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Found 2 results

  1. [closed] ALL NON-MAIABLE ITENS ARE FOR PICK UP ONLY, EXO i20(Throat of the world) NOW ALSO SELLING SILVER! 56S AVAIABLE AT the ratio 1S:1E 4x 52QL beehives, 1s each! Buy all and get an empty one for free. Supreme longsword, 25 euro (AUCTION ENDED!, SOLD) Freedom isles wagon 50c, (2x 4 speed horses included)(also there are large crate sinside, 10c per you want to take) spyglass 1s Selling this sword, give me a solid offer ^^ THIS ACCOUNT SELLING/SKILLDUMP 25 copper frenzy! Get as much as you want Rare forge 30QL 5s Leather armour 1s(buyer pays CoD) Plate with aosp 50 in almost all parts 1s(buyer pays CoD)
  2. One thing I've found Wurm completely lacking is any form of exit survey. May help CC know why people are leaving since goodbye threads are simply an opening for all the trolls to run rampant, and feedback beyond the "inner circle" what/whoever that's made up of is should clear some interrogatives up for Rolf. Cheers