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Found 20 results

  1. Rare small cedarwood raft Quality 60 Price 1s Delivery included to any PVE server
  2. When one has a raft in inventory and a padlock in inventory when you activate the padlock there is the option to Attach Lock the raft but nothing happens. A bit of coding needs fixing there Skyefox
  3. #1: 30QL - Rare Small Chest Maplewood - (Guzten - 1.5s) #2: 38QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #3: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #4: 70QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #5: 75QL - Rare Lamp, Iron - (Davih - 1s) #6: 69QL - Rare Cauldron, Iron - (Fairyshine - 2.5s) #7: 63QL - Rare Water Skin, Leather - (Jakeii - 1.5s) #8: 55QL - Rare Practice Doll, Pinewood - (Shydow - 1s) #9: 80QL - Rare Stool, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #10: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #11: 50QL - Rare Torch Lamp, Iron - (No Bid) #12: 52QL - Rare Raft, Pinewood - (Davih - 1s) #13: 54QL - Rare Raft, Cedarwood - (Davih - 1s) Bid by numbers preferably, going to try to keep bids up to date. Starting Bid: 1s Increments: 50c Buyout: 4s No reserve, 1h sniper
  4. Make the raft usable and act like a boat. the easiest to build, before the small boat easy to make but slower than a small boat I'll try to figure out how to change the the models/item properties but if anyone knows how to make changes, this is a idea in-game raft gif ->
  5. I would like to buy a rare raft I am on Xanadu near Summerholt
  6. With crates and rafts both being used now we need a way to hold our rafts/crates then they are not in use. I am not sure what but it would be nice to have something at the dock that would hold empty rafts or crates that way you can pick and choose what you want to use for your boat. I know we can not have anything in them they would only go in if they were empty...etc I know you can just get a second boat but it would be nice to get something besides that to hold 100 rafts/ crates maybe even a box or something that can be loaded on a boat hauler..idk
  7. I want to sell 100 rafts in ql 81+, if offer for these nearly immortal rafts will be decent. Amuse me with your coins and whole pack will be yours soon. Pickup on SW indy (Kinoss bay) or can be delivered to Indy, Deli, Exo, Cele, if your offer will be fine. I know, rafts are already bit obsolete, but they are still usefull for transport/storage tools, crop and others ...
  8. Located near crystal canal, Bearhsark Bay. 5s
  9. I often do cleanup rounds but some kinds of mobs cannot be placed in the rafts and need to be in the inventory. I am not sure how this works but I think it is the hardened and perhaps some other kind. It does not make sense that you could place a troll body into a raft but not a cavebug or cat body. They also all weigh the same, so should have the same volume? Is it possible to change this so all mob bodies can be loaded into the rafts? Thanks.
  10. Can be mailed. Looking for a decent price. Leave offer here, pm or pm ingame Lithi
  11. Located in Exodus at Vicus Arboria just west of Esert. Must pick up. Can deliver for a price depending on distance. Currently in stock, won't make more. 7s - 100 finished rafts 7s - 100 unfinished rafts with 1 piece left (will supply the materials) 5s - 50 unfinished support beams with 1 piece left (will supply the materials) PM me ingame or forum.
  12. It would be nice when it will be possible to put any animal on raft and drag it behind a boat. It should slow speed of sailing but now will be possible to transport deer or unicorn anywhere!
  13. Supreme Unfinished small Raft Finish with log of your choice, will mail, buyer pays shipping, or pick up on east side of Exodus. Smelly Island. Starting bed 3s Min. increment: 50c Reserve Hidden No buyout 1 hour sniper protection
  14. Want to sell 10 small rafts at coords x37 y26, not far from TDM. Price 10c per one. Pick up only.
  15. Anyone interested? How much can I get for it? All ~44 QL. Pickup in Celebration near TD.
  16. Auction for a rare cedarwood small raft 54 QL. Pickup in north east Exodus or free delivery if the winning bid is at least 3s. Starting bid: 1s Bid increment: 50c Sniper Protection: 1 hour No buyout No reserve Auction Length: 2 days Happy bidding!
  17. I have ready 15 (unfinished -1 large nail, included) rafts and will be making more. They should all become cedarwood when completed. Pickup only. Price 10c each. Pickup point: CelebL AR 35, oreimo/arnshire, a mere ten minutes' walk north of TD.
  18. They are located on the northern coast of Independence near Fort Buda (50x, 7y - Corbita-65ql-5s - sold A ship with square sails steered by two side rudders connected to each other. It is locked with a lock of okay quality. It has a benevolent aura. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 65.30315, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Flegmar, has been etched in the stern. Cog-65ql-10s - sold A sturdy one-masted merchant ship with a flat bottom. It is locked with a lock of below average quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 65.57516, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Flegmar, has been etched in the stern. Knarr-66ql-17s - sold It has a clinker-built hull assembled with iron rivets and one mast with a square yard sail. At insufficient wind it is rown with oars. The side rudder is on the starboard side. It is locked with a lock of poor quality. It is made from cedarwood. It could be improved with a log. Ql: 66.24207, Dam: 0.0. It is moored here. The name of the owner, Flegmar, has been etched in the stern. The prices are open for negotiation. If you are interested you can leave a message here in the thread or PM me on the forums or ingame (Flegmar).
  19. Selling a Corbita for 8s with some goodies. It's next to finished, so you get to choose what type of wood it should be made out of, for aesthetic purposes mostly, I guess. It'll be QL50+ and contain some free goodies. * 10 rafts to increase storage quantity. * Four fine fishing rods QL59+ to put your crew to work! * A mooring anchor to hold it in place. * A boat lock to secure your ship and its cargo. * A high quality small barrel for your freshwater needs. * A pottery bowl of meals to keep you and your crew fed for a little while. If you need a special deal (more rafts e.g.) don't hesitate to ask