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Found 2 results

  1. Hi Everyone! It's the Easter long weekend here, and I hope everyone is having a good time! We've got a lot in this weeks news, and I'm sure you're all itching to hear about it, from the PvP changes to cave dwellings, so let's get stuck in! But first... JAVA SECURITY WARNING This week it was announced that there was a security issue in the current version of java, we highly recommend you update as soon as you can, for more info, check here: Patch Notes: Wurm Online Wurm Unlimited PvP changes After a week of discussion with the dev team, we have compiled a list of changes that we feel help improve the current mechanics on PvP servers, as well as paving the way for a larger update later on in the year. These changes are now open for discussion and feedback, and we will work with you over the following week to ensure that they are positive changes! The full list of proposed changes can be found in our feature feedback thread here: Easter! Easter is upon us, and that means several things, namely, the Easter bunny! The bunny will now spawn automatically on easter, rather than requiring being summoned. They will spawn around the starter deed, so keep your eyes peeled! Easter Impalong. There's an impalong at the amazing Hill of Swedes deed on Deliverance this weekend, with Daash and co. putting on a tremendous setup, one of my favourite impalong locations so far (Okay, I'll admit, they've all been my favourite). Already some strange mobs have been sighted, as well as the sound of GM's chuckling as they assault the poor Wurmians. I'll be popping in from time to time over the weekend and hope to see you all there! Cave dwellings public testing! This weekend is the launch of our public testing for cave dwellings! I've been working hard this week on setting up a huge cavern for you all to jump in and build your very own home underground, but thats not all... We'll be hosting a special giveaway for those who have jumped on and tested it out, upon testing, you'll be able to fill in a quick survey about your experience and ensuring that it all went smoothly. Five lucky testers will be selected to win a prize of five sleep powders, with 1 winner receiving a grand prize of a beautiful rare 90quality silver pickaxe, with a cast of 100 Blessings of the Dark! Perfect for getting your cave ready for the mansion you'll be building! The thread with all the info will go live early tomorrow in the public testing board, so make sure you check it out! I spy with my little eye, something beginning with T, it's a treasure hunt! Enki has put together a wonderfully fun hunt for next weekend on Pristine, I tested it myself and it proved to be quite entertaining. If you're a professional Treasure hunter, or a master at I spy, or just awesome at jigsaw puzzles, this hunt is bound to be your kind of thing! The hunt starts on March 33... You'll have to ask Enki about that one. Weekly question Weekly user content This week we look at the first of a long range of tutorial videos made by Moot Red, a streamer who has spent his time teaching new players to both Wurm Unlimited and Wurm Online how to survive in the complicated in-depth world that is Wurm. I thoroughly advise checking out his entire series! That's it from me for this week, I'll be around on the forums and at the impalong, as well as spending Easter with family, I hope you all have an awesome Easter weekend, and may you spend your days grinding in the sweet spot! Retrograde & the Wurm team.
  2. Over the past two months I've sat down and talked with various kingdoms and factions in PvP, both on Epic and Chaos. Over the course of that time I have collected large amounts of feedback regarding issues within PvP and Wurm, and condensed that feedback for discussion with the development team. It's clear that Epic and Chaos, while both PvP servers face different challenges, what benefits one server may have little to no effect on another, so there's always the effort to ensure that balance is achieved across both clusters. The following is a list of changes planned for the short term, with a longer term overhaul of combat, meditation and priests being planned for later in the year. This list is by no means complete, and the aim of this thread is for open discussion on the upcoming changes. As always, please keep it civil, regardless of what kingdom you are from, we all seek to make PvP more enjoyable in Wurm, so avoid bashing other players or kingdoms. This is a Feature feedback thread, that means please provide actual feedback, negative comments or comments with zero input will be removed. Changes Remove expanded Information minister functions "x enters your territory" Remove all teleportation forms on PvP servers (including home servers). Remove archery penalties or scale according to individual armour pieces. Disable embarking on vehicles or mounts while in combat with an enemy players. Addition of Archery keybinds. Remove stun/throw from valrei mobs. Make nolocate on bodies work similar to jewellery with power determining % blocked. Cooldowns on searching for same person. Creation of a “verbose” combat tab option, including extra information such as Area of Effect spells, Direct target spells, karma and meditation buffs, etc Scale scenario point rewards according to mission type (sacrifice, drain, traitor, tree) then modified by whether server is friendly, enemy, or elevation Make uniques focus points of missions, or giving kingdom based rewards for slaying Change battle rank to only be given through kills, not through missions or capping towers/camps Make chaos and possibly home server merchants tauntable Remove speed bonus from logged off alts on boats on PvP servers Have tower guards target whoever is trying to capture the tower. Require killing of guards before tower is captured. Removal of action timer and requiring a certain amount of guards killed within a ten minute timeframe Shield of the Gone SotG has been a long term issue with PvPers, and it is quite clear that it is too powerful in its current state.We currently have two proposed changes, which are listed below: Reworking SotG to only work with Cloth or Leather armour, moving a SotG character to being lighter without sacrificing protection (being slightly more than steel plate, but lower than scale/moon plate) yet not be the current tank that it is. Alternatively, remove the ability to heal from Life Transfer and all healing spells. This moves the SotG character into a strong fighter in a short melee, but in drawn out conflicts becomes very fragile. Feel free to provide feedback on which scenario you'd prefer to see, either of these changes will also come with the ability to swap from Path of Insanity to another path with no cooldown. Other changes that have not yet been discussed include Removal of oakshell from mounts (player targets only). Resistance to healing spells/cooldown. HotA changes. Many many more, feel free to ask about them! When providing feedback, for the sake of clarity and easier cataloging, please provide which server you play on, if you play on both feel free to say so, but also indicate your main server. A lot of mechanics may be delayed until we have a longer time frame to address balancing across a whole range of issues, such as priests, all meditation paths, weapons, armour, stats and combat in general. The initial aim is to improve PvP in the short term, and then address more balancing issues with a way of testing them out thoroughly, challenge round 3 is quite possible.... Update The old saying is no plan survives contact with the enemy, and it's much the same in Wurm. Some of these changes we will need to pull back to the drawing board, but I'm thrilled with the amount that have widespread support Of the changes that have mostly negative feedback, we'll pull those from the list along with a further explanation of what the aim is to achieve with them. This doesn't mean they are gone, but we will be looking at addressing the concerns mentioned. The way current deed mechanics work is something we plan on addressing, though this may need to come with a later update again, this needs to be part of a total raiding and combat overhaul, it's added here to gauge feedback early on, as well to get players thinking about how it could change. Nothing in PvP should be safe, safemines and other defences aimed at wasting time vs active defending need to be reworked, raiding windows is something that has been suggested as well, though again, all a little down the track Other issues such as cooldowns on locate casts are aimed at avoiding locating being a simple matter of spamming, it defeats the purpose of the no locate ability. Capturing towers could be more than just an action timer, requiring killing x amount of guards within a timeframe, requiring staying within x distance of the tower while doing so. Vs the current someone caps the tower while others have the guards chase them for ten minutes Embarking on vehicles is to stop the easy vehicle hopping raised by many players, perhaps a short timer or something allowing players to stop it, the disabling would only be during melee combat with an enemy player, not a mob or enemy kingdom npc.