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Found 23 results

  1. I'm making a guard tower and the QL of the tower isn't reflected properly in the crafting window, as shown in the screen shot below.
  2. A simple quality of life change for all those dwarfs like me that love our mines. Add tile Border to mine floor tiles. With the new underground housing and all this would be a great change. Make life more simply for all those cave dwellers who like to make fancy mines and such. Help me out here @Nadroj make it possible @ausimus@KeenanI believe in you guys.
  3. Not enough bids. Reserve not met. Auction closed. Selling via Trade chat.
  4. Looking for 300+ lumps of 85+ ql steel. PM me what you got! I dont know the going price? 1s per 100?
  5. I am running a dedicated server and using the custom map Riverlands, a 2096x2096 map made by Miretta. I am mining rock quality way above my mining skill using an 8ql pickaxe. I also noticed that my tree logs were a higher quality than my woodcutting skill using a 30ql hatchet. Of course I am still learning a lot of the ins and outs of a dedicated server and the settings but not sure what would cause this. My server is only using serverpacks mod. My client is only using connectionfix, custommap, livemap, and serverpacks mods. Thanks for any help!
  6. I want to start off by saying that I'm brand new to the game, as I started playing only by a week. Keeping that in mind, I am not 100% sure if the testing I did is completely accurate. Anyway, according to the wiki the Horseshoes ( do not increase the moving speed until the QL of every individual horseshoe is 50 or above, or until the summed QL of the wore horseshoes reaches 70. Total Shoe Quality Speed of the Horse Unshod 13.69 kph 1 - 60 QL 13.69 kph 70 - 130 QL 14.40 kph I did some short tests and I noticed that my moving speed while commanding a cart with hitched horses changed whenever I removed or put horseshoes from my horses. As you can see in the top left corner my speed is between 12,99 and 13,00 km/h when both my horses are wearing horseshoes. It drops significantly to 12,23 km/h when removing the 46 QL horseshoes from one of my horses. It remains at 12,23 km/h even when decreasing the summed up quality of the remaining horseshoes below 70 by removing one of the horseshoes. With no horseshoes on at all, my speed decreases to 11,48 km/h. Sorry in advance if this topic has already been brought up by somebody else or if my testing was not made correctly.
  7. I’m still new to the game so perhaps some of the mechanic is already implemented. I’ve decided to try and take up Masonry, which is a fun skill for me to work on. I realize that certain types of devices like forges work better with high quality. What if that idea was extended to other types of items created and placed inside someone’s deed or a village? Perhaps offer a percent off of deed maintenance costs depending on the average quality of all items in the village, anything that can be improved could count as part of the total average. Just a thought to make a 90ql statue count for more than a 10ql statue. I’d think there might be other things to work out. Perhaps the tiered percent off grid, which is based on average quality, also has a minimum number of items that need to be included? Something to stop folks from just having one really nice item pulling the village along to that higher tier. What other ways could drive people to desire high quality items placed in their villages – preferably made by masons
  8. I have lots of casted items to sell, many of which have rather nice casts ranging from 90+ to 60+, with the odd 50+. There's a huge range of tools, some horse gear and a few weapons & nolo rings. Items with exclusively CoC casts have been left as low-quality as possible, while WoA casted items have been imped up. Everything is COD from Chaos or can be collected from north Indy. I'll guarantee to have it in the mail within 24 hours of your reply below or PM Tools Pickaxes x29 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 70.50 90 1.66s 70.41 85 1.13s 70.43 75 72c 70.35 73 71c 70.40 72 70c 70.51 71 69c 70.47 69 76 95c 70.38 68 54c 70.64 65 52c 71.22 64 52c 70.48 64 52c 70.31 64 56 65c 70.41 62 49c 50.32 96 2.52s 49.32 95 2.41s 47.96 91 1.95s 48.53 88 1.73s 44.45 87 1.70s 50.28 87 1.70s 49.96 81 1.20s 49.92 78 90c 32.82 78 90c 21.82 75 80c 11.10 69 54c 50.02 69 54c 50.35 65 52c 50.12 64 52c 49.14 