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Found 21 results

  1. Some stuff to sell soem have price and some not so give a shout and see what we land some are pickup at R9 on cadance som can be mailed, pm me here or ingame Andrea Green Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Blue Dragon Hatchling Hide 4x (0,01/eatch) 2,5s/eatch SOLD Forest gignat Blood Blue Dragon Hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch green dragon hatchling blood 4x 2,5s/eatch Cleaver short sword skin bear army statuette skin SOLD Executioner medium axe skin Jewelry casket skin 3x cleaver shortsword skin small axe iron QL40 with Masterwork skin applied on it Exquisite small maul skin 2x Horsemans halberd skin Oil of the blacksmith 2x 2s/eatch SOLD suprem Crude knife QL52 RARE slate statue of pumpkin terror 30S Gems total QL 6762,41 (13 sapphire, 19 ruby, 17 emerald, 3 diamond, 6 opal ) (have a lot more more if intressted 150 gems more around) Around 2.6k unidentified fragment with some damage
  2. Starting Bid: 4s Increment (Minimum): 1s Sniper Protection: 1 Hr Private Bids: Not Accepted
  3. Post or PM me offers SOLD: Seryll Chain Sleeve
  4. Hi all. I activated on my server (pve,fredoom, non epic) random treasure chest function...I wondered if each time that one Ive be found it, a new chest are spawned randomly, or maybe restart the server are necessary or..."Seems" that after first players found a lot of them, does not respawn again. ┬┐Anyone knows how does this exactly work? thanks in advance
  5. As a heads up: Classes have started back for me so I am a bit too pressed for time now to update these lists, however, I do log on from time to time to refill merchants with whatever random goods I have available. As of 1/28/17, horse stalls at my deed are all filled, all are 5-spd, all have reduced for quick-sale prices (10c for normal colors, for example). Self-service. My merch at Glasshollow has a lot of recipes atm. New tools and things will be available once I replenish my ore stores, I have had a very unfortunate cave-in recently that destroyed... alot >.o. Soon, though. Promise. Items located on merchant at (J-9) Misareaux Coast: New recipes added, 1c each. Stop by and fill your cookbooks! I also sell ponies from (J-9): Including Jets and Piebalds! Bloodbays coming soon~ Items sold from merchant at (C-11) Glasshollow Market: Stock updated as of 12/4/16
  6. An idea taken from another thread. Chests that spawn randomly around the map and contain random loot. Could arrange the loot into 3 tiers that goes up in rarity. Top tier would be something like moonmetal, drake pieces of varying weight, 1 rare bone. Second and third tier could be high ql tools or weapons with enchants. The idea is to encourage more exploration and map travel. Edit: Don't make the chests ridiculously rare, just make the top tier reward rare.
  7. Introduction I was playing around in single player using the Ebony Wand. Specifically Specials->Create. I noticed within this list there are two objects entitled "boulder". Upon placing these objects I learned they are Adamantine and Glimmersteel boulders respectively to the list. What I'd like I have never seen these spawn naturally within any world, so I would like to see a mod that will spawn these in naturally around the world (assuming they don't already and I've just never been lucky enough to find them.) From what I can tell they drop a single, random QL (probably based on mine skill?) ore of 5 weight and then the boulder vanishes. Being able to have these randomly spawn around the world in the same way as Spawners and Source Wells would be an interesting addition to the exploration value of our worlds; if of course it's doable. Fair use I have no interest in paying for exclusivity of any mods. If you wish to develop on this idea I'd like to see it publicly for all to use should to choose to release it.
  8. New Sale !! WTS -Low and High enchants for new and old players alike. Also Random Tools Etc. Comment or PM Beastwolf if I'm online. (All Proceeds are going toward my new deeds :P) #1- SOLD #11- SOLD #21- SOLD #31- SOLD #2- SOLD #12- SOLD #22- SOLD #32- SOLD #3- SOLD #13- SOLD #23- Availiable #33- SOLD #4- SOLD #14- SOLD #24- SOLD #34- SOLD #5- SOLD #15- SOLD #25- SOLD #35- SOLD #6- SOLD #16- SOLD #26- SOLD #36- SOLD #7- SOLD #17- SOLD #27- SOLD #37- SOLD #8- SOLD #18- SOLD #28- SOLD #38- SOLD #9- SOLD #19- SOLD #29- SOLD #39- SOLD #10- SOLD #20- SOLD #30- SOLD
  9. Make an cool offer on these items and get them asap. Lamps can be picked up at G-8 ingame Deliverance map (Konoha). Buyer pays cod. Thanks
