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Found 10 results

  1. Hi all, We have a bunch of people but we have a lot of land to work. Need another 5 more and we'll be set. Come visit us at H11 on Melody or just pop in our discord and say hi. I play most of the day as do some of the other members. We have new and vet players. You really should check us out before leaving the game. We are really enjoying this game together and working well together!!! See you soon. H Discord:
  2. WTS all items stated down below. Price negotiable (reasonably ), contact me in-game or here! - 50QL Skull Shoulder Pad - 2s -87QL Seryll Lump 0,26 - price to negotiate - SOLD -Rift wood x2 - 8c/each -Rift crystal - 8c -Rift Shard x2 - 8c/each ~Whylack
  3. Moved to:
  4. Hello! I've been looking around trying to figure out if you can limit the ql of world resources, such as ores, rocks and wood/trees. What I'm envisioning is making a server a lot like Epic and making the home islands have resources with a limited quality level to encourage people to go the center island or at least trade with those who do. If the ability to limit resource quality on a server does not currently exist, I would love for someone to mod it in somehow. Thanks! Llurendt
  5. Hello! I'm looking at map and server creation and I'm wondering if there is any way to set a cap on the natural resource quality for a specific server/world. What I'm looking to do is sort of use Epic as a framework and have each faction have a home island/server with a bigger and more diverse mainland. I would like the home islands to have a maximum resource ql (wood, iron, anything you would gather/collect) to encourage having bases on the mainland, but still allow a sort of safety net on the home islands. Does anyone know if it is possible to achieve this with the current tool set? Thanks! Llurendt
  6. We were talking in Pristine earlier and someone was wanting to sail to Release but felt they didn't have a compelling enough reason. The conversation then kind of led into the idea that it would be cool to have certain resources specific to a server, such that people would then have a reason to sail from say Pristine to Release. These resources specific to a server would serve the purpose of generating some trade (and people skilled in obtaining and transporting them.) The ideas we tossed out were server specific ores, possibly stones, woods, and animals. It was thought it would not be possible to transfer the animal itself but rather resources such as ivories, furs, etc.
  7. One of my biggest problems with Wurm is: there is absolutely no economy whatsoever. The biggest perk of the game is that you can be anything and do anything. But nothing really sells, because everyone can make it. So, I suggest introducing resources that are unique to a certain server. For example, Adamantium veins on Deliverance, Dragon Scales (only an example) on Exodus, etc, etc. People would either have to travel servers to mine it themselves, if they could find a mine that hasn't been claimed, or would have to buy from someone who owns a deeded mine area, etc. I don't think existing ores should be taken off servers, but maybe add some.
  8. Are there any items that can be made with tin, other than combining it to make bronze? Thank you.
  9. Hello fellow wurmians (wurmans? wurmonians?), On behalf of our city-to-be, me and my pal Pawelski are looking for players who are doing some terraforming, are flattening a road, or are busy doing any action where you have excess dirt, and who are willing to bring it to us. We are expanding our island in the middle of the lake near the starting point and could use every bit of dirt available. You are very welcome to stop by with a boatload full of dirt (or just to say hi, we love company ), and if you cant get to us by boat we can come pick you (and your dirt piles) up with our Mighty Fleet of, you won't believe it, no less than two row boats! So if you have dirt to spare, or know someone who does, it would be extremely kind of you to get in touch with us and to help us make our island city flourish Thanks in advance for your help and your overall kindness, LordOfAwesomnia
  10. The kingdom of aedgon will be purchasing supplies To provide for its citizens for a short while until our fields produce food If anyone has food to sell please do so we may continue to build the kingdom. Pm shyunea on tuesday with whatever you have to sell.