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Found 7 results

  1. How different would Wurm be, if you could choose merely 1 item to always keep on death, after you've outgrown your newbie gear and used up your mirror? 1 thing that your Wurmian life would not be worth living without? Your 'personal artifact' that acts as a Wurmian incarnation of a soul-vault. Maybe it's that fantastic helm you just managed to imp. Maybe it's a sentimental keepsake such as a Christmas present from a dear friend. Maybe it's something that your 'personal look' could simply not be complete without, in your eyes. If it can fit in your inventory, if you consider it irreplaceable, and if you're prepared to make it non-tradable, I say it would be a fantastic add-on feature for your account. And how about a little artifact-style bonus of functionality, just to sweeten the pot for those who are very practical souls? Every sleep-powder takes up 1 inventory space. Thus, after death, you must first replace the container used to store those no-drop items. In some rare cases, this mechanic can even lead to an 'overflow bug'. Even the 'safest' account can die to a glitch. But what if soul-binding your nominated item added a permanent container to your inventory, that only sleep-powder could fit in? With an icon matching your item, of course. Your soul-stamp of custom identity. After all, where else would you stash something as abstract and intangible as 'sleep powder'? I truly shiver at the thought of archaeology being extended, to be able to restore an unbound, personal artifact of an account that, as archaeology implies, probably has some morbid reason for becoming 'unbound'. I'm not sure whether finding such a thing would be a blessing or a curse. Perhaps such things truly belong in mausoleums, inhabited only by their sleeping spirit. On display as the missing link between players and hired spirits, and giving a boost to deed guardians by their presence. Finally, to those who may perhaps feel that this dilutes the purity of PvP mechanics: We're all human. I feel that having the option of just 1 personal item you cannot lose, could make enough difference to the morale of the individual, that it would be worth the frustration of never being able to separate them from it.
  2. We've all lost animals to the caring for bug - animals that should have been immortal in terms of age, but died when cared for, not pregnant, not diseased, fed, and on a deed with a good ratio. I'm sure the devs are working on fixing this bug, but considering it's been around for years, it seems like it's a hard thing to fix and may take some time. In the meantime, I think there should be an option for us to get back animals that died from this bug. I recently had a Dove traitor traitor die, which is irreplaceable, unlike the other animals I've lost before that I can just breed more of. If we have an animal die under the above circumstances, we should be able to contact the GMs and have them respawn that animal. Either that or fix the bug, but I really would love my dove traitor traitor back.
  3. Hi all. I activated on my server (pve,fredoom, non epic) random treasure chest function...I wondered if each time that one Ive be found it, a new chest are spawned randomly, or maybe restart the server are necessary or..."Seems" that after first players found a lot of them, does not respawn again. ┬┐Anyone knows how does this exactly work? thanks in advance
  4. I'd like to suggest a couple additions to respawn points for players who die. One would be to add the deed tokens to settlements in a player's alliance to the list of possible respawn points. Another is allowing players to "bind" to tokens near their location (in case of death). A setting could be added to settlement permissions allowing the mayor to decide whether (and perhaps who) players can bind at their tokens. Both of these additions would possibly give players who die the opportunity to respawn closer to the location so they're not forced to run naked hallway across the server to get to their corpse. Just a thought. Alendhor
  5. I have a non-prem alt on Chaos. I have been trying to go exploring with her but each time she dies (Headylamar) I have gotten the options of "Start" or "Kyara" or "outside Kyara", She is not a member of Kyara and has to suicide to get out and then is in the "death ocean" again. I got ahead of topic here. For any option I choose, I am sent to a 'death but alive ocean" I can't move or respawn or suicide. Nothing. I have no idea if this is a non prem issue. !, No option to respawn to deed. 2. Respawning sends toon to ocean no matter what option is chosen. I have had to have the GM's fish me out a few times. I feel bad about interrupting their game play for this. Please help.
  6. I've just been killed by a Hell Hound. On my way back to pick up my corpse I thought to myself 'I wonder if the little blighter is still near' - just before he killed me the second time! Do Hell Hounds (Or any other mobs) hang around the same area for a given time? I was killed at night, would it be more safe to go corpse hunting during the day? I'm a bit to far from home to try and draw him after me and have one of the family spirit knights see him off. Also I'm halfway down a steep slope and have to climb a lot to where I died! Any advice on how to get my gear back will be much appreciated - thanks
  7. As we know the amount of servers have increased Also the big server Xanadu and the amount of time we spend in sea is becoming more and more. + The time wasted to get the corpse back and the hardship in obtaining things. Its time we make it possible to Respawn at our Boat. So even if somethings happens we can get back to our things. Example: My friend was travelling on Xanadu and was attacked by Dragon and died. We can understand how hard it was for him to get his things back and the amount of time consumed and stress he faced was so bad. I hope this may be a positive change in game and help a lot of players.