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Found 3 results

  1. Oak Hill Ranch will be hosting a Rodeo for a week long event! November 14 through November 20 Located at N17 - only 3 minutes by cart from Harmony Bay You cant come too late to join in the festivities. Traditionally Rodeos are week long events meant to test the Speed, Skill, and Dexterity of both man and beast. We are attempting to offer just that same type of mix of events over the course of a week for all players who can join us to have fun with. Welcome to Oak Hill - East View from the Scenic Tower Picture of the Arena from a God's prespective - Courtesy of Demona Map of Events - Hope it helps! (Please note some buildings and pens have been added since the original map was created) Oak Hill Book Nook - Please be sure to sign the Guest Register! Join us for a week of events sure to please. All premier events will occur ever two hours during the day so all who come may participate at their leisure. Arena for Premier Events including "Grandstand" with 90 available seats. Premier Events Prizes for Premier Events will be as follows: 5 Silver will be awarded to the top winner of the daily event - 1 Silver will be awarded to top winner for each scheduled run at 10AM/12PM/2PM/4PM/6PM (All times are EST) More prizes for second and third place may be announced later, but we have many events and scheduled runs so this may be difficult. (Premier Events will held on a 2 hour schedule from 10AM EST until 6PM EST - all competitors present at the top of the hour on 10-12-2-4-6 will run the current event scheduled at that time - anyone not present will have an opportunity again at the next opening) Day 1 (11/14)- Barrel Racing As pictured above the barrel race will be run in a traditional cloverleaf pattern, enter and swing around barrel #1(right), move to and around barrel #2 (left) and then finally around barrel #3 (far back center), then race as quickly as possible to the start line (entrance to the arena). There are range poles located on the side of the barrel where the circle around it is to be entered into. Due to the limited turning radius of the horses on wurm, however you can make the turn will be accepted, but the turn must be completed. This is a race of dexterity of the rider and the horse, so your skill in turning plays a large role. Practicing in advance on your chosen mount as well as at the chosen weight (armored or not) is suggested. This is not as easy as it sounds. The arena is located on the North side of the deed, anyone is welcome to come and practice on the arena grounds if they are able and would like to. No games were run and no winners to announce. Day 2 (11/15)- Pole Bending 6 Poles will be set up in a straight line the length of the Arena, competitors will weave between the poles from the entrance to the Arena to the end, and then turn and repeat the process on the return trip. Again turning radius presents the difficulty here, and skill and dexterity of both horse and rider will win the race. Rhianna is announced as the First ever Event Winner in an Oak Hill Rodeo event! Congratulations Rhianna! Day 3(11/16) - Bull riding Various Bulls of differing abilities and ages will be made available by Oak Hill for competitors to use, OR you may bring your own. Race course will be set up before the event begins. Yujene visiting from Cadence takes the day as the first Bull Riding Event Winner! Congratulations Yugene! Day 4(11/17) - Flag Jousting As we all know Harmony is not a PVP server - this presents an issue with actual jousting, as does the actual holding of a flag, so we have modified this event to meet with accepted Wogic. The course will be set up on as close to a long even plane path as we can find on Oak Hill. Competitors will race full tilt to the center where two flags will be set up. Each competitor will grab a flag (blue or green as set by Start Ends) and race to the opposite competitors start point - turn around and race back to center (will be marked as a center zone) and place the flag in the zone (not drop). First to finish the maneuver will win the "joust". Day 5(11/18) - Weaponless Bison Fighting This will be held in the Main Arena with one of Oak Hills own Bison (in the event that the bison is killed during the event another will be brought out). The fight will commence with the competitor going in weaponless and attacking the bison. Two referees will be on hand - one will watch the health of the competitor the other will watch the health of the Bison. When one of them reaches 25% of health the competitor will be told to leave the arena (a gate will be installed for this event to end the fight when the competitor leaves). A First Aid tent will be set up next to the entrance of the arena for the competitor to be immediately healed to a safe level, and the same will be done for the Bison. Once the Bison is at 100% health again, the next competitor may then enter. Time of each battle will be taken and the competitor that lasts the longest before they hit 25% health, will win. Day 6(11/19) - Mounted Racing Race Route for the races on Day 6 and Day 7 are being worked on now - The course will be set up on both 2 lane and 1 lane roads as is permissible by the buildings and land on the deed. The course will be clearly marked by both white flags and green pointer signs and will form a loose 4 leaf clover pattern around the deed. Update - The half hour before each run will be reserved for competitors to make practice runs on the course. There are many turns and hills in this course (think along the lines of a mix between a touring and rally race in cars) The course tours around the deed, but watch for the flags and poiner signs in green so you dont go off course.More information on the course will be added soon. (Each scheduled Mounted Race will consist of 2 heats - First heat will be Untacked, Second Heat will be full Gear - 3 competitors may run at the same time - in the event there are more than three contestants per heat - multiple runs will be run until there are no more competitors in that heat class - during this event only Horses/Donkeys/Mules will be run - if a player would like to run the race but has no mount there will be select mounts available for use for those players courtesy of Oak Hill. Prizes and course to be announced soon.) Day 7(11/20) - Cart and Wagon Racing (final race Mounted alternative mounts!) We are requesting advanced sign ups for the Mounted Alternatives