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Found 25 results

  1. Is there a benefit to using bronze Tools / Armour? Or is it simply an aesthetic difference?
  2. So i know the prospecting function tells you what is within a specific amount of squares but what about beyond that? For example i started a mine where my prospect said there was iron nearby. So if i mine beyond what the prospecting function could reach is it possible to find different ores? Or is Iron the only thing i am likely to find there? Also out of curiosity what kind of dangers are involved? I have heard of cave ins and flooding but do i need to worry about breaking into a cave occupied by creatures or anything similar?
  3. Was not sure where to put this but yeah, what does it mean? It does not seem to effect reputation on the forums, like the love heart. So, what does it mean? Meow? How cute? I've wondered about it since I came to the forums... But never asked, just assumed.
  4. Is there a way to temporarily mute the spam in the events channel?
  5. Hello, I used to play Wurm Online a lot in my early teens and have lot's of fond memories playing it. However, I eventually lost interest in playing. Recently, I've decided to return to the game. I tried to launch the game a few months ago and had to uninstall because it kept crashing and would degrade my PC's performance. My PC is quite old and could definitely use an upgrade. Have the minimum recommended specs increased recently or has Wurm just become more unstable? I would also like to know what major changes have been made to the game since my last serious time playing. I think I left either 2015 or 2016. The last thing I remember being added were bridges and some players became demigods or something.
  6. Does any body know a location of a slate vein on Deli
  7. Greetings, I would like to know what the shortest time it has taken anyone to grind from 1-70. The reason I am wondering this is because I am planning on making a guide for hints and tips on making the grind to 70 for the purpose of assisting new players in wurm. And if there is no know shortest time, I would like to know the average time it would take someone to accomplish this.
  8. I've asked around CA Help before and gotten some answers but I can't help to feel I'm either missing something or maybe found a bug so I figured I'd ask here. I've recently came back to the game and found a settlement in the exact same spot I did last year. In both times I played there were a couple of abandoned BSBs in the place that I could never find a way to get rid of. They are locked and therefore cannot be loaded into a cart. I can move them, but I cannot destroy them in anyway, I have 21.99 body strength but I get no action to destroy them with the maul or the carving knife. It also baffles me that these were already here last year, and one of them has 3 damage, although it is possible that someone repaired it meanwhile for some reason. If I understand the wiki and the help I got correctly, since I'm not the owner of the bin, nor the holder of the lock key, there is nothing I can do to get rid of it other than wait for decay and move it around?
  9. I was wondering, is it possible to replace the default horse skins with custom ones like the amazing ones Fizziepop has made? Would this require a mod (eek!) or is it a case of overwriting the default skins with new images, wherever they might be?
  10. Hello everyone. Just wanted to get some feedback, what server should I play on? It's been several years since I've set foot in Wurm servers and as such I'm not up-to-date on the current state of the game and all it's servers. I've read a lot lately that PvP is "dying" or in a weird state right now. Also heard about some gigantic scandal which resulted in the loss of an entire town and a lot of money. I'm not interested in drama so perhaps I'll just stay away from PvP servers. As far as PvE goes are there any faster skill gain servers then just the normal rates? Last I recalled it would take months, or even years to acquire decent skill levels depending on the skill in question. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
  11. Hello! In may devblog DEVs says about Highway system, after added 2 items: Catseye and Waysign => Questions: 1. How to create it without admin? 2. How it works? Wikki empty about this.
  12. I'm teaching a friend of mine the game's very basics and he came up with the following question: Can I make a living out of hunting? Is it worth it? Well, you can get a coin now and then from inspiration rolls and you get a lot of furs and hides so I guess you can also do some leatherworking, cooking...? Being a hunter also demands having a set of armour and being able to repair I guess hunters would also need to be platesmith and miner...? He could also tame stuff, maybe...? Anyway, I wish I knew the answer so please leave your thoughts.
  13. Bridge Query

    I am trying to avoid 80 ramps for my bridges, due to lack of space and eye appeal. Please can someone tell me the max length of a flat stone bridge not requiring supports? Also how high it needs to be above water for ships to pass under it? Thanks, in hope...
