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Found 8 results

  1. See GIF below: Within 6-7 tiles of distance, an (unfinished) ship renders in and out on screen. This looks very odd, the ship is huge and should be seen from at least 10-15 tiles away, eventhough its still unfinished. Eveything else seems to have a higher rendering distance ( trees, (high)buildings, carts & wagons, animals etc ). Also, for already finished ships, it would be nice to increase the rendering distance. Many times I "see" wurmians passing by (in local or as little dots in the distance ) on the ocean next to my house but most of them can't be seen and/or you really need to focus to see anything. Graphics rendering distance option is already on Maximum so that is not the problem here.
  2. It seems like right now the server doesn't communicate with the client about accessing locked gates/doors until you are on the same tile as the gate/door. Then after a delay, the door will unlock for you. I think this delay could be minimized if the client communicated with the server in advance, say access to all structures within 10 tiles should be rendered every time the player changes a tile, and the client will be ready to freely pass through a locked gate/door more readily without delay. It seems like the client waits until on the same tile as the locked structure to communicate with the server and check permissions for passage, then once the client hears back from the server it is unlocked. This type of "permissions rendering" could be done before you are on the same tile, to prevent the delay everyone outside of Europe often experiences when approaching a locked gate. Proposal: client pings server every time player changes tiles, for structure permissions within 10 tile radius so that the client already has permission to let you through the locked gates before you reach them.
  3. Any way to increase LOD more than "far" and rendering distances of terrain, trees, items, creatures, and structures more than "extreme"? This Java-based engine has aged horribly...
  4. Hello, I know about another topics about issue with graphic rendering problem. I have this problem on intel hd-620 graphic card. I tried update and configure really everyhting ( drivers, java, game configuration .... bla bla bla ). I found only one thing when are textures better. That config is: terrain texture - low. When are medium or high, than I have really bad textures. You can see it on screenshots: Today I tried WO stable and unstable version. On WO stable version I have this problem too. But when I started WO unstable client, there was everything fine. I tried copy game config from unstable client, but yes wu didnt know about new graphic configuration, what is logical. For that I would like ask you, when you planning fix this problem in WU or if you could releases WU unstable client, it would be awesome. Thank you for your time and answer
  5. I've noticed that rather often, when I start swimming, snow effect will break, and I get a visual of snow falling... but only below the water line. Sometimes it's a localized effect, and above the water line I can see some spots where it's snowing and some where it isn't. Screenshots: Note that snow is visible underwater but not above water... or maybe it's the reflection that's visible? Who knows.
  6. My character doesn't seem to cast a shadow, or it's so indistinct I can't see it. Should be easy to reproduce/verify, so I won't bother with a screenshot. At least with winter graphics, shadows look really flickery as I move around, like they can't decide how to render. They basically swim around and only settle down into one configuration when I stop moving and leave my viewpoint still. Much, much more clear when in motion, but here are three screenshots in quick succession, just to give a taste. Lots of subtle differences between the shadows, and the details all swim around when I move.
  7. The graphics settings have separate entries for "TreePosition render distance" and "StructureData render distance". However, if you set "TreePosition render distance" to a short value (e.g. "very short") all distant structures (buildings...) disappear as well. It seems those two settings are actually not separated.
  8. With todays update, Wurm now looks like this: Console log: I can still find the outlines of most objects (torches, barrels, horses, ...) and terrain tiles, but not walls and fences. As can be seen in the screenshot, FPS is around 3-5. Disabling VBOs makes the client render things correctly again, but the FPS is still just as bad. By lowering the graphics settings I am able to squeeze the framerate up to 8. Tested on Ubuntu 10.04 with Oracle Java 6 and 7 and OpenJDK 6.