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Found 11 results

  1. This suggestion starts with a disclaimer: I made this suggestion today in Freedom chat as a light hearted joke, but it has generated some interest and someone asked me if it was true. I just want to say none of this is currently implemented in game. Ore Sniffing Horses The basic idea is that horses with keen senses should be able to 'sniff' ores and veins when in a mine or on the surface. Different horse colours are able to 'sniff' different veins: Gold horses can sniff out gold veins Grey horses can sniff out flint Brown horses can sniff out iron Black horses can sniff out lead White horses - zinc Chestnuts - copper Black Silver - silver veins Ebony Blacks - slate Gold Buckskins - sandstone Piebalds - marble Skewbalds - rocksalt and so on.. When standing next to (or on a matching ore tile), the following message would appear: [09:06:41] The aged fat SilverHunting neighs loudly. If the Ore is 2 tiles away: [09:06:41] The old fat IronMan whinnies softly. If the Ore is 3 tiles away: [09:06:41] The adolescent fat FastGold sniffs inquisitively. This idea might also serve to regenerate horse sales - including finding a use for the older, or less popular colours I hope this has brought you all some amusement, I just want to clear up any confusion and reiterate: This is not implemented in game currently! xD
  2. as i know, there is no title for 100 prospecting, i will get it soon ([23:57:53] Prospecting increased by 0,000008 to 99,894157) and it will be nice to see title for my boring work i think very nice are unconventional titles, like "i'm sawry" for 50 saw or "the world is mine" for 100 mining, titles like "legandary...." are too common and boring i have some propositions: 1) Georadar 2) Metal Detector (but prospecting search not only for metal ore, but for the other side, at 90 skill title is "goldsniffer" and you finding not only gold) 3) Deep Penetration (because you search very deep in rock or other wall material) 4)
  3. i have seen topic about separated window for "get info", the same will be very usefull for analyse of shard, when you analyse it, nd the same time in area some people doing actions, it is very hard to scroll event chat to search for info about resources. ps: i don't even try to hope for graphical representation of info from "analyse"
  4. Thunderstorm Services bringing new business ideas to Wurm since 2012 Hello dear readers! I decided to make a page that reunites and links to all our services that we currently have running. You can order from this page, sending me PMs on the forums or simply PMing me in game - any way you like! Enjoy your stay and have a great day! Send-a-Log (imping logs mailed directly to you) Mailbox Improving Services (allowing you to send larger items through your mailbox) Mine Prospector Services (helping you build a better mine system and plan ahead) Rune Attaching Services (helping you rune your precious tools and items) Thor's One Stop Rope Shop (and accessories!) (offering ship kits and accessories from 2013) Thor's Potion R' Us (a home for all your potion needs)
  5. TL;DR Nobody liked my idea so changed my suggestion. After reading through the big mining discussion in Town Hall I decided to post my suggests here. There's a whole debate going on over there as to whether the grindyness of mining is driving new players away but my suggestion wouldn't greatly alter the grinding aspect so much as make it a more fluid and realistic process. My suggestion would be to; 1) Combine ore with rock to eliminate the polka-dot effect of veins and reduce the necessity to mine huge caverns to find small amounts of ore. 2) Add greater usefulness to Prospecting skill. On second thought leave prospecting as a way of pinpointing and determining quality. So the first change would be to blend all ores and rock together into one tile type. The tile would then contain trace amounts of the various ores. There still might be a chance that a tile contained only rock, but many would also contain 1 or more ores. Upon analyzing a tile you would receive a message like this: You find that the rock contains small traces of iron. Mining this tile would produce an 18kg piece of rock and a 2kg piece of iron ore. This would reduce the need to mine out huge caverns to find that single iron vein and instead reward every action on a tile with a bit of ore. This would also give a more intuitive indication of nearby ores. No more (blindly at low prospecting skill) chipping your way through a mountain until you find iron. You would know you were getting closer to a large deposit as each tile produced more and more iron per action. Here's the second part; mining a tile would still destroy the tile in around 50 actions. Any trace ores generated by the mining action would be capped by the Mining skill or the ore quality, whichever being lower. In order to extract only the ore you would need to reinforce the tile and use the Prospecting skill mine it. You carefully begin extracting the ore, taking care to avoid destroying the surrounding rock. Mining a reinforced tile would produce a greater amount of ore, while damaging the reinforcement. Rather than having a fixed number of ore in each vein you would be able to continue mining until the reinforcement reached 100% damage, at which point the tile would be destroyed. The amount of damage done with each action would be reduced with an increase in Mining skill, which would also increase the ql cap. Since there would be more tiles which contained ore there would not have to be as much in each tile. You might get say 250 or 500 prospect actions out of each tile, rather than between 1,000 and 10,000. With the removal of BSB decay there is no need to have a single tile last for 3 years now; just mine 500 units out of it and move along.
  6. Prospecting can be broken down into two buckets. > 20 skill, and < 20 skill. Here are links to Prospecting and Analyse for Wurmpedia Under 20 If your skill is under 20, the best way to get it up is by running around and prospecting on walls, ceilings, and floors. You can also prospect rock tiles on the surface. Getting Started To start this, you'll want to mine out a few rock tiles worth of shards. I typically mine in a straight line. Over 20 Pick up as many rock shards as possible Right click and analyse each shard If you need rock shards for bricks, drop the "processed" shards in a new pile, or put them in a container. Repeat steps 1-3 as needed. Obviously, Sleep Bonus can accelerate the gains. Why? You're probably saying "Why do it this way?" I found that when you try and prospect, after 3-4 times I stopped getting gains and had to move to a different tile. After a few times of doing this, I stopped getting gains altogether. This ruined the efficiency of spamming prospecting on tiles. Another alternative to this process is to find a large area of rock and prospect it with sleep bonus active.