62 51c Shovels x5 QL WoA Coc Price 70.38 66 53c 70.36 64 52c 70.32 61 50c 02.49 82 90c 04.44 73 70c Sickles x3 QL WoA Coc Price 39.95 89 1.25s 38.99 86 1.15s 48.78 81 95c Grooming Brush x3 QL WoA Coc Price 25.05 66 53c 48.63 64 52c 48.06 61 50c Rope Tools x4 [1 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 39.89 71 70c 38.92 69 65c 40.18 67 61c Fine Fishing Rods x6 (all made from willow) [2 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 50.22 82 95c 50.02 67 61c 50.07 66 60c 49.41 60 55c Hatchet x6 QL WoA Coc Price 72.44 75 67c 70.72 73 66c 70.56 73 69 95c 78.18 70 65c 79.12 64 52c 11.88 62 31c Cloth Tailoring Type QL WoA Coc Price Spindle 23.20 88 1.28s Scissors 58.49 68 54c Needle 70.52 82 95c Others Type QL WoA Coc Price Trowel 70.48 85 95c Rake 15.83 71 70c Rake 60.16 63 55c Mallet 50.46 88 1.10s File 64.21 72 70c Leather Knife 59.39 68 54c Leather Knife 67.01 61 50c Hammer 43.19 85 95c Hammer 51.00 58 35c Butchering Knife 28.03 65 52c Horse Gear Shoes x12 QL WoA Coc Price 77.24 76 78c 75.39 76 78c 72.46 76 78c 70.44 73 71c 70.61 71 70c 82.54 71 70c 88.32 68 54c 80.48 66 53c 86.91 64 52c 70.63 64 52c 70.46 64 52c 70.42 62 51c Saddles x4 [3 Sold!] QL WoA Coc Price 41.74 67 53c Weapons & NOLO Rings [3 Sold!] Type QL Casts Price Maul 75.33 n85 f73 c84 1.90s Longsword 79.92 n84 f78 c67 1.80s Longsword 77.86 n77 f64 c72 1.60s Thanks for looking! PM me if you have any questions. Screenshots of items in-game are available if you desire them. Also, as a side-note if you don't know me, I've played Wurm since October 2011 with over 150 days in-game and spent a combined total of over 2 years on the staff team. Unfortunately my account got accidentally deleted, so my new forum account makes me look much noobier than I should
  9. The "math" ... and I use the term VERY loosely here, was posted a few months back about how bulk QL is averaged. Long story short: I stashed 7 logs between QL 92.08 and 92.14, ended up with 89.95. " if it's an increase in QL then it's instead reduced by 10%. " According to Wossoo. Now as you can see by some replies below, it doesn't matter to noobs (not you Osten, you also noticed it) who spend more time trolling forums than honing their skills and thus don't notice, but to folks with heavy crafting it gets nasty (if it hurts on WU, I can imagine how bad it can get on WO) Pointless, and really messed up at higher levels imho. "RNG to determine what RNG will calculate the RNG for the RNG to the RNG of the RNG's random RNG values". Skillgains, QL, success rates.... way too much RNG.... still wondering how the hell one fails to dip a piece of hot metal in water eh. <-- comment sticks for a lot of other stuff, just not this thread. Dug up the averaging math. Forced 10% reduction.
  10. Hello! I've been looking around trying to figure out if you can limit the ql of world resources, such as ores, rocks and wood/trees. What I'm envisioning is making a server a lot like Epic and making the home islands have resources with a limited quality level to encourage people to go the center island or at least trade with those who do. If the ability to limit resource quality on a server does not currently exist, I would love for someone to mod it in somehow. Thanks! Llurendt
  11. Hello! I'm looking at map and server creation and I'm wondering if there is any way to set a cap on the natural resource quality for a specific server/world. What I'm looking to do is sort of use Epic as a framework and have each faction have a home island/server with a bigger and more diverse mainland. I would like the home islands to have a maximum resource ql (wood, iron, anything you would gather/collect) to encourage having bases on the mainland, but still allow a sort of safety net on the home islands. Does anyone know if it is possible to achieve this with the current tool set? Thanks! Llurendt
  12. PRICE REDUCTION EFFECTIVE: 2015-10-12 PM me in-game FIRST (Neville or Nacholibre) and if I'm not online then PM me on the forum SECOND: 94.93QL whetstone (WoA67) 95c 93.65QL whetstone (WoA38) 71c 92.11QL whetstone (WoA46) 65c 89.62QL whetstone (WoA44) 39c 89.21QL whetstone (WoA39) 36c 83.17QL whetstone (WoA42) 31c I will CoD to you right away. Thanks!
  13. Heylo.. high enough quality to auction.. here it is. A small flask containing a grey oily substance that glows in the dark. Starting bid: 3s Minimum increment: 50c Buyout: Offer A free q79 Salve of Frost goes to the winner.
