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Found 14 results

  1. This screenshot shows the mouse over on a tool in the crafting window has the "F: Repair" listed but pressing F doesnt work. . Changing to a custom key bind doesn't work either. Right clicking and selecting repair does work but if there's a hot key, I'd like to be able to use it. Also if we could get the craft window to work, could this (repairing with a default key on mouseover) work on the toolbelt too? If you have a custom key bind (set for repairing), pressing that key will work when mousing over the tool. The "F: repair" text doesn't show on the mouseover, nor the custom key bind, and also trying to just use the default "F" key doesn't work either. Both toolbelt and craft windows need right clicked to repair. Hope I didn't get too complicated there.
  2. Please allow the Repair keybind to work on the tools in the crafting interface slots. This function is already available in the crafting interface, by right clicking on the icon and using the right click menu > Repair, but it would be faster and simpler if we could use our key-bind in the same way. An example of how this would work is when using a tailoring loom in the left crafting interface slot. Once we notice some damage, we hover the mouse over the icon of the loom and press our Repair Key-bind - the loom is then repaired. A much needed use for this is the constant repairs needed to a chisel when making bricks, or the regular repairs needed on a spindle or rope tool when making string or cordage. You might ask me, why not just hover over the active item in inventory? or over the loom on the floor - and then press my key-bind? Well, items in my inventory are usually tidied away in containers and groups to make space for the newly crafted items. In addition, I only have a small sized screen and during crafting, the crafting interface obscures most of the scene behind it. Thank you for considering allowing the Repair key-bind to work on the crafting interface slots.
  3. Ok I have a marble chain fence on my perimeter .. I need to repair it as you can see. But I do not get a repair option.. so I run to fence just like it ON my deed, and there I did have a repair option. I tried marble bricks and shards and just a stone brick.... the stone brick worked on my ON deed fence.. so I run to my off deed fence and the repair option just appeared just once... After I did the initial repair it still needs worked on but once again i am not getting the option to repair.
  4. A wooden fence gate QL=28.66492, dam=65.705605 repaired with a plank q 55.57 results in QL=28.620863, dam=57.518467. So wood fence repair only gets 8 damage removed per plank? It only took 2 planks and 2 shafts to make it! I don't remember a change notice about this so it must be a bug.
  5. With a recent update, wooden fences now repair as a percentage per plank and not 40 damage per plank as listed in the wiki. Skye Mayor Albia Estates
  6. I have several issues with buildings and fences in Wurm. Problem 1: Fences require 1 unit of rocks, shards, planks. Yet they only restore a flat 10 damage, and always take 30 seconds. No skill adjustment, no quality adjustment, nothing. For a repair: I suggest the repair is completed like any other item, and will consume quality as the item is repaired The amount of quality reduced would be dependent on the construction skill of the repairer. The amount of damage repaired would be dependent on the repair skill of the repairer. The timer for such actions would be 30 seconds - ((10 * repair skill)+(10 * Construction skill)) Allowing for as low as 10 second repair actions. For an improvement: I would suggest that the improvement process is just like any other. The primary building material or tools be used. Total improved cannot exceed quality of material? Total improvement would be Material QL/ # of primary items in construction. Thus 1 stone brick at 60 quality would at most improve a Stone Fence by 6 points, and will not improve the wall over 60ql in total, however tools would improve beyond that. Problem 2: Walls and fences don't always require their building material for repair/improvement. Rope fences require planks. Is built with shafts and ropes. (planks work with this how?) Woven fences require wood scraps. Repairs with Wood scraps. (only problem is you can only get this by making other things.) Round pole fence Low & High repairs with planks, and is make with shafts and nails. (this should repair with shafts.) Crude wooden fence: repairs with planks, (this at least makes sense.) Wooden fences: (works fine as is) Hedge fences: There is currently no way to improve these fences. Perhaps a hedge could take damage over time at it's highest growth stage, and this could be reduced by pruning. The hedge could also be improved in a similar way, if it is pruned and on a growth with 0 damage it would improve slightly? I'm not going to list the stone variants, as I think the list above makes my objections evident. I want to also take a moment while requesting this change, that this is not all meant to be implemented. It's a series of make the repairs a little more in line with the rest of the system. Thanks!