  7. Hello my name is keywide im looking for some good paying work. Im a high skilled craftsmen and worker so aslong as the pay is good you can make me slap bricks, build a house, imp tools,Mine,terraform whatever needs doing. i play allot of hours per week so expect fast results. Im located on deli but willing to move other servers if the job is good. my time zone is eastern btw Payment options include : Silver, Referals, Sleep powders, High value trade items Ex: rare,wanted items. Possibly well enchanted tools If interested Contact me on corrax or here on forums and btw im love path lvl 9 so i can enchant grass while there. Here Is a skill dump so you may see what i can do. Religion: 0.0 Alignment: 99.1495 Faith: 29.900002 Favor: 29.900002 Skills: 0.0 Paving: 28.652147 Tracking: 21.349522 Coal-making: 19.285685 Prospecting: 60.594887 Religion: 7.671012 Prayer: 17.54681 Channeling: 6.55305 Healing: 20.999592 First aid: 41.659176 Archery: 1.0 Long bow: 1.0 War machines: 1.958845 Catapults: 3.156873 Thievery: 1.129128 Traps: 1.0 Lock picking: 1.233063 Climbing: 23.621632 Shields: 21.66977 Medium wooden shield: 2.5063295 Large metal shield: 30.710598 Medium metal shield: 25.120947 Axes: 36.597122 Hatchet: 43.504333 Swords: 1.8424066 Shortsword: 2.6699727 Longsword: 1.0 Knives: 29.343985 Butchering knife: 35.594097 Carving knife: 31.003244 Woodcutting: 67.08652 Mauls: 28.119305 Medium maul: 59.6845 Large maul: 4.545488 Carpentry: 73.97162 Fine carpentry: 51.317234 Ship building: 32.413586 Fletching: 17.699068 Bowyery: 5.854739 Nature: 39.743023 Gardening: 34.317787 Fishing: 7.224552 Animal husbandry: 35.38384 Meditating: 32.512463 Milking: 16.22135 Farming: 62.17059 Forestry: 32.246655 Botanizing: 14.144052 Animal taming: 14.294117 Foraging: 11.945123 Cooking: 29.362165 Dairy food making: 16.145073 Hot food cooking: 52.229103 Beverages: 1.1465933 Butchering: 34.409103 Fighting: 70.68477 Shield bashing: 3.0915077 Taunting: 1.7290726 Normal fighting: 52.44321 Defensive fighting: 20.983385 Aggressive fighting: 4.2653437 Weaponless fighting: 3.65937 Toys: 1.0735297 Yoyo: 1.3833284 Alchemy: 16.979704 Natural substances: 36.846912 Miscellaneous items: 76.827324 Stone chisel: 48.671375 Hammer: 75.0276 Sickle: 30.843138 Scythe: 4.7776427 Repairing: 56.81373 Saw: 22.593452 Pickaxe: 93.26836 Rake: 47.730873 Shovel: 77.70427 Pottery: 11.344092 Firemaking: 21.133993 Digging: 92.404106 Mining: 91.32583 Smithing: 49.814224 Metallurgy: 2.809401 Jewelry smithing: 33.72995 Locksmithing: 29.259888 Blacksmithing: 94.3896 Armour smithing: 17.297142 Shield smithing: 25.20377 Chain armour smithing: 46.025463 Weapon smithing: 15.122677 Blades smithing: 24.177906 Weapon heads smithing: 22.434496 Ropemaking: 6.0091915 Masonry: 75.788055 Stone cutting: 52.555813 Tailoring: 11.840226 Leatherworking: 10.902961 Cloth tailoring: 25.844582 Characteristics: 0.0 Soul: 29.963058 Soul strength: 35.843666 Soul depth: 26.315176 Mind: 38.656975 Mind speed: 23.115494 Mind logic: 46.955784 Body: 48.50633 Body stamina: 40.36534 Body strength: 46.589207 Body control: 29.581934
  8. Edit: Misread the wiki page - what I was missing was that it's quality that the second set of skill requirements are for. Perhaps the two lists (detection skill requirements vs quality detection skill requirements) could be merged or put into a table to make this clearer for dunderheads like myself?
  9. The task at hand? Find Iron. As in all wurm, finding iron is a key part of getting setup, especially with our surly group as we have only crude tools. This is how us Iron men find iron. 6 men decided to enter the wildness, no weapons, armor, or any items or tools. Nothing. This is their story. IRON MAN Series previous episodes - Episode 1 Start with nothing, nothing to lose
  10. So all of us miners and deed owners with those large mines with a tonne of veins of varying ql hate having to go up to every vein prospecting it to find out its ql every time we need some ore. Usually we have to place signs to mark the vein ql, or we run around prospecting each vein trying to find the ql that's right for what you need at this time. How about a mouseover ability just like farming has, digging has etc, but linked to prospecting skill. It would have the same tile/skill ratio as digging and farming, and it would only tell us the ql range ie, Good, Very Good, Utmost, etc so that tuning forks don't become obsolete. So, what do you think?
  11. Had a report today that a F2P account (never premium) was able to use the level 20 prospecting bonus on outside tiles and detect quality and flint. However, another player confirmed that it did not work inside the mines for quality. I feel that this should be corrected, so they either get the bonus, or do not. (Suspect they should not)