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Found 16 results

  1. When you own a deed and someone else finishes a colossus on it, or purchase a deed with a colossus created by someone else, the mayor does not have move (push, pull, turn) rights nor do they have destroy option. Please allow these for the mayor of the deed the colossus is on, similar to guard towers. Thanks.
  2. No one knows. I need to know if a Pylon can be pushed or at least, rotated after it's been built.. like the obelisk. thank you for replying
  3. [14:16:15] You may not move that item right now. This is on deed with full permissions. Regardless of permissions, only the person who planted a lamp can push, pull, or turn it, including the mayor.
  4. I know a lot of people is ok with the current push/pull/rotate, but for me its just a nightmare. We really need a new way to fine position planted stuff like lamps, furniture, etc. It doesn´t need to work in a huge radius, same as current move commands its ok, but maybe a free drag/rotate activated with a bindable set of keys, or maybe a single command that binds the object/item to the cursor, so while you are in this mode You can´t walk, and you use the scroll well in the mouse (or same keys used to glance left/right) to rotate the object, if you right click the object is planted in the cursor position, if you left click the action is canceled and the item/object reverts to the original position. Lets discuss it.
  5. Tried to put animal in a 1x1 pen, it doesn't work. If I could atleast pull this rope or push her inside both of us would be much more happy.
  6. PLEASE let us push and pull our boats with passengers on board? This would save so much time, for running aground, stuck in caves, etc. Mooring anchor should be the deciding factor in push pull, not a passenger. I can have a full knarr of rocks, push/pull all I want, but one skinny 8 year old cabin boy is enough to stop me. I'm not "now" waiting for a GM to come pull me out of a cave entrance, because the cabin boy is stuck in a cave wall, with no way to disembark. Even logged out, the memory of his former existence is enough to stop me.
  7. I get so frustrated when I have to unload 20k lumps from one BSB, just so I can move it to the next tile, because there is already a BSB on that tile. I mean, what is the point? I can plant 50 BSBs on one tile, so why can't I just push 2 of them together onto a single tile? Was there some game breaker that made this restriction get put in the game? If you won't give in on this point, then PLEASE let us drag entire BSB/FSB contents from one to the other and not just the amount we can hold in inventory, or is that in place because of some game breaker? If we can't do these things because of PvP, then by the gods, split the code!! (please)
  8. Members of alliance are unable to rotate Food and Bulk Storage Bins on an allied deed. They are able to push and pull them, and are able to turn other objects (forges, crates, beds, etc) without issue. Village members can turn BSBs and FSBs, it is only alliance members who cannot
  9. Linking the distance and speed one can push and pull to one's body stats. Initially one starts out pushing or pulling at the current rate. As one progresses every five or ten body strength, they get a little bonus to the distance pulled. Combination of Body stamina and control could provide a slight decrease to the timer.
  10. Is there a reason why we are unable to adjust ground placement of flags with the push feature? Would be great to be able to make this adjustment, same as we are able to push banners or other items into the spots we want -- rather than planting or dropping and picking up a million times hoping they will land in close enough to the spot we wish.
  11. Setting up a house can be painful if you like everything to be lined up just right. Initially, all I ask for is a half-push and a quarter-push that moves the object half the normal push and a quarter the normal push respectively. But... if you wanted to be SUPER AWESOME! You could always implement an "exact push" which generates an item (purely clientside) that acts as a preview ghost that you move around before issuing your push, and it pushs to that exact position.
  12. It would be nice if you can push/pull a moored boat so you can get it in that right spot for storage so it is visually appealing. Now this would only be allowed for the owner of course.
  13. It would be *incredibly* nice to be able to adjust the placement of these decorative items with push/pull/rotate. Dropping and picking up a million times to adjust placement to what you want is impractical at best and impossible at worst.
  14. Realized today with the (awesome) update that flowerpots can't be "moved" (push,pull,rotate). Which very, very, very much disappointed me. I can only think of rugs as something else that we can not tweak placement of with "move" but perhaps there are more I'm forgetting. So I'll start the list with: - Flowerpots - Rugs What else? Please add anything you can think of! Edit 6/20/13 Ok for easy reference I'll try to keep just a basic up-to-date list of all suggestions on the top post (btw great brainstorming, I forgot about many of these big nuisances!) -flowerpots -rugs -altars -guard towers -large anvils -kingdom flags -fences (move if change deed size) -piles
  15. Warn us when we are about to push something onto a deed to which we are not a member. Allow boats to be an exception for land bridges that are deeds. "Push pull blocked except ships."
  16. I was able to push/pull a bsb through a double door on a completed house. People in CA Help have confirmed that they've been able to do the same with beds and boats as well. Is this a bug or is this working as intended?