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Found 16 results

  1. Issue #1: I placed cats and now trying to remove, on deed, with full permissions, but it is treating it like someone else placed one off deed. Have to bash it out with multiple hits. Issue #2: When attempting to do work in a catseye protection tile, nothing happens and no errors in event to let you know why. Please put in some event messages. This particular challenge was an attempt to strongwall collapse a tile.
  2. Hello. It often happens to give permissions to other players to rack, ships, wagons, carts, bsb; permissions to be passenger, to hold and so on. It is possible to deny the permissions, but the name remains in the list anyway, so slowly the list become longer and longer. I would like to see, next to "deny permissions", the option "remove player from the list", In this way it would be easier to menage our properties.
  3. Notice to everyone: If you are using the mod, please update to the latest version (1.0.2+) there was a typo that happened between testing and publishing that makes it have a game breaking bug. This mod adds a new craftable item that makes it possible to make clay tiles into dirt without needing GM powers or magic. Decay Bed More Images By placing wooden items in this and letting them decay, the organic matter contained within these will seep into the ground and make the soil once again able to support plants. The process takes time and might need some dedication to be successful. The decay bed is craftable by using a plank and large nails. The total required materials are: 13x Planks 4x Small Nails 1x Large Nails How it works You have to put wooden items inside the decay bed (it's a container), it works best with logs but any wooden item will work, and every time an item inside decays there will be a chance roll based on the weight and volume of the specific item. It is designed to achieve maximum chance by having the same weight and volume as one wood log. If you place an item with less weight or less volume than a log it will still have a chance, just lower. Bigger items do not provide bonus. Outside of villages, there's a maximum of 10% chance, and weight counts towards 6% while volume 4%. Inside of villages, there's a maximum of 50% chance, and weight counts towards 30% while volume 20%. These percentages and values are configurable. If the roll is successful, the tile beneath will turn into dirt. Note this does not work if any corner of the tile is under water. Download & Other Links Download latest version Github Moddb Instructions Extract into mods folder Configure the properties files or use JPWM Mod GUI Manager
  4. That is all both still for sale 1 silver each . I am north of Vrock Deed.. thanks..
  5. Will accept 6.5 silver for referral as it seems to be the current going price due to rarity and will accept 1 silver for each sleeping powder 99 wheat.. other offers will be considered should the interest be low.. thanks..
  6. As you can see Below! There is a Restriction on Deed Sizes I would like a mod to made to remove. Basically this is what is happening; - I built a Canal through the Land that is over 465 Tiles long. - I wanted to Deed Over the Entire Canal. -The only way for me to Deed over that many Tiles in one direction, is if The other end is Less than 4x that of the other side. - Meaning.... The North to South side is 465 Tiles in Total. So it can NOT be more then 4x the Size of the East to West Side. The Problem is I dont want to Deed like 50+ tiles east and west, Id like to be able to do 5 East, 5 West for total of 11 (with Token Tile) by 11 North, and 453 South for total of 465 (with the token tile). EDIT: Would be awesome if this would work with Ago's Mod Launcher.
  7. I would like a mod to put deed upkeep back to the old values and remove the 1 silver minimum on deed upkeep. So basically, it'll just be "a certain amount of iron per tile in the deed" now, rather than the current "a certain amount per tile or 1 silver, whichever is greater." Let me know if you can help with this... thanks! -Llurendt
  8. I have many ideas for building bridges on my server but being limited by "too low" and "must be 60-80 above water" pretty much cuts off all of my ideas. The nice flat land i have now has to be sloped in order to build a bridge on it. I would like if someone could either tell me how to get rid of those restrictions or make a mod removing them.
  9. Yes, I'm making another thread about this. It's stupid that PvP players need to keep their backup horses and pets off deed and in a not-so-secure location just to prevent their speed horses and breeding animals from randomly miscarrying and getting diseased. It severely limits PvP and just creates unneeded problems. It results in horse shortages, as well as impacting Epic missions. For example, on JKH, we currently have a mission to sacrifice three (3) calves. Because no one can bring cows and bulls to their deed to breed them (they need the space for horses which is limited by the ratio), we have had this mission for several days now. It is a simple mission that would have been completed within ten minutes of popping up (as it should be for such an "easy" mission) if we were allowed to breed animals on deed without a useless limit that was meant for PvE. In my opinion, it should just be removed entirely from both PvE and PvP, but the severe impact on PvP servers makes this a destructive feature. No horses and pets means no PvP.
  10. In a perfect world our merchants would all be in the same place, but perfect world is a different game. If you have more than a couple of merchants or you host an Alliance market please, add their location here and we will get it added to the map. If a location on the map is marked as having merchants but does not.. please, mention it here and we will get it removed. Thank you. Both actions will gain you custom in the long run. (merchant locations are symbolised on the map by 3 interconnected orange dots)
  11. The one thing I found out not to long ago is you cannot remove a lock from a gate only replace it. Also the way templars are now getting stuck and constantly attacking a mob over and over for days is causing gates to lock even though they are set to open all the time and limiting access to public markets and area's on deed. This is the main reason I would like to be able to remove locks from gates I have the key for just like chests, boats, etc. Oncethe lock is removed the templar sticking forever bit will never be an issue again blocking access. Anyhow either fix the templar from locking 24 open gates or give players the ability to remove locks from gates that they have placed on them with the key.
  12. Just wondering as I have never tried this, but I can't seem to find a way to remove gate locks from gates that I do not want a lock on anymore. One of the reasons is I set gates to be open all the time, but stuck mobs and guards are constantly spamming chat and making the gates locked. This seems to make them never open when I told them to be open all the time. So can we remove gate locks like boat locks?? Or are they stuck there forever for some reason??? Why can't the gates be open all the time when you set them to be open all the time???
  13. My idea is that if you no longer have a use for something like lets say a large cart, you've made a better one or someone gave you one or you found an abandoned one with the name eroded off or something, why not instead of leaving it to rot, or destroying it, don't you include an option to dismantle it, that way players can have a CHANCE to get back a few of the materials used in the original creation of the item/wall/road/floor or whatever you may find that's deteriorating abandoned or is without a question of a doubt yours
  14. Hello everyone. I am currently on holiday and downloaded wurm to my mum's computer as I own a desktop and cannot leave wurm that long because I have animals to take care of. I tried adding wurm to my this computer but it will not work. It just gets stuck on downloading application. I have tried removing wurm completely and re-adding it but whenever I do the install location at start wont show up and it just says downloading application again. I have uninstalled java and reinstalled but still it does not work. I cannot get into the javas -viewer thing because whenever I try the box is just white and doesn't load anything. Im really stumped and I would like to know if anyone knew how to completely remove wurm from my computer so I can re-add it again. Thanks -Doobster
  15. I'm out sailing the corbita and there's something that frustrate me. Wurm is a very beautiful game, sometimes I just want to admire the view, but I cant because when I turn around theres a low texture wall an inch from my face. It makes me feel disoriented and I cant see. I get a headache just looking at this picture. Its even worse when its moving. I'm sure it has been brought up before, but please do something about it.