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Found 8 results

  1. Hii! Im coming back after long 2 years, and Im trying to recover the password of my main account named Panquecca. (I've already asked for ingame gm help, and they made me recover my alt named Layaruss) What can I do to recover it? Im almost sure it is the same email as I registered here on the forums, but still, in the reset password it says that the email is wrong (and now also sends a reset email for an account named Pleaselogin that I created in the same email only to do the /support ingame)
  2. when selecting the registration tab a blank page with the following shows up.. it did work for me in the past, so i need a clue how to solve this. Registration Sorry, the registration page could not be displayed.
  3. If you are having issues with things outside of the game, please post here so the reports don't get lost in the server or client bug threads or in other areas of the forum. It would be great if you could preface your post TITLE with the specific area you are reporting. For example: [Forums] My text only displays in Wingding Font [Website] Clicking the Wurm Online icon takes me to Page not Found [Shop] The shop page will not open in Firefox [Registration] I've been waiting for 3 days for my email [Mail] The newsletter arrived but it's black text on black background Please do NOT post personal or private information when reporting a problem (like your passwords or full email address, etc.) With email issues, it's often important that you report your email domain, like Yahoo or Gmail or AOL. If more information is needed, you will be instructed here how to proceed.
  4. Hi there, I tried registering for a Wurm game account, but I haven't recieved the activation email yet. It's a school domain email (but hosted by Gmail). I did check my spam folder, and it's not there. Is there anyway to have it resent/change the email address I used, without waiting for the 2 day username reservation to expire? Thanks.
  5. I registered for an account using account name Trance and my e-mail (the same one as this account). I got the forum activation email instantly. I never received the activation email for the website. HURRY SEND HELP THE ADMIN, WAKE HIM UP! CALL HIM RIGHT NOW!! HURRY
  6. I think the email registration system is broken. The link for registering wouldn't appear at all. You aren't blocked but I don't see it. By the way, there is still a link at the buttom of the page but it is irrelevant to the process of registering (I tried). How long do I have to wait for this to be corrected?
  7. Has anyone else had my problem, I tried to register with 3 different names (and the correct email) but I didn't get the email on any of those, can someone please help me
  8. I've been waiting for more than a hour and a half for my game registration to be verified. Its says to contact a game master after an hour but I do not see any tech support other than what's in the forums. Would really like to check this game out. Thanks