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Found 8 results

  1. And again we Will be social on twitch, with me nachtiti aka Andrea on steam version, follow US in our progress in The Village, be social, hang out and chill out a bit. AND THIS Time, we Will try to dig in to The smithing and Cooking stuff.. And maybe som other stuff, see you in there
  2. Ok let's start with the major question: I seem to have lost the thread that talks about the potential update to 1.6 for WU - I wanted to check back but this forum is so freaking confusing it's not even funny - I'd /much/ rather use Steam's if I could get a dev reply there but that only seems to happen when there's specific trouble. Anyway as for my annoying little bugs I have about your forums - this //// is the worst organization since the hiatus of Cicilee. I mean you could not HAVE more sections and less clarity between them if you tried. Also Kinda worried the game (Unlimited atlleast) is dying - but that's largely my nerves from waiting so long for an update about the status of 1.6 Last I heard 1.6 was supposed to be nearing completion, so I figured I'd boot up the game and see what was new - but no news. I was going to check back in on that forum post from earlier only to lose my place in the documentation :/ - You would think something like an Release Notice would be pinned for crying out loud.
  3. Does anyone know what the base carry weight of a horse is before they start to slow down? As they age can they carry more or move faster (Venerable are better fighters so)? If so does anyone know these numbers? Is there a way to find the volume and or volume capacity of a item? Specifically a large crate. I've looked and looked and couldn't find the volume of the large crate. And looking at the wiki I can't seem to find the volume for the large cart anymore. I tried looking at the code files, but it was all mush so I figured it is obfuscated.
  4. So, one issue we are having is the ability to move to a player. I'm positive it is possible but have forgotten how. Any tips on how to Teleport to a player? We are having players and staff (without abilities) make our spawn and am wondering how we can give those speific people Sleep Bonus (and any other item) without being next to them? Are we able to give every player items who are online now a certain item?
  5. Hello there! I was looking for a good MMORPG and I came across this title. It looked really weird and it said that that was a sandbox game that you can build towns and all kinds of structures. I decided to find some more info online but there was nothing specific about the game out there so I came to the source- the forums. I scrolled around a bit and I was baffled "WTF is this game?" everithing is just so weird and alien about it- not the typical WoW clone with a building gimmick that I expected. I just can't comprehend what is going on so I decided to register and ask the community (I read the FAQ and I got nothing). So here are few of my qestions: 1. Is this game still alive? (obviously, but are there enough people playing to make it interesting and fun) 2. Is it and RP (role play) MMORPG? 3. How complicated is the game? Can a complete noob like me get into it easy or I will need months to learn the ropes? 4. Is the community good? By that I mean are there alot of trolls, hackers, cheaters and a-holes in general? 5. Is it a pay to win game? 6. How are new players treated? Will I get bashed by others every 5 minutes for my noobish mistakes? 7. Is the game still supported and is the community growing or dying? I am asking because the most current info I got about the game when I searched in google was from 2012-13 and that made me think that the game is going to "die" pretty soon. Those are my questions for now I'm pretty sure there will be more later. I usually never ask questions about a game, I just join in and see for myself but WURM looks like a game I will not understand on my own and I will leave it in like 2 hours. I just don't want to missout on a cool game just because I didn't get it. Thank you! edit: Something else I never got is this a free to play game? I understood it can be downloaded and played but there is some kind of a subscription or something like that. Is it possible to play for free without limitations?
  6. Despite choosing to "remember" my login, I keep finding myself being logged out the next day I visit the forums for a while now, and I've changed my password twice since the last "zomg it happened again" notice. Have you just decided to silently shorten the expiration date on these cookies, or...? Oddly enough, why only a post on the forums? Why are you not informing all players in any ways possible, to make them aware of the security leak that has apparently been abused at least twice? Official news item, E-mails. Yet, just a post in the GM Hall forum. Some people only knew by word of mouth, which is somewhat inappropriate. E-mails about the opening of Xanadu have certainly been sent out, why not a note that your password might have or seemingly certainly have leaked out? Or at least encrypted (thus decryptable data), or maybe just hashes that can be used in brute forcing or word lists etc.? I had not been giving it this much thought at first, because I was under the impression that the matter was handled appropriately, but I'm not so sure anymore. It's completely understandable to not disclose any details while investigations are still running, but it's closing in on a month now, and nobody talks about it anymore. So.. what's the status on this? What's the conclusion of the investigation?
  7. I know this has been discussed many times before, but I don't think the matter has made it into the official "Suggestions" area. So, here it is: Currently, if you want to advance to the next level on a meditation path you have to answer a special question. As the answers are NOT obvious it is more or less a matter of luck and likelihood whether you are able to find the correct answer - as long as you are not cheating. While I don't have a problem with that mechanism per se (after all, proceeding on a meditation path *is* supposed to be a difficult task), I really don't see why we have to wait a LONG time until we can try again after giving a wrong answer. Currently (after level 6) the time to wait is 24 days, so - with 5 possible answers - the time we'd have to wait to reach the next level would be 3 months in the worst case (if you get 4 answers wrong)! So here is my suggestion: please reduce the time to wait for the next attempt drastically - possibly to a couple of days instead of almost 4 weeks. (I could also imagine a "progressive model", like 2 days after the first failure, 4 days after the second, 1 week after the third and so on.) EDIT (because some of you mentioned this): Of course I know about the answers on the internet. But this is not about "cheating", but it is supposed to be a suggestion in favor of a better game mechanism. Besides that, please try to find the answers for levels > 12 on the internet...
  8. Mornin' all I've been playing the game for about a week now with a few friends and have come up with a list of questions that I can't seem to find on the Wiki, so here you go: Tasting Water? All the water I taste is "Fresh"? I was wondering if my water source could be contaminated? If so how does this happen? Or is this one of those features that has yet to be worked out? Currency: I'm not going to lie, my friends and I are really in the middle of nowhere on our server and we make everything from scratch. As a premium player, I've been awarded 2 silver coins - what can you do with silver coins that you can't do with base materials? Or is it just a way to quickly buy equipment that is high quality and you wouldn't normally be able to craft with current skills? Combat: I haven't died yet, but the first death we experienced was last night and we're literally surrounded by aged trolls most of the time. What's your advice on how high our weapon skills/qualities/fighting should be before feeling able to engage in combat with the local menace? (Also are there any plans to add fighting animations soon?)] Creature: Obviously we mostly have trolls but we've had spiders, rats and hell hounds chase us down to the local guard tower. Is there any pattern to when or what will spawn? Death: is there any way we can minimise the impact? Township: When is it worthwhile establishing a township as obviously there is a RL cost involved? I think that's about it for now. Don't all rush to answer at once