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Found 11 results

  1. Currently at 87 farming skill. Selling bulk veggies 2s/k. Bulk wemp & cotton 4s/k. Want something specific? Tell me what to plant. 1 or 2 Chef packs still available 2.2s. PM Briars in game or respond here.
  2. CLOSE

    LOT 1: Overview of what you get: 13k reed 1.9k acorns 4k wemp 15k mushrooms 5k cotton Total:39k Starting bid: 9 silver Minimum increments: 50c No reserve LOT 2: Overview of what you get: 23k fruit 51k meat 3.4k flour 1.7k eyes 19k rice 4.7 k veg Total: 102k Starting bid: 30 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve LOT 3: Overview of what you get: 12k eyes 1.4k cheese 5k hearts 1.9k rice 400 eggs 1.8 fruit 2.7k spices 6k meat Total: 32k Starting bid: 10 silver Minimum increments: 1s No reserve Sniper protection for all: 1 hour SPECIFY WHICH LOT YOU ARE BIDDING ON AND THE AMOUNT YOU ARE OFFERING IN THE COMMENTS.
  3. Welcome to Inner Sea Sanctuary Selfservice Market on Indy Jane Doe is waiting to serve you at her market stall. The market is at my dock so close to water for easy access with boat, but here is also easy access by foot or use of cart or wagon, on the nice highways leading here. In game map cords is L/M 14/15 or by use of web-map Inner Sea Sanctuary 27 x 36 y Selfservice of bulksale: Updated contain of FSB/BSB And lowerd the price Buy key to the fsb/bsb you want from merchant Jane Doe then go to the fsb/bsb and load up your bought crops. (Since the fsb/bsb aint loadable for you, you need your own containers or something else to load it in) Sold out! Welcome by and shop Maiya
  4. Ok. When you crush a reed plant (.5 kg), you get a reed fibre (.1 kg). BAM! easy. BUT... If you put reed fibres into a bsb, some very strange shenanigans going on right there. Apparently, when you drop reed fibre into a bsb, the bsb does some odd thing to your reed fibre. Now you old wurmians problably already know of this.. but... if I drop 5 reed fibres into a bsb, the bsb turns those 5 into one single .5 kg weed fibre. So... if I drop say.. 100 reed fibre into my bsb.. BAM! Suddenly my bsb told me that I only had 20 reed fibre. Then, if you pull out one of them reed fibres, BAM! It's a .5 kg reed fibre. Fat. So ya. Shenanigans. Can we put this somewhere? I suggest at the 'reed fibre' wurmpedia page (here: Make a line on that anemic wurmpedia page that reads thus (my suggestions)... BEWARE! Dropping freshly crushed reed fibre (.1 kg each one) into any bsb, it will steal some of your reed fibre. The count you have after will decrease by 5 to 1. or... You can increase the size of your weed fibre, by dropping it w/ some of it's friends into a bsb. Once removed, the resulting reed fibre will be increased in mass by a factor of five. or... Dropping reed fibre into any container that averages, will combine each 5 reed fibre (.1 kg each) into a single fatter reed fibre (.5 kg each). Be warned, this will have the apparent affect of making it look like some of your reed fibre has been deleted. Rest assured, all of your reed fibre is still in there. Just now, when you remove them, instead of getting five .1 kg reed fibre, you will get one .5 kg reed fibre. We do this wurmetically to support wogical reasoning. This is all very wogical, so stop complaining. ? (the smiley face is optional) Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB
  5. Dropped 36 fresh crushed reed fibres in bsb but it turned in only 17 fibres, pull out all 17 put them back in and got only 12 now. Had 7 seryll lumps, 3 of them were 29.02, ql and 4 of them 29.82 ql, no damage, 1 of higher ql was 1.3kg weight all others 1 kg. I dropped them all in bsb to equal ql ( was lazy to light forge), and forgot will lost 0.3 kg from that 1.3 kg lump but then that 7.3 kg seryll turned into only 6 lumps of 1 kg each. I lost 1.3 kg of seryll
  6. The fountain in the center of Glasshollow Market is now a public meeting place! Anyone is welcome to take a sheet of papyrus and a pen from the red cart just nearby, about six tiles away towards the guard tower. Inscribed messages may be placed into the center fountain at the token so that they may be viewed by anyone. Name buy/sell requests starting with "WTB" or "WTS" in order to allow easy sorting. You may also request a rename for your merchant's market stall. Remember to rename your sheet before posting, so people will know which ones to read. A system of sub-containers to sort older sheets until their decay may be implemented as the fountain becomes full. Any message is welcome! You may place your village ad, or just say hello to Glasshollow! I will continue to supply papyrus, pens and dye in the red cart as more are needed; I have just installed a small reed farm on my nearby deed, Golden Glass, with plenty of room to expand. NOTE: The ornate fountain next to the red cart may be the future location for this 'message board' (current location promotes awareness of new message system)
