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Found 5 results

  1. I had a question directed toward the Wurm Online Staff. I know you guys allow for players to make custom banners and stuff to upload to PMKs on Epic/Chaos, Well my question is, Is it possible for you guys to take requests for Wurm Unlimited as well. By default, the Wurm Unlimited Graphics.jar file reflects that of Wurm Online, so being able to get custom banners submitted through Wurm Online officially so they can be used on Wurm Unlimited will help the community make their servers more customize able. This will help with the players not needing to figure out how to force custom content packs on a server to people with client mods. Also players wont have to each manually edit their files for the server. If someone however, does know how to force a Texture Pack for PMKs or How to force a Server Pack that will allow you to "overwrite" default content/new content please let me know. Id like to change how the freedom Design looks, as well as making the other players able to see it without them editing their files.
  2. As we improve each mailbox at the starting deeds for new players, we are offering a free rune and a small fee to attach during our travels. read details in full to understand it all a lot of miss reads and people with selective eyes ALL Starting Deeds Will have their mailboxes improved for free.. so if you live close to a starting deed you could just use its mailbox I recently made a Public Service Announcement found here : We have Enki's Go Ahead on starting to put these in every starting city across wurm Would like to see about getting these also added to Public Markets across wurm to those whom want to have one installed, I am supplying Runes and @Thorakkanath And @Inspirawill be attaching them with their great service I knew they were the best option in my request. Public Markets Will be allowed to get a Free rune attached with no charge but a Sign added is our only requirement . Or a small fee of 35c with out the sign this pays for the attachment. Private Deeds Special promotional price if in the same area we are in will be offered at 20 copper per mailbox we will not go out of our way. this promotion is for if we are in the area. this fee covers he attachment charge, the rune itself is free. no signs required for private mailboxes just the attachment service charge. some misunderstood this :/ lol Feel free to view global chat when we start our travels to get your mailboxes runed and your in our path don't get left out ! Free Rune Mail list ( for those we miss ) I will be offering 1 free rune per person for there personal mailboxes / deeds once all the starting deeds have been completed and you want to avoid any fee's ill be mailing off runes. PM to be added to my mailing list. Tyvm... what do the runes do? they add +5% size increase which allows, Logs, Planks, Halberds, Long Bows, Fishing Pole etc.. To be Mail able. Special Thanks to Shydow, Enki, Thorakkanath, And Inspira, Our Gm Team. Newest Route Incoming This Sunday ! ( rough estimate ) Indy will be our next targeted Server with many requests along the way. The Howl we will be traveling along the South of Indy from T25 island toward the lower canal to the Howl. Blessed Be !
  3. I am not sure on how much the staff can do with the forums but i wanted to make a topic on some of the things that i miss and some of the things that i want as a suggestion post. There is no longer any indication that you have posted in a topic (there use to be a star by the topic listing) I would like to have a way to mark individual posts as read from the stream/activity page There is no way to save a draft to send out later (if there is i have not figure out how it works) I am not a fan of the pop out style of the compose new messages thing at all I know that you guys probably don't have any control over a lot of the basic function of things but i thought i would give it a try maybe you can send them an email asking for changes. Also if anyone else has any issues or wants feel free to post yours here too.
  4. Hi all, Not seeing this anywhere in the forum archive, but cannot imagine it has never been requested formally. Add tools to item spawn option on the TEST Server. It already provides weapons and armor, including drake sets, resource bundles (which you can't do a lot with) and other odds and ends at variable ql, but lacks the one thing you can currently only get from a gm request... basic tools. With the time zone differences, having a gm always logged into test just isn't possible, so please add maybe a tool bundle (like the resource box) or each tool as a line item, whichever is easier for you to code. Or inventory/equipment default like the chain set. It's the test server, it doesn't have to be pretty, we just need a reliable way to know we will have the tools to test the items you're asking us to.
  5. I had a idea regarding the statues. why not apply statues of the base models for all the creatures in game, from the normal dog to raging hell horse rearing up into the air. or even base posing like attacking pose, standing pose, sitting pose, dead pose, simple to do, and even to change then add. I would like to a large altar add to the game, made from wood or stone. where the god in question is standing, withing a animal, creature or thing of there creation, with a big-ish altar by there feet. maybe even a platform with it for them to stand on? P.S. By the way is anyone knows the graphic program what is used to make models for the game let me know, please I would like to try and help out with making these and other like this.