  7. Cedar-cedar-cedar-seems like all I hear about nowdays for crafting items. People giving advice "dont build anything except cedar items cause all the other wood types are crap" While i like cedar and its lower decay properties-building things in other wood is okay as well Why u ask-the answer is repair skill-people overlook repair as an important skill-a person with high repair has a much easier time imping than one without Sometimes when I am imping and fail several times in a row have a sucess - my net gain is still positive because of higher skill Also-my items that are laying around take much less QL damage when I get around to repairing them:) doesnt take a lot of effort to raise ur level and its very rewarding to do so. While I dont recommend going around and repairing everything in ur area(some people dont like that)-and some things are better left alone to decay-its easy to put up a chest somewhere-in perimeter or offdeed and put something like needles in it. Then just go by every couple of days and repair. You can even turn your SB on while u do it. While some stuff is better for leveling your repairing i.e. backpacks,forges,ships-I generally like to use a chest of wires-they decay at a pretty fast pace and at and even rate.Plus-they are cheap to make and if anyone does come bye and bash ur chest open-meh-who cares-just a bunch of wires:) So dont be afraid to make stuff from non cedar-really the main need to worry about decay on outside things and if u are taking a long break from the game. Also-stay away from repairing ur villages weaponsmiths 90QL weapons with low repair--big NO NO So get working on your repair skill people--Repair=profit Have a nice day:)
  8. So tried to repair a wall on a upper level from the ground floor and I get the message "The stone wall is in the way." I can repair it from the outside okay, but not on the inside, tried doing this from adjacent tiles, but no luck there.
  9. A plank repairs 10 damage to a crude wooden fence, but up to 40 damage to a crude wooden gate. I am not sure which of these two is right and which is broken, but they should be the same, right? Logs follow: A plank repairs 21 damage on a gate: [02:32:23] You see a crude wooden fence gate. [02:32:23] QL=55.238537, dam=21.473127 [02:32:32] You start to repair the crude wooden fence gate. [02:33:01] You repair the crude wooden fence gate a bit. [02:34:24] You see a crude wooden fence gate. [02:34:24] QL=55.185596, dam=0.0 A plank repairs 10 damage on a fence: [02:34:34] You see a crude wooden fence. [02:34:34] QL=50.868763, dam=21.81776 [02:34:38] You start to repair the crude wooden fence. [02:35:07] You repair the crude wooden fence a bit. [02:36:12] You see a crude wooden fence. [02:36:12] QL=50.802933, dam=11.81776 Your turn, Devs.
  10. I'm currently unable to repair my roof or floor by using my hotkey, and no event is generated by attempting to do so. I can repair items in my inventory, building walls, crates and such, or at the very least the game acknowledges that I told it to do so when using the hotkey (generates event "You cannot repair ___ with that.", or begins repairing for example.) Roof type: Wooden Floor type: Wooden (building) Materials attempted to trigger repair with: Plank (expected response: commence repair), hand (expected response: Event: You cannot repair the roof with that) Also note: Improve hotkey works correctly for both roof and floor. Repairs can be commenced normally by right-clicking and selecting repair. Version: Wurm Online 3.99h-7626 OS: Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit (6.1, Build 7601) Java version 8 Update 65 (build 1.8.0_65-b17)
  11. Hi , after login i did a short verification and one of my walls was at 10 damage so i got a brick and started to repair but i got that: before starting to repair> [16:47:31] QL=70.658264, dam=10.000798 after i repaired the wall> [16:47:41] QL=70.61731, dam=7.982254E-4 not sure what's about so i just suppose it's a glitch.
  12. Hi, not sure if it's a bug but i don't think that it's normal. I cant repair the East and the South arched walls from a tower i build whit fences in same place to for preventing any character to fall down.When i try to repair i get the message: "[22:53:19] The wooden fence is in the way" ....but i can repair without any problem the North and West arched walls that i build in the same way whit fences in the same tile border as the arched walls.
  13. When we use the crafting window it would be nice to be able to repair our tools from there was well. We can already right click on them and examine or remove so why not repair? Well i suggest it be added in.
  14. I can repair everything I can reach, whether it is mine or not, whether on my deed , offdeed or other peoples deed. Only horse gear - for that I need to tame the horse. Even if I don't want to remove it, but only repair. Please make it possible to repair without removing it, then taming won't be nessesary.