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Found 7 results

  1. TLDR: Looking for between 5-10 people, no more (initially), to help establish a Port on the ocean coast. Through assigned specializations and coordinated work, establish ourselves and have fun. Little About Me: 29, been playing Wurm off and on for about a decade. Been fooling around a lot lately in WU ever since I heard Steam was having a WO release. I was a decently skilled Chainsmith on WO, and played as a Villager on Freedom. Eventually moving to Xanadu to create my own deed. I had a lot of fun with it but eventually moved to WU to setup my own server for some friends/villagers who wanted to move off WO. Server Start Plan (roughdraft): Push through the inevitable server issues on release day, find the nearest coast, drop a deed in a good spot, terraform/setup mine, build a 2 story headquarters for crafting/beds, scout area for resources/terraform makeshift dock, push to Corbita. Once we get to the final stage of the plan, im not too concerned what everyone ends up doing but until then I would like people to help push. Specializations: Looking for people to specialize in specific crafting to help push, more details to follow. Let me know what type of crafting you're interested in doing. Or what you wanna work on. End Goal: getting sail boats and a corbita built so we can all take full advantage of the early game market. Plenty of money to be made for all, if we work together. If you are interested: feel free to message me here, I'll get back to you. just leave a little about me similar to mine. Add'l Notes: Nothing in my plan is concrete, I have a vision and a plan how to get there. If you feel you could contribute in a way I'm missing please let me know. We can work out all the details in my discord channel if you are interested.
  2. If anyone want to join me at my village Riversdale. I have lots of flat land for houses already prepped. just looking for some company and people that are willing to join and help work together to build a good community together and see where it goes from there. Hope to see you here someday at this build in progress. Halofreak
  3. Willowhill Manor is recruiting villagers There's no logo, but there's an annoying colorful message that the screenshots are in a spoiler below. The long version: The easy to read version: Screenshot gallery: For more information or if you want to join PM Kushier or SooSzi in-game. You can also leave a post below or speak up in freedom chat on Xanadu, saying you're looking for Willowhill Manor.
  4. Hello, I'm looking for village on Exodus I could join in. I'm from Europe so I would prefer to join EU community, most bcs of same playtime.
  5. Hollow Springs Hollow Springs is a small group of players ready for aggressive expansion. Our community has come over from Deliverance and has started fresh here on Xanadu. From day one we looked to make a new home thats impressive and enjoyable. What we offer: new member workshop new member housing high ql ore storage farming vast mines clay, sand, tar on deed large projects veteran 8x12 plots market on deed high ql meals 90ql enchanted mailbox Incredible Views Teamspeak What we are looking for: Dedicated, mature players Experience not required Willingness to participate on town projects Social players Outside the box thinking Available Slots: 3 Location J11 Current Member Count: 10 Gallery: The Market New Member Workshop New Member Housing The Climb Horse Farm Chapel And Elder Workshop From the water
  6. Welcome to the Sword Coast. We are located at J25 on Xanadu in a beautiful spot on the bay and have a great view overlooking the water to the mountains. It's a great place for new and intermediate players to call home or retreat to. There are two other deeds nearby and usually always someone in local. Our alliance is active and includes six deeds that are all in close proximity to each other. We hope that you enjoy your stay here no matter how long it is. Days, weeks, months, or years you are free to stay as long as you like and leave whenever you're ready. What Sword Coast has to offer: - 4x4 private plots available for you to build as you see fit. - Our resident spirit templar will ensure your safety. You can go about your activites without the concern of being attacked. - There is a mailbox within a one minute walk along the shore. You can pick up or send items here. - The artisan shop has equipment you need. Forge, loom, oven etc. is available for use. - The community mine will provide the materials you need for smithing. - Ocean access is just a few minutes away for trade and travel. We want to help players by giving them a safe place to live and grow with us and the community. What we don't want to do is take away the spirit and fun of the game. This doesn't mean that villagers won't receive any help, but are expected to be able to complete tasks on their own. What Sword Coast doesn't offer: - Villagers must collect their own resources. However, all resources in bsb's in the workshop are for anyone to use. - You will have to source animals. While we do have some horses we don't have enough to donate yet. If you would like to join or have questions contact me in game /tell skelos or reply here or in pm.
  7. Looking for a village on prestine I am on most of the time GMT +0 IGN: Eira