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Found 2 results

  1. Recruiting for Eden village! Help return Eden to her former glory as the most populated village in wurm (30+)! Currently 25 active villagers.... We offer a: 6x5 homestead, 3x3 animal pen & 2x12 farmland (that's 63 tiles of personal space) plus access to the Commons Building where we share resources and you can get logs to build your cart. Build your house and pursue your dream! Join us on Rifts and Dragon, Kyclops, and other unique hunts and claim rewards Check out our HUNTING deed on Celebration with easy access to Desert and Woodland creatures, its some of the best hunting int he game. Just a short 13 min ride by boat (public row boats available for use) We provide the highest quality food for 98 nutrition which means faster skill gains for you. We are also a Vynora deed which means +10% skill gain if you're a follower Eden is Located at: (T8/T9 XAN) Some of what sets us apart is that we have a thriving community with people on 24/7, seamless IRC village chat, Discord, and Music DJ channel for fun and a Unicorn. Looking to earn some coin? In the spirit of building a thriving village economy, Qwizat will buy Stone Bricks and Mortar. Ask him for prices. Also, collect your FREE 70+ COC Hammer from Qwizat when you are ready to build your house! Visit our merchant in the town center for all your COC needs at great prices. COC increases your skill gain by the power of the cast, so 70 coc = 70% more skill gain. Since Wurm is a game of skills, the best investment you can make early on is getting a set of COC tools. Custom COC and WOA enchants are also available along with imping services, just ask Qwizat. INSTRUCTIONS TO GET INVITED: FIRST: Watch the YouTube video below. It is a tour of our village but also includes all of our rules and good advise. Everyone who joins the village needs to watch the video, so you might as well get that out of the way :D. To get an invitation to our village or just to chat with us and learn more, do the following: Type everything into the consol window: Press F1 type: irc [press enter] ircsay /join #edenvillage [press enter] (#edenvillage is our chat) The #1 Rule is to always be in #Edenvillage chat There you can talk to us and anyone can invite with /vinvite name For further assistance you can also PM: Qwizat, Thely, BipolarBear, Scoop, Please let us know you found us thru the forum. Thanks **If you have not teleported to a village before you can teleport here from anywhere on Xanadu** Eden Village View from Sea: Aerial View (from village helicopter): What Next?: After you arrive and get settled in and explore a bit you'll have the following tasks: 1. Make a large cart and give Qwizat Manage Perms to it 2. Obtain a plot of land by speaking with Qwizat or Thely and build your dream house a.) If you prefer not to have a plot ask about our condos. They range from 2x5 to 5x5 and offer great views. 3. If you are inclined you can request a farming plot in addition to your own property 4. Build your skills and get access to our free horses for riding our hitching to your cart 5.There's usually a project or 2 going on so ask around if you're interested in helping 6. Build up your fighting skills on a practice dummy and sail over to Eden Outpost for some of the best desert and forest hunting in the game. 7. Build a boat. We have free use rowboats to get around with, but someday you may want your own. 8. Its a sandbox so make it what you want. Raise animals, farm, improve your skills and be a craftsman. 9. Earn money thru making bulk items, or finding contract work on nearby deeds thru alliance chat. The world is yours
  2. THE MOST POPULATED VILLAGE IN WURM We're up for role playing We have king and queen we have pizza and the best kielbasa in the wurm Hot HQ food for all villagers all the time Recruiting for Eden/Dune, waterfront, 6x5 plot, beds, Large Condos, paying jobs, help with the game (T8/T9 XAN) PM Me. We have 35 active villagers so there are always people online. Pictures: Join now and get a free tool of choice with COC 60+ (I recomend a hammer to build your house). Type /t Qwizat for more info PM Qwizat for questions and joining