  14. Hi, So I paided for Wurm Online priemium and then switched to Wurm Unlimited and I was wondering if I need to cancel anything on my Wurm Online account so I won't get charged again, and if so how would I do that? Thanks.
  15. The question mark bag is a beloved model that is slowly vanishing from Wurm... Save the Question Mark bag! Beat up a gfx team member! Kidding aside, this would make a great hat, hota statue, or whatever.
  16. Hi, I was just wondering what the best storage unit is for gems and for yoyo's?
  17. (not sure if to drop this post in ca section so i put this thread in woodscraps) I have been wanting to start recording some PvP in wurm for a while now, but i am not sure which programs to use.. I hear Fraps is the main one but i am not sure if that is the best one. If you could recommend some below that don't have massive tax on cpu/gpu, but still comes out high qualityl, it would be really helpful as i would love to get some recordings done Thanks in advance, Firecat. (If you need any system specs im using windows 7 64bit, an Amd FX-6100 3.2Ghz CPU, 4GB ram and an NVIDIA GTX550Ti GPU.)
  18. I would play this game but what age rating is it? Does it have any rude scenes or anything like naked people if there is then im not going to play this. Please answer asap
  19. I have been using 5.1 speakers then recently switched to 2.0 stereo monitors, however when i put in my Sennheiser 201's the headphones do not pick up any sounds to do with the game -- I try restarting with them in and they work perfectly fine with many other games? So is this a problem or is there not compatibility? thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, After i was 5 min ingame my connection got lost, no connection error at my home, because on youtube I can see videos with no problem and connecting to the wurm forum is not a problem either, otherwise I couldnt post this. So maybe the Pristine server is frozen? Hope you can give a answer on this. Wind kind regards, Killerterreur
  21. Hi all Wurmians, special hail to Deliverance setlters, I returned after 2 years to Wurm and had to move on, as my old living is in ruins, plagued with wildlife and I would not be able to survive for long there. I met two great and helpful wurmians on my journey to retrieve my stuff (as I died a minute after 1st log in). They helped me a lot, what proved what I always loved 'bout Wurm - the great and helpful community. Anyway I started to move on, not sure yet if I stay on Deli or move to Celeb, as there is one of my old friends. On my way I had to stop for re-arming myself (armor, weapon, some tools, meals and such) to start searching for a final place for me. When night (in RL) started to turn to morning I realized, there is a job waiting in the dull outer real world for me, so I had to stop and make some "parking" preparations, so my 2 horses won't run away and such. Getting to the point (yeah I am a wall-of-text-loving-nerd) - I made a temporary fence and lock on one chest right at the northern mouth of the red tunnel (28x22y). I like (and need) the guard tower protection. The place was deteriorated (stone low walls having dmg 90+) so I repaired a bit, filled the holes with crude wooden fence and started to work on my equipment. If anyone planned something on that place, or if anyone is currently living there (and was not just reparing the fences ) let me know and accept my appologizes. I will take away the locks and will move on if the place is belonging to someone. Send me a PM or answer this thread if I stepped into your plans. Anyway I will move on from that point in some 2 weeks (RL) as I play only evenings and I pass weekends. And at last ... I am glad I am back --- erozaxx ---
  22. This is one I've wondered about for a while. I did some work trying to flesh out the game lore and it was one of those questions I never really answered. So..... Just for the discussion, what does everyone else think they are, and if not human then what?
  23. Well, technically this may not really be a bug, but I suspect something is missing. I finally reached 80 meditation skill on the path of love and totally fail to get the question for level 12. Having gone through this procedure 11 times before I am well aware that I have to try several times on a special love tile - and that's what I have been doing for the last couple of hours. I'm using a 62ql exquisite meditation rug and meditated more than 40 times already without ever getting the question. This is strange. Doing this at 50, 60, 70 meditation I never needed more than 10 attempts, so something might be wrong here. Is it possible that the 12th question for the PoL is not present in the game yet? (I know that nobody reached that level before, so I am a bit suspicious...) Could someone from the dev team please check this?
  24. So, A while ago I converted to try out HOTS. I decided I didn't like it for obvious and personal reasons. I want to convert back to Jenn-Kellon. It says under /converts I have to wait 13 more days. So, is it possible for me to convert another way?