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Found 143 results

  1. Hello, I have a referral for sale (tried the trade chat but it didn't work). The going price is 6s and that's what I am willing to let it go for. Catch me in-game (nickname Thorvar) or leave a message here and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. I am currently located on Xanadu in the south. Only good rep please. EDIT: Sold.
  2. This has happened to me about three times now, on different characters. I'll get a referral, select the '20 days of premium time' option, and nothing will happen. If I log onto the Wurm shop, it sometimes displays the correct expiry date of premium time (20 days later than it was before I got the referral), but sometimes it does and then it changes back to the incorrect date. For the last one, I waited over a week, hoping it would come through, but still nothing. Each time I've had to log a support ticket to get the premium time corrected. The staff has always been able to sort it out for me, but I use referrals quite often, and it would be nice just to be able to get the premium time without having to create a ticket. It doesn't happen every time, but it's happened enough that it's starting to bother me now, as it doesn't seem like a once-off random annoyance anymore.
  3. As title, referral up for grabs . 6s. Man of my word so first reply gets it etc. (Note cannot get logged into wurm to sort it until tomorrow gmt time, but we can work that out).
  4. As the title says, WTB a referral
  5. WTB 2 1 referrals, 6 silver each. PM me here on forums and have a great day!
  6. Paying 6s each, PM me here on ingame, thanks!
  7. paying 6s. Please and thanks
  8. Looking to buy a referral for premium time, PM me if you have one, looking to pay 6.5s Thanks, TheRedReaper
  9. paying 6.5 silver for a referral, which will go to my alt who's name is Jnx. Please contact Atheline in-game or message here on forums. Thanks!
  10. Sold thanks. I'm currently located on Inde. Asking 6.4s for referral and 95 copper per sleeping powder (6 total). PM if interested. For the sleeping powder I will deliver if desired since it can be traded. In both cases, I will expect payment upfront if using mail. Someone told me asking more than 6s for referral is greedy, but: 1) Paying 10 silver in-game for 30 days premium does NOT grant sleeping bonus; referrals grant 1 hour SB 2) Paying RL money in the shop for 30 days premium grants 1x sleeping powder (worth 1 hour sleeping bonus) 3) 20 days / 30 days = 0.666~ and 0.666~ * 10 silver = 6.666~ silver. 4) Using the in-game mailing system with COD will cost the buyer 1 copper (6.41 silver total) So you're paying 6.41 silver for what's worth 6.666 silver plus the FREE 1 hour sleeping bonus. If I sold these regularly, and assuming the points above are correct, which I believe they're, I would sell these at least for 6.666 silver because of the SB. EDIT: Ensure you have less than 4 hours sleeping bonus if buying referral. If it goes over 5 hours then you won't gain any SB if you sleep until it's below 5 again. Note you'll still get the 1 hour SB from the referral regardless.
  11. Hi World, I'm looking to buy a referral to keep the ol' prem time going. Paying 6.5s. Message me if you've got one available Pingpong
  12. Want to buy referral for 6s. if im not logged into the game, please msg me here. thank you
  13. I have 7 Referrals available 6.5s. also 7 Sleep Powders @ 1s each - currently on Xan but could deliver to a another servers coastline - except Chaos obviously **** All Sold ****
  14. Selling referral for 6.5silvers. Please send a message in-game to Sarrum. Please and Thank You, Sarru~
  15. as it states selling someones referral please pm to make arrangements..thanks..
  16. There are just too many scammers/thieves mingling with the honest people. Just make the referral a piece of paper that if examined you say "Referral from <name>, give to another player to use for premium time." The /use can actually add it. That way you actually trade something for the money versus working on trust. I realize that the referral was meant to give to a friend; however, I think the majority of the time they are just sold for coin.
  17. Selling my referral for 6s. Seems to be the going rate. Going to use this money to start my own settlement! Exciting times!
  18. bought

    thanks. can close
  19. --------- SOLD OUT -------- offer 2 Referrals for 6s each fell free to talk me ingame or pm me here in the forum best greetings Darkbringer
  20. Want to buy a referral for 6s. Money can be sent through CoD or given at any starter town. Post an offer here or PM JanTheConqueror on Xanady
  21. Selling referral for 6s. buyer pays COD if mail trade. Pm in-game or over forum.
  22. Selling Multiple Referrals, item CoD from Xanadu for payment. 6.2s per referral + CoD. Sold out.