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Found 6 results

  1. Tarsis Stables proudly presents this one time opportunity to auction & own the fluff with the most stuff, the ram with the most bam, Son of Ram'Rod, the stud guaranteed to make your sheep bleat, born on 14/02/22, weighing in at 8lbs.......... <drum roll>......... Romeo! Starting bid: 5s Minimum increment: 50c Reserve: No Buyout: No Private bids: No Sniper: 1 hour Winner can either collect from Port of Tarsis or we can deliver to a coastal deed, Thanks and happy bidding!
  2. My suggestion is that there should be a place under settings to add java arguments. Many java games like WO, has a place in their client to add arguments so we can add more ram. This would be usefull so that we dont have to create new icons with our own arguments. This would make the client run smoother in my opinion. Another option could be to put sliders or a box in saying xx min amount of ram to use, and yy maximum amount of ram to use. The picture below is an example of MC, and shows what I am talking about. (In the red box)
  3. What specifications would be good and ideal for a Wurm Unlimited server and is there an officially sponsored hosting company somewhere? The few hosts I've found have had different prices of servers for basically the same specs. I'm not looking for a huge map (maybe as small as 2048x2048) and the max amount of players would be from 10-30. Explain good host server specs to me like I was am a noob, and if you know, about how much it'd cost.
  4. Two bugs with sheep! 1. I shear my sheep once a day, and as of recently have been unable to shear them anymore. I have 45 sheep so it's not just a couple that aren't cooperating - and it's both the male and females. It says "The creature is already sheared" I have definitely sheared them at least once since the rams & lambs update (definitely know this 'cause I was almost hoping for black wool to come off one of my rams!) Can't be 100% sure but I think I only sheared them one time since that update, and then it no longer works. And yes, they are all fed, healthy and happy. 2. I have a couple of male sheep with no horns (Aged +)
  5. Hello, my idea is that we have the male sheep named Ram. The graphics for the Ram would have horns. I took some photos of the sheep in the field behind my house that show the male sheep with horns and the females without. I just feel it would make it look more authentic. This would help determine the sheep gender easier whilst looking rather than having to walk up to them and examine to find out. Does anyone rate this idea? Many thanks
  6. So I'm in the market for a new computer for gaming.. preferrably under 5-10,000 usd. Though 1-2k would be more reasonable of course. Games I plan on playing... Archeage (when its out), Diablo III, League of Legends, Wurm Online. I also Watch movies via Hulu and Like listening to music... Now Obviously I need a system that operates all of these quite well... I want to be able to run on maximum graphics and not lose a beat. Also I typically will run somewhere between 2-4 clients currently of wurm... use to be 8-10... before version1.0 I would like to be able to run 8-10 again... on maximum graphics if that is at all possible on any system... I also tend to run diablo and league of legends in the background... and watch my shows with constant alt tabbing... yes terrible for skill gains on wurm but hey I like to have options at my fingertips Most computers Seem to have the same problem with me running this hard... Fans overheat and stop working. It has to be a laptop as i play in a semi truck. So.... Let the talks commence! What would you guys suggest I look into buying for my 2013 Computer? If it isn't terribly expensive it doesn't have to last too long... 1 year or so... maybe more... if its over 5k I'll plan on using it for atleast 3 years. probably more. =] I use USB for headset/Mouse and Prefer a full keyboard built in but I don't mind using another usb for an external ergonomic keyboard. =] Thanks for your time!