race so we know how many pens to prepare, please leave your advanced sign up in the comments below. Spirit Guards will be Agro disabled for the week A bear is already entered for the Alt race! Sign up now with your mount! Rules for the above events will be announced as we get closer to the Rodeo date Events and activities that will be ongoing throughout the week will include: (Ongoing events will be offered at all times throughout the week for your enjoyment at any time day or night - these are fun only events and offer no awards for placement or competition, but are offered by Oak Hill as a courtesy to attendees of the event. Please feel free to try one or try them all at your liesure and as many times as you like.) Livestock Auction Will be held on the South side of the deed near the OH Horse Sales area. UPDATE: All players attending are welcome to bring animals to sell at the Auction. All animal varieties will be accepted in the Auction ring. Bring your low level animals for auctioning to players without much to give, and/or your higher quality animals for those that would like to get something really good and come ready to pay for it. Bring your farm animals, bring your alt champs if you wish to sell them. Auction is being held in a section of the deed that will not be "local" to Premier Events so bids may be heard "read" in local chat. Seller will accept final bid that comes in when no other bid comes in within the time it takes the seller to reasonably type: "Going Once! (pause), Going Twice! (pause), SOLD!". Pumpkin Chunkin Punkin Chunkin Wurm Style Bring your own catapult with you or use one of ours (three Oak Hill catapults will be available for use) - but either way, lob a pumpkin and see how far it goes! Lots of fun to try. Due to deed perm limitations of non deed members not being capable of using the catapults, this event is being moved to our off deed water area. Pick a Pile This is a fun only event but every pick is a winner - some are better than others. The idea is simple, stand behind the line, and pick a pile number, then you can go open the pile and take the "prize" under the grass pile. The grass pile will be restuffed with a new "prize" for the next player. Have fun and enjoy! Items range from nails to coins to gems - you wont know what you get till you pick! Checkers Tables Waiting for another player! Tables and boards have been set up in the Scenic Tower for use at players leisure Prayer Circles Prayer Circle will be set up in the Monestary Central Chamber drop your priest alts and enjoy the festivities! Oak Hill Fo Monestery Fo Genesis Healing Fo Healers in attendance so far will be Sylrona, Pukaria and Kerym. Cooking Competition Competitors will be given products to work with and cooking tools to use, 5 different varieties of food must be produced (including one simple beverage). Different varieties is not three types of pizza - qualifying dishes will be different dishes only (pizza/sandwich/paella etc). This competition is for fun only, we MAY come up with small incentives to enjoy the game, but this is not promised. Pit yourself against your friends, come up with new dishes, and enjoy! (All food produced will be moved to the Tavern dining hall for all players to enjoy) Vendors currently planning to attend include: (Please let us know if you have any special needs that we can prepare for you) Guest Cottage for vendors Aleck (Adventuring Gear inc: high end compasses) Achillis (Blacksmithing/weaponsmithing/misc. high level goods) Bearclaws (Various goods) Chuckwagon Food Vendor Toxa - Chuckwagon Pizza vendor Bring your animals - Bring your friends and come for a day, an event, or the whole week. But come to have fun! Should you decide to stay for the week we do have Lodging available at our Tavern, (5) beds will be on rent in private rooms, but food will be offered for free at the Tavern. Free beds (6) for those that cannot afford better accomodations will be available at our Communal Boarding house. There will be chests available for stashing gear in at the Boarding House, but they will not be secure so please only use if needed, and name your items if you put them in so you can retrieve them later. Oak Hill Taven Oak Hill Public Boarding House (more information will be added as the event nears) Anyone interested in becoming a vendor (craft or food) for the event either including imp availability or not, please contact me. We will have housing available for vendors during the event as guests of Oak Hill. Vendors will be able to place a merchant either on Merchant Row in front of their Guest Cabins, or at various locations around the ranch. I am also looking for Fo Priests willing to offer services of Gen Healing of animals during the event. We have three Fo stations in our monestary, so we have plenty of room. Any other priests wishing to attend or lead Prayer circles are also welcome to contact me, we will have prayer circle locations set up around the deed for your needs. Contact Lyndee in game, or you can reach me here through comment or message. Oak Hill Ranch More pictures and updates to come weekly check back for more information!
  2. THE FINAL EVENT - the IRON WURMIAN takes place tomorrow (Tuesday 2/7/13) at 22:00 GMT! Here's a countdown (ignore the "auction" bit lol): The prizes for first place will be a 70ql Steel Rare Great Helm, a 90ql Toobelt and 10s in coins! All you have to do is be the first person to get from the Guild of Artificers to a certain end destination, without dying, and you win! Pledged Prizes So far the following prizes have been pledged by players, with more to come! 1x Caravel, 1x Knarr, 1x Sailboat, 2x Rare Frying Pan,1x Rare Practice Doll, 1x 80ql Rare Fishing Rod, 1x 10 Silver Coins, 1x Merchant Contract, 1x 80ql Chain Armour Set, 1x 70ql Leather Armour Set, 1x 60ql Toolbelt, 1x 70ql Blacksmithing Tool Set, 5x 70ql Horseshoe Set, 2x 90ql pickaxe, 2x 90ql Hatchets, 2x 90ql Shovels, 1x Skiller Pickaxe, 1x Skiller Hatchet, 1x 75ql Longbow, 1x 75ql Bow, 1x 75ql Short Bow, 3x Quivers of 75ql War Arrows, 1x 65ql Studded Leather Armour Set, 2x 85ql Iron Shields, 3x 85ql Large Iron Shields, 3x 90ql Rope Tools, 2x 85ql Grooming Brush, 1x 75ql Grooming Brush, 1x 85ql Spindle
  3. This is one I've wondered about for a while. I did some work trying to flesh out the game lore and it was one of those questions I never really answered. So..... Just for the discussion, what does everyone else think they are, and if not human then what?