  7. 3 Deeds (incl. 1 trader) only 5-10 min from Freedom Market YOU are looking to settle near the center of the biggest Freedom server Independance? YOU are looking for deeds to serve your versatile needs? YOU want to grow a large herd? YOU want a place to build your ships? YOU want to farm veggies and also reed? YOU need wood for your ships and tools? YOU want to have a source of income to pay for those deeds? YOU want a safe working space? Then I have what you need: Hillside Refuge, Greenborough and Seeview Harbour - all close by close only few riding minutes from Freedom Market right next to Festival Cove. On map: Hillside Refuge: Hillside Refuge has: - a well-treated trader, - a spirit templar, - a mine with different QL iron veins + lead (for mooring anchors) + marble, - lots of fruit and lumber trees, - a manor with forges and oven and beds, lots of space for storage and loom - pens and farm areas (only partly offdeed in legal enclosure connected to deed and so far under Magranon influence for repairs) - an almost finished small stronghold (incl. practice dolls and archery target) - 2 wells (+1 in mine) for your water-supply. - and a Guard Tower close to west border (covering highway). - [edit] silver/gold altars of all 3 Freedom gods Here some pictures of Hillside Refuge: Greenborough: Greenborough has: - more farming/breeding space - House with forge, bed, oven, storage, loom and sightseeing tower - Guard Tower in perimeter covering most of the deed - additional legal enclosure for farming (Mag influence) - oaks and willows Picture: Seaview Harbour Seaview Harbour has: - not much to be honest - some ground raised from the sea - offdeed legal enclosures for reed and ships up to knarr-size - ondeed clay Pictures: The deal would of course include all house-writs and gate-keys, the deeds, several BSBs and FSBs (few things still in there) and a breeding pair of 5-speed horses (if wanted and delivered for free when deal is complete, colour as you like). Starting bid: 60s No reserve No buyout No snipe protection Minimum increments: 1s
  8. WTB 70 or higher Ql reed plants. Will travel if not mailable. Plz PM or post with offers
  9. Hey guys, is there a secret to getting a reed plot set up? i get not sowable messages and out of reach messages on wild stuff. does it just need like 1 corner wet or the whole tile wet? how deep is too deep? thanks!
  10. Someone on IRC mentioned that for some reason really recently it seems that Reed gathered from wild reed tiles (Non-farmed ones) are capped now at 20ql. The same goes for Mixed grass gathered via cutting grass. It's the same with a 70ql sickle, 70ql Scythe 70ql Carving knife all only give reed or mixed grass at 20ql. Any idea why or when this changed or if there is a way to gather reed or mixed grass higher then 20ql from wild reed tiles and grass? This was done on Serenity.
  11. All orders can be mailed COD or picked up from Pickle Island, which is located at 16x,22y on the Current Maintained Independence Map, or 33x,22y on the Independence community map Delivery can be arranged for an additional fee. To place order simply post here or pm Brycarnia on forums or in-game. ** All Blacksmithing tools and lamps qualify for lifetime warranties. At any time during the life of your tool I will improve it back to the original quality you purchased. You pay CoD both ways ** Farming Goods All Crops (including reed) - 1s/1000 Mixed Grass - 20c/100 ** Due to a large order farming is unavailable at the current time ** Cotton, Wemp, Pumpkin, Reed, & Potatos available in limited quantities. ** Papyrus Papyrus Sheet - 1c Reed Pen (60ql +) - 1c Ropes Rope - 5c Mooring - 10c Cordage - 10c Thick - 20c Blacksmithing 50ql - 20c 60ql - 30c 70ql - 40c 80ql - 80c * Large Anvils add 10c Lamps x 10 30ql - 75c 40ql - 1s 50ql - 1.5s 60ql - 2.5s Bulk Items Nails (small/large) - 20c/100 Ribbons - 1.5s/100 Fence Bars - 1.5s/100 Misc Items Fireworks (99ql) - 7s