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Found 7 results

  1. Price check this little collection: Can be imped to 90+ and casted with 70+ FB on all, eventually Quiver can be imped as well
  2. Please update the Wurm wiki on mixed grass To include the following: Grass can be sold to the merchant via the Activate the item, and right-click sell command to earn coins toward your quota. Number of units of mixed grass that fit inside a 6 pottery flask 41 quiver 50 Pottery Jar 50 Fruit press 62 water skin 100 backpack 100 satchel 100 pottery bowl
  3. You Are Bidding On: Lot #1 - Rare Backpack 90QL: Lot #2 - Rare Quiver 90QL: Lot #3 - Rare Waterskin 90QL: (Can be COD to the winner or picked up at Fort Huntsman Docks, West Coast of Release) Starting Bid: All 3s Increments: 50c Buyout: None Snipe Protection: 1 Hour Happy Bidding All!
  4. Hi all, I'm fairly new to Wurm, and wanted to get a high archery skill. I have had conflicting views over the type of bow I should be using. People say I should use long bow so that I do not get aggro'd, then others say I should use short bow as I am flexible to any range and easier to fight after I have been aggro'd. So my first question would be... What is the most beneficial bow type to master, short, normal or long? Secondly, the most obvious storage for arrows when you are hunting would be a quiver... is this necessarily true? How many arrows can be stored inside a quiver and are there better options to hold arrows in? Thanks! Kammerz (>")> <("<)
  5. Quiver should hold more then just 41. It bit nice if i can hold 100 or more.
  6. There is a test going on with adding the backpack and quiver to the quickbar but you can not make suggestions in that thread so made this. I would like to see this also added to the event window at the bottom for those of us that use that instead of the new quickbar. It does not have to have all the visuals just a simple toggle open option from there would be fine. Edit: Well maybe this should have gone in the suggestions sections but i find it silly that you can not make suggestions in that other thread anyway so...move it if you like. I guess if anyone else has any suggestions or opinions that can not be posted in the other thread feel free to add them here. Original test thread..