  14. After a discussion with a fellow Wurmian in which we were talking about equipment, I thought about a new feature (which many of you won't like, I'm more than sure, but what the hell) called "durability". What's that about? Here it goes: The current situation is "Once you've got a tool, you'll keep forever" (unless you die and lose it) and it's because you can keep going repair > improve forever and ever and ever. "It's good!" you'll say, "Taking care of your items rewards you!" you'll say... and I agree. To a certain degree. While it's good to being able to ensure that your tools or arms will serve you well for long time, it's rather bad if that "long time" becomes "forever", because there's not much of rotation of equipment. Durability system should put more life into crafting tools/arms for trade. The system itself would introduce a new parameter (called "durability", obviously) to all the repairable items, save for buildings. Durability would be a total "hp" of the item, reduced at 1:1 ratio* for the damage repaired. When the durability reaches 0, the item can't be repaired anymore. The message given could be: "The <item> is too worn out to be repaired.". * Ratio could be reduced by repairing skill. For example at 100 (or close) repairing each 1 damage repaired would drain 0.75 of durability, instead of full 1. The Durability points would be based on item quality, item material and item rarity. Note that the numbers stated below serve as refrence only and not the actual numbers that should be in game. - Iron: 2*ql = max durability. - Steel: 3*ql = max durability (note that steel damages less as well, so the effective lifespan would be even longer). - Rare/Supreme/Fantastic: +50%/+100%/+200% max durability. (If it ever gets live, a spreadsheet for all the metals and wood should be made). There is, of course, a difference between max durability and effective durability. Max durability can be gained throught improving, even if the item was previously damaged and repaired, but gaining more max durability doesn't restore the durability lost due to repairing. For a simple example: - An iron longsword of ql 50 and no rarity would have 100 max durability. Write it down as 100/100. - The weapon gets damaged for 25 damage and its repaired by an unskilled craftsman. - As a result of the above, the sword has now 40ql, 0 damage and 75/100 durability. - More skilled craftsman takes care of the sword and improves it to 80ql. - The weapon now has 135/160 durability. (Yes, I skipped the damage gained through imping fails. Let's say it'd have more like <130 effective durability, depending on how skilled the crafter was). Two things can be seen above: - Going below the max ql the item ever achieved doesn't lower its durability. If it ever had 200 max durability, it will keep it even if it goes to 1 ql. - Improving an item that has its durability partially drained, wouldn't restore the durability. It will only increase its total amount. If it had 50/100 durability, gaining 100 max durability via improving will result in 150/200 durability. This system would introduce more dynamic to crafting and trade, especially in arms department and would give medium-skilled craftsmen more sources of income when people would prefer to use a mediocre weapon/tool to save their top-tier one to serve a better purpose. IMPORTANT NOTES: - Neither "Mend" nor "Sunder" spells would affect durability. Durability is meant to be HARD item lifespan cap without the room for workaround. - Good practice for (metal) items that had lost their durability and are close to 100 damage would be smelting them, just to get some materials back for a new tool. And once again, just to be sure: Numbers above ARE NOT "THE" NUMBERS. If it seems like tools would be gone too quickly, don't downvote. The numbers would most likely be higher if it gets ingame. Sidenote: This system would neatly come along with:
  15. Up For auction 94.38 QL Star Diamond Starting Bid: 6 s Minimum Increments: 1 s Reserve: None Buyout: Open to offers. Located on Celebration. Can pick up at The Misfit market or COD to buyer. Message Teedis in game for more information.
  16. 33,38 QL Rare small metal shield Starting bid 1s Min. increment 20c Buyout 4s Sold~
  17. WEAPONS OF LIFE Lifetransfer is a FO preist spell that allows life to be transfered from a creature to you unpon successfully hitting. A % of the damage you do will go into your health. The larger your hit the more health you get! Along with cast power. Stocks are as seen. since mailing is alittle fickled, pick up may be required. Celebrating 90 Channeling: All New: Straight price 70P,4s, 80P, 5s, 90P, 6s Custom casts are available and are 1s more to the casting price since it's at your conveinence. Vyn chants are available at 70P. Forum PM me for more info. All goods can be found also at Puzzle Plaza Deliverence serverhttp://forum.wurmonl...ket-event-deed/ Click to zoom
  18. Welcome to Tomorrowland! We're a small village on the south coast of Chaos We have a mailbox with 98courier(3min delivery) I don't do deliveries unless it's a big order 50ql chain armour: 1silver 70ql chain armour: 2silver 80ql chain armour: 3silver 90ql chain armour: 5silver+90ql iron must be provided Every order comes with 1 free 50QL large metal shield. If you want a order delivered it has to be greater than 1set of armor, can discuss delivery in PM. You can find me ingame by PMing Norad or Snug. Yesterday is History, Today is a Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery!
  19. The new feature to show damage on walls and fences is great and has highlighted 2 fences that needed repairing on my deed that I hadn't realised had so much damage on them! I then went around my deed checking all my walls and fences and repairing when needed. It was a lengthy process and I couldn't help wishing that when I have my Stone chisel activated, or a rock shard maybe, It would give me a tooltip showing what each wall, fence or gate's quality and damage were. So I would love it if a tooltip was introduced like this when a certain amount of masonry skill is gained. I think it would have to be when a specific tool was equipped though otherwise it would spam the screen.
  20. Northern Auction and Trade. Selling good animals at good prices. Currently in stock: Horses. Under breeding:Hellhorses, Deer and Cattle.;rm=full#gid=0 Location: Illiad Ridge(BI.32 Darkmalice map) Contacts: Nefilim or Thunderthor.
  21. I was wondering, after recently using a particularly bad quality batch of strings, does the string QL affect the end product (yoyo) at all or does it only affect the creation chance?