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Found 6 results

  1. Hello I always enjoyed XP trackers in Oldschool Runescape in 3rd party client Runelite. I would love to have in game trackers like estimated hourly level gain and be able to set a custom goal, e.g. 70 smithing and see how long it would take to reach that level at current rate. It's more motivating to set tiny goals rather than trying to conquer 100 in a skill all at once and doing manual skill gain estimations gets tiresome. I'd much rather play the game than polish my Wurm excel spread sheets. Here's a link to the Runelite XP Tracker plugin: I am aware of Wurm Assistant and I was able to write bash script that reads skill update logs. But it would be nicer to have these built into the client.
  2. Do you have problem with runing and geting coins out of your Trader? Do you always forget to reset rate each month? You dont get coins at all? Are you just lazy to work with him? If YES you are on right site! Dont make your traders mad! Pick us to run trader with alt for you! On any server! Any time and all the time. -We supply all trader stock and needed items for time we run it. -We set rate every 28 days. -We make it alive again. -If u own more traders in same local discount on share. All u need is to contact Rockybalboa ingame or here on forum. We normaly take 30%share of trader income per month as payment for service(20s income - 30%=14s in your chest or upkeep) . You need to provide safe place for trader also alt who runing your trader. Traders income depend on server statistic and size of it. Starter alt cost 2s witch is needed to start trader runing in some cases(2s always stays on your trader).We have right to refuse offers.
  3. Hey, over the last months I talked with some of you about the decay rate of various fence types. Common sense seems to indicate that stone walls decay slower than wooden fences - and that's what most of us believe. HOWEVER - look at this interesting article in Wurmpedia: The author made empirical decay tests and found that - surprisingly - all fence types have the same rate of decay, providing that they all have the same ql (within statistical limits, of course)! Isn't that interesting? If this is true it doesn't matter at all whether you build a low stone wall or a wooden fence - as far as decay is concerned! Well, seeing that these experiments were made almost 3 years ago, things may have changed since then! So, I decided to repeat those tests. I setup various fences, imped them to have the same ql, and observed the rate of decay on a daily basis. The experiment is running for 4 months now. I built 6 fences of 20ql: Woven Fence, Crude Wooden Fence, Wooden Fence, Low Stone Wall, Tall Stone Wall and Iron Fence. After 4 months the fences and walls show a damage of approximately 50%, as shown in this diagram: Up to now there doesn't seem to be much difference in decay rate (apart from statistical fluctuations), as indicated in the Wiki article I quoted. Woven and crude fences seem to decay a little bit faster (as could be expected), but so do the iron fences! Wooden fences and tall stone walls seem to show the least decay - but the differences are minimal. So far it seems that all fence types decay at roughly the same rate! I will continue the experiment to find out if more differences will appear at a later stage. See you in game Yaga (Yaragar)
  4. Looking for a Rare or Enchanted carving knife.
  5. So hot or not ? Also post more rats !!!
  6. It has been customary in this forum to post a "+1" if one likes a Post. Now the new forum even has an "I like" button for this purpose on the right side of each post. This has the advantage of getting automatically counted and keeping the discussion tidy. It seems thoiugh that a lot of people haven't caught on to this. Still posting their ones. So I just wanted to point it out here again.