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Found 11 results

  1. When a deed decays, the buildings and walls dissappear, but the terrain, the terrain remembers. After a server has been out for a while, after villages have come and gone, the dirt walls, pits and plateaus stay. One of the reasons I love new servers is being able to explore new, fresh land. Being able to find untouched land to build my new house. My suggestion; Any tile that has been raised above the height of when the map was originally created, should decay it's excess height over a long period of time This would remove dirtwalls This would not remove mountains unless they were player created Deeded areas should not decay Decay should not occur arround structures Walls/fences are structures Paths are structures Areas around water should have increased decay Water is erosive Land bridges - Reminder: Would still need to be undeeded AND not paths/fences to decay Raised dirt in the water would decay and allow ships to pass again Dirt tiles should have increased decay Stone tiles should have reduced decay Areas around "Should not decay" areas have a less likely chance of decaying governed by a function of distance Prevents jarring edges at the border of "Should not decay" areas The excess dirt should erode to a new location to fill pits
  2. Ok I have tried.. the reset the password link cause silly me thought I wrote down the latest password... I have tried all of them some connected to another account under another email..... Oh please please make the reset password button work.. I am sure the GM's are rolling their eyes when they see my name asking for a reset.. Also have a question along a similar line. if I create a new email just for wurm and can I migrate al my accounts there.. all of 3.. so they have the same password? would that mean I wo uld have to change passwords again etc.. sigh
  3. The wall of text: Every other MMO I've played has major tweaking to their skills along the way and each time they do, they hit the reset button, so that the players can reallocate their skills and all be on an even playing field. In Wurm, for some reason, any time there is a loop hole in skilling, the first people that discover it get to skill up rapidly and then keep those skills forever. The other issue I have with the Wurm system is I see a lot of account trades happen solely because someone got tired of playing their character, based on the skilling choices they made last year or the year before. It results in people just leaving the game, if they don't feel comfortable making account trades. This game really is tailor made for about 300 people that love the skill system the way it is now, but not for the 1 billion other gamers out there. As a result, it can't ever grow. When bridges were added, it brought lots of old players back to the game. When Xan was added, it brought lots of old players back to the game. The only new addition to Wurm that really brought significant new players was the private servers with an upgraded skilling system. So I say, let's tweak it even more. Let's figure out a way to bring more players to the game. That has to be the goal right? I can't imagine a game company just focused on the retention of a very small legacy player base, but it sure seems that Code Club is doing exactly that. Especially when most of the developers are also part of that legacy player base. How do you decide to make good changes to the game, when those good changes are going to negatively impact your character and many of your closest friends in the game? I know I'd have a difficult time with it. I think the only way you can make a major change to the game is to make a new game, while leaving the old game intact. It worked with WU. Nobody was forced to leave WO, but people did. Why? Because they LOVE Wurm and were finally given a better choice than what classic Wurm had to offer. The people that stayed were disappointed and predicted the end of Wurm, but it didn't end. There are far more players today than before WU launched (both versions of Wurm combined). It gives people more choice to fit their play style and that is a good thing. What could the new new, new Wurm look like? It certainly isn't going to be a new graphics engine, with a fully 3d world - Code Club doesn't have the time or resources for that. But it does have the ability to make smaller changes, to alter the way the skilling/leveling works in this game. They have Epic, Classic Wurm and WU, which all have different skilling mechanics. So far, the one that works best for me is WU, where you are rewarded for your actions and not forced to constantly gimp yourself and your crafts, just to get a successful skill tick. So for Wurm 3.0, I suggest a new cluster of 4 small servers. On each island, make several large areas of protected biomes - call them "King's Parks", which can't be built on, teraformed or have any trees chopped down. Sprouting, harvesting, foraging, botanizing and cutting grass is all ok. These parks will really help protect the natural resources, beauty and spawning zones for the server. For the skill system, create a master experience bar. Every skill-able action you perform ticks a point into the master experience bar and also raises the appropriate skills for what you were doing. Skills will progress mush like they do on WU. If your tools are higher QL and have speedy enchants, your actions are faster, thus your skills will gain faster. None of the WO mechanics of let's get that plastic hammer from my son's toy tool set, then cut off my leg, to reduce the size of my stam bar, then it will take me a really long time to hammer in that nail, to get max exp for the action crap... The next step is to create skill trees. We have parent and sub skills now, which are sort of a tree, but we need to group them into 3 or 4 trees, which will be leveraged later when a skill redistribution happens. I think the trees should be Fighting, Crafting, Gathering, for simplicity. Each tree will maintain it's own experience bar. So now we have a master Exp bar and 3 Tree Exp bars. For those that like to compare skills to their friends, these will be a great way to go, much like the STP number from Niarja. More importantly, when skill imbalances happen, Code Club can do either a full skill wipe, or specific tree skill wipes. Players then reallocate exp points to the skills they want. Characteristic skills will automatically be adjusted, based on where skill points are allocated. You can't make a priest with only faith and channel have a really high strength. Players will also get paid resets. Purchase from trader or maybe even deed tokens. Pay to reset any tree, as often as you want. For the full reset of all Exp, it would