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Found 5 results

  1. The Future of Southern Bay Estates: My vision for this may never come to pass, however if it does not get started, it will never take shape. So here goes the details.. ( Kind of centrally located in Xanadu , NE J14 ) I think around December 2022 is when most things/buildings should be ready. ( Currently Blacksmith shop, and Tailor shop is built ) I'm looking to create a RP "supported" village.. We will have professions, titles and a purpose for players looking for one, if your not already tied up in your personal skill gain.. which I know most are of course.. So what do i mean by role play "supported" ? Well.. basically, if you want to role play , its completely fine, if you are not one to role play, you won't hinder the ones who do.. And really all you have to do is live in the environment you are in.. While in the Realm of wurm, there are no cars, no guns, no cell phones.. So why should that be brought up in conversation in game.. No Politics, No Religion, Other than the in Realm politics and Religions... That's my 2 cents on it.. everyone has their own opinion on RP.. But if you have any specific questions on it.. pls fill free to contact me. Now titles and professions, I'm sure your interested... There will be a Duke of course.. Me, However I have thought of the Voting system for new leader of the deed.. that's some hardcore reality.. so still thinking on that one.. depends on the community and how it grows.. (I try not to ramble too much) So. 1 Duke, 3 possible Advisors, Knight Commander 1, maybe 2.. Knights.. unlimited. Squires.. These roles will have complete descriptions later.. ( trying to minimize this post) Nobles.. and Villagers..... Professions.. Sure you can be whatever you want.. but perhaps you want to stand out.. Blacksmith, Tailor, Mason, Quartermaster*, Carpenter, Shipwright, Farmer, Cook, Alchemist... Some of these titles/professions are unique and have special jobs.. Most you can probably figure out on your own. If you have any questions on a particular profession or title. pls msg me. Also, this is very much a work (idea) in progress.. If you would like to have input in the early stages.. by all means.. im open for conversation.. Again.. this is a ways away.. but I want to get the information out there if anyone is looking for something like this.. Let me know.. I look forward to hearing from you.. Taking in new players that need direction, as well as Vets who can help give it... Safe travels!!…. Destion, and his crazy priest brother Delrago.. Discord contact Destion#0243
  2. I have a 60x72 plot of land located at N25 on cadence. I am looking for a few people to hang out with while we work together to develop this land. I have spent quite a bit of time terraforming the area so it can accommodate a tightly packed city with back alleys and courtyards. We are also planning a large underground dwarven cavern with ship building docks and a blacksmithing/Masonry workshop/warehouse. Plans are in the works to mine out a boat cave/highway from N25-N23 granting easier access to the inner lakes of cadence from the east coast. Send me a Pm if interested. SteliosKontos Discord is CousinDaddyBro#4470
  3. Darkken E24 Melody. Darkken is recruiting- I have a large deed, looking to help newer players. This is a temporary recruitment, all players joining can have a small area (tba) they can build a home and farm. You also have the opportunity to earn silver, so you are able to go off on your own which is strongly encouraged, I offer free use of my mine, forges ovens, and lands etc... There are plenty of creatures to either tame, fight, butcher etc.. This will not be a permanent settlement for players, this is for players looking to gain skills, knowledge, and/or silver to start their own deeds. PM Sintress or Cintress in game or leave a message here. I do not provide tools, food, clothing etc.. this is to be made by you. The purpose of this deed is to help you get going on your own. disclaimer: Any buildings, and fencing needs be removed or ownership passed to Sintress before leaving. We are at max for Recruitment, I will update this as I have openings.
  4. nah

  5. I just started up a new village Carcassonne. It is a huge area that I'm looking to build into a city. We have a great location and we are a part of a large alliance. I am mainly looking for veteran or returning players but we can take in new players as well. As I said its a huge area so there is plenty of room to build. I will be uploading pictures soon of the deed. If you are interested message milksteak in game or here on the forums.