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Found 3 results

  1. Earlier last year, President Obama made a statement that resulted in a press release by the uk's Daily Mirror titled; `Barack Obama 'will reveal alien and UFO details held by the US before he leaves office' source well here it is: and here is an article supporting it: zerohedge article probably less than we were expecting but someone is bound to make a documentary on it sooner or later. (if this has been on the mainstream news already i apologise, i don't watch it)
  2. To make the point of this thread simple and sweet, here is the goal: collecting data and compiling research as to why new players often quit playing Wurm early into their Wurm life, or what inspires them to continue playing Wurm and developing friendships within the community. Whether you're a veteran or a new player, please chime in as to why you believe new players leave Wurm so suddenly, or why they find good reasons to stick around. I would especially appreciate the opinions of new players on this matter, as these testimonies will come from first hand experience. Be sure to list several reasons, in detail, that you feel qualify, such as: Population density - too many people on a server, not enough people, or just the right amount?Game mechanics - maybe it's difficult to understand some features, or perhaps you enjoy the challenge?Friends - hard time making friends, or were you welcomed readily with open arms?Early Stages - is it hard to get past the early stages of leveling up skills, or do you find it relatively easy? How do you feel about the ratio of successes to fails when crafting at low levels? Is getting started on your first projects (such as a house) a good or bad experience?Premium - is it hard to make the leap to buy premium, or did you go all-in and subscribe as soon as you could?Goals - not sure what to focus your efforts on, or do you already have dreams of castles and kingdoms just waiting for you to build them?These are just some ideas to provoke thought and encourage new players to share their experiences. If you're a new player reading this, please share your frustrations and your joys of Wurm Online. If you'd rather keep your feelings and ideas private, you can pm me instead of commenting here. Special Request: Keep it civil in here amongst yourselves. Bashing other players directly or by name isn't what this thread is about.
  3. Something I've always meant to do was to grow a tree from planted to overaged using wild growth. Thanks to the donated cordage from Hedgeknight and the helping hands of Muhyul I finally managed this ambition. The tree I chose was oak since everyone needs oak logs. Here are the results (and some observations). Each growth stage resets grass length. Picking a sprout takes a tree back one stage. Prune takes it back 2. Tree (Oak) Growth Stages 1st stage, planted (young) +1 (young) +1 (young) +1 (young) 5th stage (Mature) +1 (Mature) +1 (Mature) +1 (Mature, Sprout) 9th stage (Old) +1 (Old, Sprout) +1 (Old) +1 (Old, Sprout) 13th stage (Very Old) +1 (Very Old, Sprout) 15th stage (Overaged) 16th stage (Withered) Would anyone be willing to attempt this with pine to see if there is a different in the number of growth stages? I don't suspect there will be (oaks will likely have rarer ticks) but it is good to check. Also a similar test for bushes would be welcome.