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Found 18 results

  1. Pumpkin Terror Statue Starting bid: 10s Increment (minimum): 1 s Sniper Protection: 1 hour
  2. Welcome to Tidus Village Farm! We are located on Cadence @ I17, just north of Sonata. We sell all crops and leatherworking services! Message FoxFries in game for more info! Below is a list of our services/prices/rough estimate of our inventory levels: Leatherworking (most items are per request) COD available: Item - Quality - Price ---------------------------- - Saddles - 40ql - 1.5s - Studded Sets - 40ql - 2s - Leather Sets - 40ql - 1.5s - Bridles 20c - Tool belts - 40ql - 70c ---------------------------- Crops - Delivery available for 1s (cadence) | 2s delivery fee for any other islands ** most bulk orders can be fulfilled within a week if we do not have the quantity desired in stock ** Item - Quality - Price - Inventory Level ---------------------------- - Pumpkins - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 1500 in stock - Cabbage - ~30ql - 2c ea | 1.5s per 100 | 8s per 1k - 100 in stock - Potatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Tomatoes - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Garlic - ~30ql - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Wheat - ~30ql- 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Rye - 1c ea | 75c per 100 | 4s per 1k - 100 in stock - Other small weight veggies - .5c ea | 50c per 100 | 2s per 1k - various quantities
  3. - - S O L D - - [22:40:23] Spooky, scary shoulder pads. They send shivers down your spine. Sadly, I only have this one piece left. Selling it for 75c.
  4. Not a biggie at all. Was wondering this morning if it's ever confusing for new players that a lot of veggies (and cotton/wemp) have a "pick seed" option, but pumpkins have "crush." Add to that wemp crushing gives fibre, as opposed to wemp pick seed. I would imagine crushing a pumpkin would give me pumpkin fibre/crushed pumpkin. If only for the sake of consistency, I propose a minor cosmetic change in the menu language from "crush" to "pick seeds" for pumpkins to bring it in line with other items.
  5. Brewery Hill Produce Pristine All produce is priced at 1s/1k. Will provide a better price for bulk orders. Order requests also available. Produce Quantity Quality Cotton 4 94 1 93 1 95 Wemp 3 94 Cabbage 1 92 Carrot 2 95 Pumpkin 1 91 Sugarbeet 1 91 Tomato 1 92 Corn 1 95 Cucumber 1 95 Free delivery for orders over 3k to coastlines of any PvE server. Pickup can be arranged from Pristine. Smaller quantity deliveries can also be arranged. PM here or to Aussiemel ingame.
  6. Onto an order and from stock you may order. If onto an order: Approximately 20K/week the growing. Stock: Rye: 3K Oat: 7K Wheat: 5K Strawberry: - Cotton: 3K Wemp: 4K Potato: 8K Pumpkin: 2K Garlic: 2K Onion: 3K Corn: 3K Rice: Do not cultivate! Price 1K/90c 82-85ql Transport: 1s except indy 1.5s (only coast) This price list not included large crate cost! 1 piece/20c If you do not ask transport the location Xanadu S15. Labirynth Lab or Karvalytanya port, Kalambaka.
  7. Let players wear carved pumpkins on their head as vanity armor, Halloween is coming and it would be a great last minute addition.
  8. Karvajtanya (Xanadu) vendor Onto an order cultivate ql76 1K/1s: Rye, wheat, strawberry cotton, wemp, pumpkin, corn, potatoes. Growing time 3K/week (If you need it faster, we have to talk), ryce 1-2K/week, reeds 500/week Now stroed vegetable: 2K rye, 1K Strawberry The customer is transport until that of his harbours. (1-1,5s)
  9. Hi all, I am selling: 1k Stone Bricks 2s 1k Wemp 77ql 1s 1k Pumpkin ~78ql 1s 1k Potatoes 68ql 1s SOLD 1k Cotton 74ql 1s SOLD 1k Garlic 64ql 1s SOLD 1k Corn 69ql 1s SOLD Pickup Pickup from O19. Delivery Pristine- Free delivery to closest harbor to location Release- 20c, free for orders over 2s Xanadu- 30c, free for orders over 3s Deliverance- 50c, free for orders over 4s Independence- 60c, free for orders over 5s Exodus- 60c, free for orders over 5s Celebration- 70c, free for orders over 6s Custom orders I am available to supply custom orders and have 200 tiles that I can custom grow most crops to a quality of 78.
  10. So yeah, I got very much screwed over with my rare chance, action starts at 1 copper, it could be useful for a combat dummy or a carved pumpkin, both possibly rare. I would have sacrificed it if I didn't think it could be useful in someway.
  11. I have a Corbita (Willow wood) with 30 rafts up for trade for the following items: 400 logs (few at high ql) 500 wemp plants zinc lumps gold lumps cotton pumpkins Location of boat is at Q14 dock. Items must be delivered to Q 16/17 (low depth waters hence reason for boat exchange). some of the following items (quanity and quality) can be negoticated for most items Please contact Taylen, Ziem, Xyndia in game for inquires/information. Thank you!
  12. Dear fellow wurmians, check please and comment that suggestion. When you forget about your fields they turn into a rotten weeds and soon they turn into a dirt and grass a bit later. In real life that didn't happen that soon. Any crops are able to drop seeds and re-plant themselves. Let's ask for that implementation in Wurm. Developers can limit ammount of harvest of such re-planted fields to 1 handful of wheat, 1 strawberry, 1 pumpkin et.c. UPD: replanting only occurs when a field dies
  13. Pumpkinhead

    As foretold by an old blind, cross-eyed seer was the field of pumpkin planted on Walpurgis Night. Tended by thirteen farmers thirteen farming. Watched by seventy-seven black dogs. Watered by thirteenfold black cats thrice. Finally came the hour of All Hallow's Eve. Thus did a cursed pumpkin field come to fruition! Thus foretold, did Pumpkinhead arise from the pumpkin. Thus foretold, the kin of pumpkin now walks the lands!
  14. Hi, wurmians! I have some veggies to sell: wemps 76ql 18k 1s/k pumpkins 74ql 10k 1s/k barleys 82ql 1k 1s/k corns 80ql 2k 1s/k enchanted grass 1s/each You can pickup on the Thornfield Farms (x35,y25 Exo) or free delivery on Exodus server if you live near to coast. (other freedom servers +20c delivery cost) In game name is same as here Regards, Remete
  15. I want to buy cooked meat, pumpkins and oats (500 of each). PM me in game or in forums with details. (preferably independence server)
  16. Just curious if people still bought corps/bread/meats?
  17. Selling all goods at 1 silver per 1K 1k wemp QL 40.96. 2k pumpkins 1 silver per 1k of item In game name is Tarnhold. If anyone is in need of any product that is farmed, feel free to let me know. I am sure I can accommodate. I will be adding more as they are harvested