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Found 5 results

  1. Would there ever be a consideration for a merchant that could purchase items for a fixed price for a deed? We have posting trades, but why not purchase trades? And before anyone gives me any crap about it diminishing involvement. I'd like to point out the fact that many people run off and don't bother to trade in small things because... it's a huge pain in the ass! I would still hold it to the current limit of slots that a merchant has which I believe is 40? But this would give people a reason to have merchants other than loot holders. Maybe even have a local message that pops up having the merchant ask if the player has X he is willing to sell. I would personally keep it simple, a set item, and a set price. Possibly a quality level threshold?
  2. Wurm Online main site has a link/ad for dlgamer Their site lists a US 2 pack license for 37.49 Has anyone bought this package in the last month know if it works. Is legit?
  3. If you're on the fence, maybe because of the price, then check out the deals here... I use the site to watch the games I want to buy and to get better prices and thought I'd share to help the community grow! Come join in the fun! If this in any way breaks the rules (and I don't think it does) PLEASE let me know and I'll remove it. Thanks! --Lurendt
  4. Hey everybody, Based on an issue I have encountered yesterday, I would like to give a quick guide on what to do if you encounter the rare case of your purchased premium character time not being added to your account. At first, that is obviously a shock because you bought premium time with money or silver, and are worried you might not get it. I can assure you, staying calm and not worrying is the best course of action because you will receive response and support with the matter almost instantly. The first thing is to ensure payment has actually been made. If you have paid with PayPal, just like I did, you should get a payment confirmation mail. Never delete those emails before receiving your purchased items! The next thing is, as difficult as it is, to wait. If three hours after the transaction you haven't received your premtime, you have waited long enough to take further action. If you feel uncomfortable at that point with taking action all by yourself, type /support and choose Payment Issues as category and a CM should respond with helpful advise soon. What you need to ensure is that, if you have multiple characters, you confirm that you haven't accidentally added the premtime to another one of your characters. Log into the store again, and check what it sais regarding how long you still have premtime. Compare it with the /playtime result in your game. If both is still the old premtime without the new one added, you haven't received it. Now, don't despair, you will get your purchased items soon enough . The next step is to send an email to including as many details as possible. Included should be which package you purchased, and which payment method you used, as well as your character name. If there are any other important details related to the issue, add that as well. The more relevant details you add, the better the responding people can support you. I have had this issue yesterday, as I said, and I have received amazingly quick help and had the issue solved within a couple of hours after sending the final email. So as worrisome as it is to not receive your goodies, you can rest assured that you will receive help.
  5. Wts Cog on indie, pickup only, includes lock, anchor, and key, 10s pm me for details also: selling rafts 10c each, for every 10 rafts you buy get five free ^.^