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Found 6 results

  1. Notes: -First off, if this has been addressed before, my apologies, but i have checked the Known Bugs thread, and have not found it. -This is a non-game breaking, non-exploitable bug that merely is an inconvenience, so understand it may take awhile to address and solve, and i may update this post as I find more cases of it. given it is non-exploitable and doesn't make any gain or loss in materials, I will be trying to make this bug happen on purpose in order to try to find more cases of it, cases will be added to the list at the end as I find them. Okay, so. I was making wine, something unrelated to the bug. I went to repair my small bucket and couldn't, because it said the item I had selected 'small wine barrel' can only be used if it is on the ground. Kind of expected it to be able to be done, given I don't think anything is needed or should be used, to repair items. since if you log in fresh and have no active item, you can still repair freely. What I think is happening, is that the active item, while not being -needed- is still be 'used' to repair the item. Meaning this -should- apply to any action that requires no tools, while you have a active item that can't be 'used' in the inventory, unless it is a bug that is a lot more complicated.. So I am hoping for this to be true, since it is easier to fix. I will update this post if I find different scenarios where I have found this issue happen, more so as a way to see if it's -any- pair of items that can be active but needing to be on ground to be used, with any item to repair, but currently it is: [Added typographical emphasis {Bold/Italics/etc} for readability] If only 1, I have yet to either test more, and haven't found more scenarios. -Active Item: Small Wine Barrel; Repair: Fruit Press; Unable. Edits: -Spacing/Grammar
  2. With a recent update, wooden fences now repair as a percentage per plank and not 40 damage per plank as listed in the wiki. Skye Mayor Albia Estates
  3. I went to a steppe, and found an inn. It's a public off-deed house, in the middle of the steppe, with no deed nearby, built for the tired traveler. Very simple, but nicely done, with a bsb and fsb inside and some meats and fuel - which I could pick up and use. 3 beds upstairs, even decorative items like a bookshelf, and a little fence for horses. Happy that these houses still exist in wurm, I took a nap inside. Before going on my way, I checked the walls: [17:38:23] Material wood. [17:38:23] You see a wall. [17:38:23] QL=38.226078, dam=25.082474 So I thought, okay, I can repair and improve this house, it's nice to have here in the steppe. Hey, the least I can do as thanks. So, I rode to the closest forest, made planks, and came back. Activate plank, right click house -> Repair. [17:38:43] You do not have permission to do that here. This can't be right. It's a public house, clearly intended for everyone to use, you can pick up items even, you can repair items inside, you can pass all doors, and signs on it say clearly that it's "free to use". It has permissions set for kingdom to enter and pick up. It's off deed, on public land. But, you can't repair it anymore, and you can't make it high ql for future travelers. You should be able to do so with off-deed houses at least. (I am guessing repair got tied by mistake to building permissions, somehow assuming it's the same thing. It is not; you should NOT need permissions to build walls or destroy its walls in order to repair it. Build or destroy for kingdom have potential for many unwanted things to happen to these houses, and it should not be needed.) Note: it's not in a perimeter either. You can't repair a house in a perimeter; the other side of this mechanic is that outside perimeters you could repair. Public houses are a nice thing in wurm that may get forgotten in the heat of establishing permissions for everything and anything, but this case this shouldn't be a matter of permissions at all. As you see, there are still players building them, and I don't think their work should be reduced to nothing where I can help it. I always could repair houses in the wild, I kept alive public inns where their builders moved on, and I believe that's how it should work. Note 2: same goes for improve. I see "repair" in right click menu, I don't see "improve"; obviously I can't improve if I can't repair first.
  4. The above link has a table that describes items necessary to repair certain types of walls and fences. The rope fence is not listed, and requires planks to repair. Unlike other fences, however, it only repairs 10 damage per plank, rather than the 40 like usual. Thanks!
  5. Simple yet effective: My idea is to get rid of the "repairing" skill itself and make it so your corresponding crafting skill is taken into account where the repairing skill would. What does that mean? It means that if you have 90 "blade smithing" and 10 "shield smithing", you would repair blade weapons as if you had 90 "repairing" and shields like you had 10 "repairing". Simple. Logic behind that: A master blacksmith would not only know how to create tools etc. but also how to fix them more efficently than his neighbour carpenter. It's illogical to have an ultimate knowledge of repairing everything in existence in just one skills. Pros: - Opens market for repairing services and "mend" casts. - Easy to code. Cons: - People with already skilled "repairing" would lose it (although the already gained titles could be left as a legacy, no longer achievable (and so elite-ish) - that'd prevent some ranting on their side I think).
  6. I found that when repairing a low stone wall, my repair keybind did not work. Further, the action got queued but never actually registered and began, so if i right clicked the wall and chose 'repair', I would get the message: [17:20:25] After repairing you will start repairing again. But no action would begin at all. The only way to counter this was to move so I would get the message: [17:21:45] You must not move while doing that.