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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, Dioptras - 5 for sale 72ql - 1.75s each + CoD from Xana Range poles - 5 for sale - 1.25s each - not mailable - so need to be collected from SW Xana, T8 These items are used to survey and plan bridges - for those who did not know this. PM me here or ingame - same name. Thanks,
  2. Another quality auction brought to you by Black Forest Smithy (Click to view merchant) In celebration of our new market in SW Xanadu (Here) We are auctioning a rare Bridge tool set Rare Birchwood rangepole ~92.5QL and rare Dioptra 90QL Bidding starts at 10s 1s increments 20s reserve No buyout The range pole cannot be mailed so the winner will need to collect All items have 1 hour sniper protection Buyouts are placed high to encourage bidding All items marked with ~ are rounded up or down to nearest whole QL Items can be based at Q13 Black Forest Nemeton on Xanadu if you wish to collect Happy bidding!
  3. I am looking for a few rare items ql and enchants are not important... leggat(oak), range pole(oak) pliers satchel steel and flint?? (i guess these can be made rare) (bought) 4x rope If you have any of these and want to sell them send me a forum pm
  4. please close

    Greetings folks, hope you've all had a good weekend! Got a rare 80ql birchwood range pole up for grabs. [16:44:58] A range pole used in surveying operations, it has bands of same thickness of alternating colours (white and red). This is a very rare and interesting version of the item. It is made from birchwood. Please note: It is not currently known (as far as I am aware) whether rarity on this tool has any effect on it's usage, but it is shiny Item located at P22, Xanadu. Available for pickup, or CoD (buyer pays fee) Starting Bid: 4s Minimum Bid Increment: 20c Buyout: Pm me an offer and I will consider it. good luck
  5. Start price 3s Increments 50c No BuyOut (only 2 days of auction)
  6. Building Bridges Look out for those trolls! Bridges are here and along with them come our questions. A fellow alliance member of mine suggested that an information gathering thread was started, so here it is. So far there's a few things we already know, thanks to a few threads from the test server, which I'll link to below, and Q&A already posted in CA ingame and on the forums, and of course since many of you have already built your own. How I see this working - post like crazy in here (on-topic only, same as CA) with your questions and findings. Every day or so (until the thread slows down) I'll collect the top or most common questions and stick them in the second post, with links to the answer posts and/or Wiki page. This will also be a great resource for updating the Wiki pages on Bridges. A few asks: If you post an image that's more than 200px high, please could you put it in spoiler tags. Same with any log dumps more than a few lines long. [spoiler] Image / log dump [/spoiler]
  7. closed

    I am looking to buy a Dioptra and a Range pole and if they can not be cod then i will want them delivered to me on Pristine in the H9 area. (if on pristine i might be able to come pick them up at your place just pm me here on the forums) closed