybe replace one of the current ones? Or maybe something else entirely? What would rekindle your waning love for this world we have made ours? Please comment below. Share your opinions.
  3. The "math" ... and I use the term VERY loosely here, was posted a few months back about how bulk QL is averaged. Long story short: I stashed 7 logs between QL 92.08 and 92.14, ended up with 89.95. " if it's an increase in QL then it's instead reduced by 10%. " According to Wossoo. Now as you can see by some replies below, it doesn't matter to noobs (not you Osten, you also noticed it) who spend more time trolling forums than honing their skills and thus don't notice, but to folks with heavy crafting it gets nasty (if it hurts on WU, I can imagine how bad it can get on WO) Pointless, and really messed up at higher levels imho. "RNG to determine what RNG will calculate the RNG for the RNG to the RNG of the RNG's random RNG values". Skillgains, QL, success rates.... way too much RNG.... still wondering how the hell one fails to dip a piece of hot metal in water eh. <-- comment sticks for a lot of other stuff, just not this thread. Dug up the averaging math. Forced 10% reduction.