  10. Cannot cod most of it so nvm Thank you for watching!
  11. As the Title says I want to sell the following items all are 1sea: Please Post all Offers below! I also have the Following items for sale: 5x Pottery Valentines = 1s ea 1x Snow Lantern = 1s 1x Fireworks 80ql = 80c 1x Black Opal Staff 9.85ql = 3s Thanks to All in advance! -=Jakeii=-
  12. Problem with near daily resets, it messes with many things ingame every time the server restarts. Found horses outside their pens (fortunately i double layer my security so they're on the inner roads), sometimes it speeds up the aging of horses, throws off their gestation times, throws off harvest seasons, speeds up packing of enchanted tiles, don't try to call it "scheduled" when it's 5 times a week because it's not and great way for stuff to get lost by people who didn't make it back ondeed, people losing sleep bonus from logging off and having to head to work before server restarts, and I'm sure we could fill entire threads about other ways in which these constant random resets mess with Wurm life in general. How about picking a day for +++SCHEDULED+++ resets we all know of and can prepare for and saving the random resets for when it's TRULY SERIOUSLY CRITICAL.
  13. today i got on to be able to send about 5-6 public chats before not being able to send ANY chats public or not. hoping that this posts at this time. taking a SS before i post. just in case. i would like a full refund as both accounts i have been affected.
  14. Blood is weaponsmith and acid selling out parts now, PM with offers or here .
  15. Please type below what you want, and thanks!
  16. close please
  17. great helm- sold fireworks-1s sleep powder-2s each or both for 3s seryll lumps-1s each sold transmutation rod-35s 70ql lg anvil- 50c rare iron lamp-1s sold cloth jacket-1s obo source crystals are 10c each for the old ones and 20c each for the new ones and boats cog 46ql cherry wood 5s sail boat pine wood 20ql 1s i will deliver to people on exodus and south deli but if you are farther you will have to come pick it up i can send by mailbox also you can pm me in game on either trainman or solkanar
  18. So i know we have a /random feature ingame, this doesn't show for others though. So if you do a random roll, you're the only one that sees it. What i'm suggesting is being able make a dice (or several) and use these as a random generator that shows up in event (or possibly local). This way it's possible to use as a gambling thing, or just as a random generator that shows up for others when you do a roll. Also be able to make cups out of leather for rolling the dice. How it would work: You place x amount of dices inside a leather cup, right click the cup and select roll dice. Result will then show up in event/local for everyone to see. Or just have the ingame /random feature show up in other peoples event/local window.
  19. First Random Discovery, I was just off the coast, Sailing The day away, When whats this under the sea, I thought I had seen this the other day. A closer look and yes. The alter of three, under the ocean, on the wrong server. The Next Wonderful Find is literally Breathtaking in Moving at light speed way. I was strolling along the desert headed home, after a bit I left that desert, and went into a Forested area, that eventually turned into The steppe which I proudly call home. Upon reaching the hill right by my village i was shocked and amazed to see the desert I just left, 10 minutes a go, not 2 tiles from me, where my village should be... Wurm Hole powers ACTIVATE!!! Normal Steppe I crossed seconds ago. And what apears to be the desert I crossed before..... Truley Breath taking Dont forget about the Ghost lights !!!!!! or these ones well... they might be the same
  20. With the new tall grass, it would be awesome if i could crouch in the grass XD idk maybe add some stats so when your crouched you are half as likely to aggro an animal or half the distance of enemy aggro to you, and make your footsteps quiet so you cant aggro animals from behind Either way i just wanna hide in the grass
  21. Over the last week or so a number of my villagers are complaining about dead horses, I had assumed it was due to disease as one villager had a few with disease, possibility for spreading etc. Some of these horses were /carefor too. Until this morning I entered a villagers house to put some things away, noticed an aged brown horse by the forge hitched up and well fed... I walked away to do something outside the town when I heard a neigh, didn't think much of it, less than 10mins later that villager logged in to find his horse was dead. This is on the Deli server btw. I can't find much on the forums about it, so I thought I'd throw a post up after someone commented that they've seen other people complaining about the same thing.