only be when Code Club requires it for re-balancing and every 6-12 months of unbroken paid subscription. I think the flexibility this gives the players will really appeal to those that want to try many of the different skills at higher levels, but simply will never have the time to skill up everything to high enough levels. Many other successful games allow you to reallocate skill points, eliminating the frustration of not being able to play a different role, without having to spend the next year training up for it. We live in a world of instant gratification, so when that is the norm, it is extremely hard to succeed by offering a game that has a 10 year plan for character development. Who the heck wants to make that kind of commitment to a game? One in a million it seems, because that is about how many people have played WO for more than a month. This would also be a great time to introduce new account management. One master account and multiple character slots. I'd love unlimited character slots, since I have 60 alts, but that probably needs to be reigned in, to prevent alt sprawl (especially with boss hunts). So maybe 5 character slots max per account. It isn't like anyone will suffer, since we would all be creating new accounts and new alts. We should also be able to manage deed upkeep through account management. Nice Web Interface to cover it all in one place. If I could check my deeds and keep them paid, right from the web, I'd be frickin happy. So the summary: - New 4 server cluster - lots of protected bioms (parks) - Skilling like WU - Experience bars: Master and three skill trees - Fight, Craft, Gather - Skill reset options for trees and for all (some paid, some as rewards and some as required for re-balancing) - New Web account management system with multi-character slots & deed management. This does not have a PvP solution, but the best way I can think of to add PvP to the idea would be Epic style - Add in a portal that takes you to the PvP server, where your PvP Experience is earned. Probably with a 10x rate gain over the PvE server. I'll let those that really understand the PvP needs figure all that out, but it MUST not intertwine with the PvE servers in any way. No bringing PvP rewards to PvE. What happens in PvP stays in PvP. The PvE servers are will be set up with everything protected and secured from the start. New players should not be worrying about everything being looted from their unsecured camp site on day one. Drop a tent to secure a perimeter from theft. All permissions should be set for lock down, for everything, unless the player specifically changes it to an unsafe mode. I think we are close to that already, which is good and appreciated, but adding in the tent security perimeter could be a nice touch for the new players. May or may not be something we remove after a player passes a certain number of days of play time. Could get used in griefing, so needs consideration. Remember, much like with WU, if people leave classic Wurm to play this new Wurm, it isn't a bad thing. How can it be bad, if people are going to play something that fits their play style better? Do we want to try stuffing square pegs in the round hole that is WO today? Let anyone that wants to keep on the old classic Wurm, stay right here. Give people that like the awesome sandbox, but not the broken skill system, another alternative. At one point, I'd suggested Code Club open up their own WU server cluster, but I know that won't work, with the ability to Mod clients. It also doesn't address the skill reset needs, which is the core component to make this work.
  4. Hi there. I have a bug to report about switching meditation paths and travelling servers. I have just returned from a 3 day trip to Exodus and am now back in Xanadu. Yesterday (17/06) I left the Path of Love with the plan of joining the Path of Knowledge after the 24 hour timer was over: [20:06:01] You decide to stop pursuing the insights of the path of love. I have just returned to Xanadu today (18/06): [14:42:08] Welcome back, Hedgeknight! Xanadu - the great mystery. I have discovered that the server switch has reset me back onto the Path of Love. I am back to the same level I was when I left as if no change was made. Does anyone know whether this is a known bug and if so how to get around it? I'm going to try leaving the path of love again now and I don't want it resetting me again the next time I cross servers. Thanks for your help. Hedge
  5. I am a new player and would like to play on Chaos. Thus i would like that we remake the chaos map like what Rolf did with Epic. No map size changes. HOTA in center with rivers leading to it and connected to PVE server on both sides. No increase in map size. A good makeover will be awesome!!! Spoke with Battlepaw and understood that it is nearly impossible for me as a new player to get land on Chaos. Thus i will leave PVP for now.
  6. As title says; have multiple different maps presented, then have an in-game poll (or forum poll on Epic forums?) for which one, then pick the one with the majority (or some other method.) I've heard making a map is a lot of effort, so maybe just 2 or 3 potential choices, but it'd be cool to give the players the choice of which one they have more of a preference for. This way, if Rolf has several maps with varying themes (lots of water vs. lots of land vs. lots of mountains), it might make it easier for players to identify something they may enjoy. Just an idea...
  7. i deeded it sometimes in winter of 2012 iirc, the trader still makes enough to pay the upkeep so im not desperate to sell. x26 y26 on the community map deed is non-democracy. on deed trader. mailbox 96 power. 99 ql silver vein made with a wand. 2 90+ iron veins. tons of lower ql iron veins. wooden altar of vynora next to token. on deed obelisk named mantra testimonial. prospero seems to be just in center of the server, you can grow both kinds of grapes on the same deed. Wurmplanner maps album with pictures of the deed: trying to get 35silver for it
  8. OK I just inherited a dead trader, it was already existing, so the ratio currently is 0.0, and it has no money on it. I know I need to get some silver on it and then drain it to reset the ratio. Whats the best "thing" to buy to get cash on there so I can then drain it and easily reset the ratio. Id like to spend as little as possible getting it reset once again. Thanks
  9. Have a Horse named Goldenpot found in the Astoria area, PM Koroth or Awen to collect her if she is yours.
  10. Vynasaur

    Soo.... apparently, whoever I sold this account to did not change the email. I was trying to reset the password on another account, and it reset this account's password as well. If you are the owner, forum PM me, please.