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Found 5 results

  1. Three things every bug report should include: # What happened # What you expected to happen # Steps to reproduce Additional notes: # If we cannot reproduce a bug it will take a LOT longer to fix # Too much info is better then too little info # All bug reports get read and checked out. We're not ignoring any bugreport. Some things just take a lot of time to fix, are of lower priority, or depend on the time of volunteer staff. # Don't be afraid to bump old reports if they are still valid What happened? Decided to test War Permissions on Serenity - Epic Cluster, I did this by catapulting building of other deed until my deed finally had over 50 reputation.... Then.... the Victim Deed had just had enough bullying and declared War. Now I mind you Kriswald was the one doing the catapulting but it said Trundle was the despicable one.... betraying kriswald as he declared war...(with a trip to token) I did not seem to be able to declare war by clicking on the walls of the deed (like i expected and thought it had been announced... nor from clicking on the mayor(kriswald) or anything in the menus).( i think that msg should be changed ) anywho.... this was one of the most epic battles in all of serenity history.... KrisWald catapulted throughout the entire night... they were so determined that in the morning they renamed themselves from something long and unmemorable... to "Camp Focus" ..... Trundle finally gave in and had had enough...He pleaded for a Truce. (was quite unsure how to get the option to Truce) Finally Kriswald managed to break to the token and see the option to Offer peace... clicked.... nothing.... hmmmm.... Trundle then went to Kriswald's being dragged beaten behind the wagon all the way there.... and again clicked offer peace at token and again... nothing happened... no message in events or anything else... I assume this part was because of the name change. Shortly After, the the chaos of the war made the world unstable, there was great shaking as volcanoes erupted and tides rose and the server shut down unable to sustain itself. Upon restarting Trundle and Kriswald tried to make amends again to no Avail. Put in Ticket. Waited all day, gave up, disbanded deed instead. Things that went wrong: 1. Once at War Catapulting on Deed Building still gave rep hits and turned KrisWald hunted (Even though trundles deed declared the War (not that this should matter)) The building being catapulted was owned by someone who converted to MR.... however it was still 100% on deed and even if they are MR now (was jk when leaving), it is still an enemy building... but I would think being on enemy deed would trump all of that. 2. Once at War, ONLY trundle received the enemy debuff.... KrisWald was unaffected by it. I tried having Kriswald move around the deeds, had trundle leave and enter local even relogged... even after server restart only trundle was affected by the enemy debuff of suffering skillgains.... I was wondering if KrisWald was just so immensely powerful that trundle was unable to cause a problem? Perhaps Trundle's FS needs to be higher to make KrisWald Shake in his boots? I dunno if this was intended but it felt like a bug of some sort. 3. War was unable to be stopped once Started (probably because of name change but maybe something else? Ways to reproduce.... Make 2 deeds... put them at war.... change name of one.. try to offer peace.... I cant test this as it requires spending quite a bit of silver. I'm pretty sure you would get the same results. Most people don't war... or know how to war.... or think it is impossible to war... So I assume its an archaic system that just needs a little TLC here and there. If i think of more info ill try to update. Thanks!
  2. Hello, adding bug report about beeing able to do whatever illegal action on deed, despite being lawful. perhaps bound keys to digging, taming, etc. override the laws, but the village still gets the reputation hit and you get hunted i on homeservers. Even if you don't have the right tool equiped, if i hit n for digging on accident, 10rep points for the deed and hunted ! clearly a bug!
  3. /vrep to show a players current reputation on all villages : Glittershore -75 : Saftey Harbour 0 : Dead Lake -100 etc. ... not to be confused with /reputation ofcourse.
  4. Thx to Nosefire, we have an element in JKL that isnt fully fleshed out game mechanic wise. And it shows. I have a fix, and the more feedback the better. How i understand it, is when a pirate starts killing ppl, he is kos for 30 minutes and losses reputation. Once his reputation gets to -100 the guards can attack, and once -200 he converts to HOTS. The Problem lies in how reputation is gained. You see a pirate will go between -100/-199 and then wait at his deed. Everyone gets 1 lvl of reputation AUTOMATICALLY per hour. So he waits around and once he has enough buffer, he goes pvping again. This is broken. Name all the things in Wurm that are done automatically, there isnt many. What i recommend is some sort of ACTIVE way to gain reputation. And ELIMINATE the passive rep gain. Maybe a priest has to right click the pirate and do some ~washing of sins~ spell over and over and over again. And like wurm fashion, have it be a pain in the pass. Or have the pirate buy reputation tags that are sold at vendors. And these tags are found in pve drops. Something. Active. Thank you o/
  5. Two nights ago, while on my way back from Strongbox, I engaged a dog at distance with a longbow. Lawful behavior was enabled so The dog was blue and I had left the settlement perimeter and was "in the lands of Wurm." Upon the dog's death, I was attacked by the Kingdom Guards. When I checked my reputation, it was -110. Since the dog was blue, I was not inside a settlement, and previously that day my reputation was 100 and I had committed no illegal acts (ie breaking down settlement walls [also impossible as I am the mayor of a settlement], attempted to steal anything, or lockpick any doors or locks]) this was an obvious program glitch. I passed the information on to CA Help, Ianrose and then later spoke with /Support. Ironically, the Wurm technical staff's first response was, that is not possible! Your reputation had to be lower, and no reputation hit could be worth -210 points. After further research and discussion, I was informed that if an animal is a pet and the owner logs off, the pet's "aura" changes from "Green" to "Blue". Therefore, ANY reputation hit would be unwarranted. Naturally, based on a single report tech support could not make a correction to the reputation, even though the activities log recorded each and every action. Another issue related indirectly to the one created by the glitch, is that a group of players at SB that rob players after visiting the Strongbox Merchants. One attacks a pet or a horse and when a player attacks the offender, he or she becomes an outlaw. When a player defends his property they become an outlaw. Because they are the outlaw, their goods are free for looting. The offending attacker takes a -20 reputation hit. While my problem originates with a glitch, it also shed's light on a more serious problem. The reputation system MUST be reviewed and revised. When a player cannot defend his property and is penalized for the most basic of principles, those utilizing this tactic are in fact cheaters and using a game exploit against honest players. Wurm is too good of a game, not to get this fixed. For those reading the forum that might say, "Nightswatch is crying, Wurm is PVP." I would welcome pure PVP where there is no law and order and justice is passed out with an eye for an eye, rather than be held hostage by a system that allows a small few, take advantage and use the game rules against other players.