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Found 7 results

  1. Ok, Halloween is over, now please, please can we get rid of the pumpkin tentacle monsters? My zoo has turned into a horror show, I can't do anything without being confronted by a creepy pumpkin spider. Either that or apply phobia mode to it so that I can go back to seeing a blob instead of a spider-thing. Seriously, this is not funny:
  2. 1k Pumpkins 1k Potatoes Delivery only, Delivery will be covered. In game name Griede I Reside on Deliverance
  3. Updated : Hey, i have 2k cotton, 2k pumpkins for sale. 1k = 1s. All are about 66ql. Delivery only on Q15,Q16,P16. Pick up on Q16 by the coast [Xanadu]
  4. Have a surplus of pumpkins, cotton and wemp for sale. If you are looking for a mass quantity of either of these crops just place an order here, and your in-game name and I'll contact you and we'll negotiate a price. Thank you for your time!
  5. I have 15,000 pumpkins at 70.71ql, it's about 2 months of farm stock that we're now selling. This is a perfect high number of pumpkins for some serious hot food cooking gains. Or, a lifetimes supply of village vegetables! It is very rare to see any food sold in such large numbers, so take the chance! They all fit together into one juicy FSB of orange goodness. Free delivery to anywhere in Freedom!! Start price: 1s Minimum increment: 50c Hidden reserve: Yes (will notify once passed) Auction length: 5 days Snipe protection: 1 hour Happy bidding! PM me if you have any questions.
  6. I am taking orders for and selling crafting supplies. I will list prices below here. I am on Celebration and live south of the Great Plains. Stock will vary depending on quantity. Send me a pm in game if you have any questions. PLEASE NOTE: Prices are subject to change OFTEN, and may be lower than what was is posted. 1K = 1000 S = Silver C = Copper 1K Cooked meat - 2S 1K Onions - 80C 1K Pumpkins - 1S 1K cotton - 1S 1K stone bricks - 2S 1k mortar - 2s 1K dirt -1S 1k planks - 1S 80C Will be updating regularly.
  7. Hey, bit if a random topic I know but I'm looking to buy the following items and have them delivered - 0 / 15 Barrels of Olive oil - 20c per barrel 7k / 10k Cooked Meat - 4s per 1000 0 / 5k Grains (Rye, oat, wheat etc) - 4s per 1000 2k / 10k Vegetables (Potatoes, pumpkins, onions) - 4s per 1000 I'm currently at Copper Fortress (33x49y) on Independence. Please send me a PM or contact me ingame (Tuvier) before attempting to make a delivery. If i'm not on, please leave the items at the Inn by the front gate and send me a PM with the details of the character you would like the payment sent to. Thanks