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Found 1 result

  1. Ok. When you crush a reed plant (.5 kg), you get a reed fibre (.1 kg). BAM! easy. BUT... If you put reed fibres into a bsb, some very strange shenanigans going on right there. Apparently, when you drop reed fibre into a bsb, the bsb does some odd thing to your reed fibre. Now you old wurmians problably already know of this.. but... if I drop 5 reed fibres into a bsb, the bsb turns those 5 into one single .5 kg weed fibre. So... if I drop say.. 100 reed fibre into my bsb.. BAM! Suddenly my bsb told me that I only had 20 reed fibre. Then, if you pull out one of them reed fibres, BAM! It's a .5 kg reed fibre. Fat. So ya. Shenanigans. Can we put this somewhere? I suggest at the 'reed fibre' wurmpedia page (here: Make a line on that anemic wurmpedia page that reads thus (my suggestions)... BEWARE! Dropping freshly crushed reed fibre (.1 kg each one) into any bsb, it will steal some of your reed fibre. The count you have after will decrease by 5 to 1. or... You can increase the size of your weed fibre, by dropping it w/ some of it's friends into a bsb. Once removed, the resulting reed fibre will be increased in mass by a factor of five. or... Dropping reed fibre into any container that averages, will combine each 5 reed fibre (.1 kg each) into a single fatter reed fibre (.5 kg each). Be warned, this will have the apparent affect of making it look like some of your reed fibre has been deleted. Rest assured, all of your reed fibre is still in there. Just now, when you remove them, instead of getting five .1 kg reed fibre, you will get one .5 kg reed fibre. We do this wurmetically to support wogical reasoning. This is all very wogical, so stop complaining. ? (the smiley face is optional) Thanks your time, TeeeBOMB