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Found 8 results

  1. There are several threads that all talk about range issues in one way or another. I thought I would lump them together a bit. 1. Please increase our pickup/load/access container range while mounted on carts & wagons. Currently it is noticeably less than when on foot. 2. Please increase (even more) the ranges while mounted on boats/ships. 3. Please allow us to open cargo on carts, wagons and ships, if near any part of the vehicle. Not have to run over to the captains seat to access. 4. Please increase our range on felled trees, to chop and pickup (mounted or not). If not, just "Wurm logic" then down to a tiny 1 tile sized graphic, once they are chopped down. Of all of these, the mounted range to pickup items or access containers is what bugs me the most. With vehicles no longer following slopes, it can be frustrating when on a steep slope and you have to turn this way and that way, just to try getting the item viewable under your cart, to pick up through the cracks of your floor boards. If there is some really important reason why not, please let us know, so we can make suggestions on fixing that issue too.
  2. It would be nice to see the KOS have a little more "bite" to its use. I know that KOS is used sparingly...and for the most part rightfully so because there are people that get themselves put on someone elses KOS list. Of course there are the ones that sometimes the deed owner is a jerk too. Let the turrets have a 5-10 tiles area of effect on Freedom isle-paid deeds. People are paying for the deed and most of the time the offender is some higher level vet that "doesn't care" and offends the player anyway. Now you open a market of selling spells and carpentry and iron to create the turrets as well as having a better defense against those Vet players that think its funny to kill off all the deed owners Templars or Guard Tower guards that just want their coffee and sandwiches and not wind up dead anyway. Have a range limit or a 5 tile seperation between turrets too...Minimum 5 tiles inbetween like the 50 tile requirement for guard tower placement and a range of 10 tile shot range with maybe the use of the outer perimeter to mark the outer border of turrent range...that would increase Outer Perimeter importance to ..."you have now entered the outer perimeter range, you are on KOS and are currently withing range of any turret fire in effect!".
  3. Looking to buy range pole and dioptra, at least 50ql. NE Xanadu.
  4. Since I've been playing again, I've noticed it is a lot harder to reach things from on my cart. I almost have to be right on top of a log to pick it up, or on top of a BSB to open it. Is this because we sit now? What I would love to see is full reach from anywhere on one tile to anywhere on an adjoining tile. Sitting on vehicles makes our visibility much worse, so we need more range to balance it out. Either that, or let me choose if I want to sit or stand. I'd choose standing every time. When riding a cart or ship to battle, it does seem a bit silly to see people sitting and swinging weapons.
  5. This... theres even a sound effect available.
  6. Alternative to a bow and arrow. Still goes under archery, but new sub skills, just like short bow, med bow, and longbow.
  7. Let us carry a bow in our left hand. However, when we change to or from a melee weapon we get a few seconds delay. Would obviously work from tool belt. Main thing, cuts out what a huge nuisance it is to change weapons.
  8. The last couples weeks since I've gotten a bit of my network stuff moved around I've been lagging pretty horrible, specifically the last like three days. My question is are there ports to forward/ are we allowed to? if so which ports? It's just miserable playing with the amount of lag I currently have, I usually end up just standing in a corner and doing nothing or just smithing because the rest of everything lags too much to be much fun. Any information is much appreciated in relation to this. Thanks!