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Found 2 results

  1. I think it would be a prudent move for Wurm to start to log / record the name of a player and the time stamp when they rename a coin along with the new name of the coin. This would be output to log file. This is a sensitive topic, and I am not going to refer to any specifics, but running a market as I do, I am dismayed by some of the messages I am seeing especially on small value coins in loose change. It's a small minority of players doing this I believe, but I think something needs to be done to make players accountable for what is essentially spreading hateful comments about fellow players. Please don't post any examples here. The moderator is free to close this thread, as I think I have basically covered the subject.
  2. Hello, as the title says once again, I'm suggesting that there would be more letters at renaming. Via these letters I mean different languages, and letters like ä,ö and å. This would enable much more interesting names and being able to rename items with your own language. This could affect to tools as well as ships and houses. Now I cannot even put my own name on tools, which would be Lohikäärme in finnish. You will most likely say that it makes finding a lost item more difficult if you cannot say the rename of it, but this would be fixed if you take photo of your tools with the name showing. Of course, you can always rename them. Another thing is the bad language you might write in different languages. This is pretty much the mainly thing why it isn't possible to use other letters yet. Only solution to this might be that players would report these names which are offensive and tell how they are offensive. I do not see this very bad risk though, Wurm has mature community and doing such childish thing will get you nice ban. Dragonmob