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Found 8 results

  1. All items are now sold except the horse shoe set. Horse shoe set is being sold as a set, not individually. Price per shoe is just shown for convenience. PM in-game or on forum. Items sent from 100cast mailbox for *fast delivery*. All sold...
  2. Selling Necklace of protection. This item was won as a reward from a Rift event. Upon examine: This necklace is adorned with symbols of protection. Has Hurting time reduction. 50QL Seryll. Starting Price : 5smin increase : 1sReserve : NoBuyout : Open to offers. SOLD!
  3. I have a single Uttacha Slime charge left and waiting to be Auctioned [14:53:43] This crystal vial contains the paralyzing slime of Uttacha, a giant slug living leagues deep in the Shaded Depths of Valrei. It has one charge left. Spell granted: True Strike (Next hit is 100% Crit) Resistance: Slash 15% (Decreases slash damage taken by 15%) Weakness: crush 10% (Increases crush damage taken by 10%) Title Obtained Upon using the charge: Witch Hunter Starting Bid: 2.5g/250euros Sniper Protection: 1 HOUR Bidding Increments: 10s/e Buyout: 4g/400e Paypal will be the method of payment, unless you crazy wurmians carry around all that in your banks!
  4. Your bidding on a complete set of Supreme / Rare chain armour.. This is one set of Supreme and Rare to put 1 set together. Specs as followed: Supreme chain coif 69ql Supreme chain sleeve 60ql Supreme chain sleeve 60ql Rare chain jacket 81ql (96) AOSP Rare chain gauntlet 60ql (16) AOSP Rare chain gauntlet 81ql Rare chain boot 79ql (74) AOSP Rare chain boot 80ql Rare chain pants 85ql (93) AOSP Starting bid 22s Minimum increase: 1s Reserve 30s Buyout:50s Private offers: sure Snipe protection: 30 Mins Will pay cod fees for winners or can pickup @ Summerholt, Xan. I Put this on a toon with (5) FS can kill a troll NP very nice protection. Great starter set for FS grind.
  5. A rather vexing chore for me is constantly replanting flowers on my deed because a rogue tree turned up. If a rare flower gets grown over its never a nice feeling. A simple tickbox on deed settings saying "protect flower tiles" would be a nice touch. When ticked trees will not spread onto a tile if there are flowers on it on that deed, when unticked spread functions as per normal. Nice, simple, clean. Optional Extra : Allow enchanted grass to keep its flowers so they can be protected off deed too.
  6. I decided to move it from WTS to auction. Maybe I will have better luck in here. It's a little unique, since all parts have my signature ("Ghab"). Starting Bid: 35s / 35 euro Reserve: NO Buyout: NO PM Bids - NO Sniper Protection: 1 hour Min. Incr. 1s / 1 euro Pickup on Xanadu S19 or CoD on buyer expense. Happy bidding and good luck! PS: Please check the ql of parts before you start bidding!
  7. It has come to my attention many times, all I've seen through Freedom chat from Independence. Players losing items of fair to greater importance via the "SELL" feature. This feature is a great idea, yes. I can easily earn money now, with slightly limited gains per hour per day so I've heard, as could anyone. But! I am here to express my concern for the safety of the players "Investments" be it time, or of greater importance their monetary investment through the purchase of silver coins, which in turn grant the ability to buy expensive items. I feel there needs to be a protection implemented before more and more players get too stressed and ultimately decide to quit and lose all they worked for because they sold something important. As things are now we do need the protection, 8 seconds to realise your selling an important item is a tight frame- Heck not always do we make the proper click because of mice cords nudging your mouse, ever accidentally click sell and not realise it, when looking at your token options? THIS STUFF HAPPENS! Selling the wrong item isn't always about stupidity, forgetfulness, or just a double click not going through, it's a multitude of things. And the protection has to be there. (I'm pretty sure the GM's wouldn't be happy after my 376th /support if I ever lost something bought silver obtained through $;P ) Why do i say this? Why am I posting my thoughts on the matter? I have a lot of reasons, many I feel would throw me off topic to long. But you would be surprised how simple the protection made for players had been in other games, and could possibly be done on Wurm through simple menu options or other ways. **The actions I've seen done are in game reimbursements/recreation of the item, but not always and only if the logs prove it legit on the servers side. **The more effective efforts I had seen are- Allowing players Lock items making them unsellable, non-trade-able, in Wurms case they'd remain drop-able if you die. **There are a few more methods of protection as well, such as a pop up warning stating the item you are selling may be important, double check immediately and try again. 1 pop up per visit to a "SELL" enabled token or merchant, and repeat the message if time last visited greater than 5minutes. I was just thinking, we could allow the "SELL" to have a trade window and, as per the norm of wurm- We drop the items we want to sell, and if accidentally throw in something we want, at least we can take it out. once the windows closes- the items are deleted. As to not fill up any merchants with garbage. I'll conclude this post here, I said what I could however I can't trail long with these thoughts well, but thats the gist of it. Hope we can get some idea's going and draw some attention to this. It's a great feature it gives us a source of income, and ability to earn that 5c without the need for selling half our cattle stock to a random traveller. But the risks are many. Signed- Meyfei the concerned.
  8. The newly founded village of Aedgon can be found directly north of Tap Dance,following the road north from settlement token. It will grow in size and population to offer protection to all whom seek shelter. Built now: *Tall stone walls *Spacious homes *Lamps *Gates that do not obstruct the flow of traffic, however protects all whom pass. *Village exclusive mining shaft. Short term plans: *Kingdom sponsored hunting deed. *Deed, protected and maintained homes for rent.†More to come. Future;distant or near;Provided resources and land expansion. *Personal boat dock within village/kingdom Marina *Trade market *Village/Kingdom sponsored Doctor(hiring) for Citizens. *Many more. The sole purpose of Aedgon is safety,shelter and a easier means of living. Space is LIMITED for now. PM Shyunea More details to come. Just follow the settlement token north from Tap Dance.Directly above Tap dance. http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebH.png http://noizeviolatio...wurm/CelebL.png Hurry home-Shyunea;Queen of Aedgon †Homes are available within walls of kingdom, and outside of walls(still on deed). there will be guards to protect the settlement inside and outside of walls. Houses are not required inspection and will not be entered, but maintenance from the outside. Requests for specific size and location based upon availability. Prices as of current 10/4/2012 12:00:00AM CST is 1copper coin Monthly / 5silver to own the house so long as Aedgon stands. All tenants have access to the Forest and Mine Any additional questions regarding this post can be directed to myself Shyunea through forum or in-game. Note: this is a test. I want to see if other players from other servers would like a sort of permanent or temporary location that is secured and maintained between they're travels.