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Found 3 results

  1. With the information you get, could the actual numbers be added in brackets behind the message please? E.g. Instead of getting "poor" or "pretty bad" you get "Poor: 20-29" "acceptable", you get "Acceptable: 30-39" instead of "normal" you get "Normal: 40-59" etc. For other messages: Instead of getting just the message, add in the numbers, e.g. "There is plenty of ore left", now add : (more than 10000) "Only a few weeks mining remain here" but add (between 5000 and 10000) "The ore is starting to deplete" and add behind this message (between 3000 and 5000) "You should start to prospect for another vein of this ore" add this (between 1000 and 3000) "The ore will run out soon" add (between 100 and 1000) "The ore will run out any hour" add (1-100)
  2. Hello everyone! I haven't seen this type of service proposed anywhere before on Wurm, so here I am! I can create maps of your mines or deeds (or both!) Additional services offered while I'm mapping: - Prospect your ore veins and tell you how much is left in each vein (60+ prospecting) - Check the exact QL of ore veins (up to 74QL - Poor, Acceptable and Normal, and maybe some Good veins) - Plant signs in front of your veins for easy in-game visual cues! - Strongwall casts to collapse open tiles or reinforce walls - Mine some high ql ores from your veins for your personal use (up to 74ql) - Remove annoying veins of ore which prevent you from creating the perfect mine! - Create tunnels for you if you don't feel like mining yourself - Flatten/fix the ground or slopes in your mine Here are the costs of the different services: Mine mapping (see below for examples): Mine map: 10i per tileMine map with slopes: 15i per tileProspecting: 10c per ore vein ==> Vein quality (exact QL for veins up to 74QL) + amount left in the vein Deed mapping (see below for examples): 2D map: 10i per tile3D map: 20i per tile3D map + elevations: 40i per tile Additional services: Strongwall: One free strongwall cast for every 2s of the job's worth. Additional Strongwall casts at 75c each (or 40c if you provide items for sacrificing)It takes 2 hours to regen favor for a Strongwall cast. This can be reduced if you have an altar of Magranon and items to sacrifice (door locks or cordage ropes work best). Ore mining: 5i per action if I keep the ore, 15i per action if you keep the orePlease note that I cannot guarantee that all ores mined will be of the highest QL possible, but I'm using a high QL pickaxe, so the average should be high. Stone mining: 5i per action if I keep the rock shards, 10i per action if you keep them.Flattening/Fixing ground and slopes: 1c per tile + 50i per concrete used (no additional cost if you provide the concrete)Signs: 3c per sign (QL30) Map examples: Mine map: Mine map with slopes and basic prospecting: 2D Deed map: 3D Deed map: FAQ: - Can I choose which program you use to do my map? I usually use Excel for 2D mapping, or Deedplanner for 3D mapping. If you don't like those programs, and prefer another one, I'm always willing to accomodate, but I'll charge a 50c flat fee for getting out of my confort zone. - Will you give me the map file so I can edit it myself after you're done, or are you only going to give me a picture of the map? I will give you the source file for the map, and will additionnaly provide pictures of the maps too - How long does it take to make a map? I want you to do it while I'm online so I can keep an eye on you! It depends on the size and complexity of the zone to map. Mine mapping is usually pretty easy, but deed mapping can be harder due to slopes and having to take detours to access some places. 3D mapping with elevations is usually very long (around 5 hours for a 25x25 area) unless it's mostly flat. I have a very large amount of online time, so I can accomodate if you don't want me going around your deed to map it when you're not online (which is perfectly understandable). - If you get gems or rares while mining, do I get to keep them? I usually like to keep those items as an "extra tip". If you prefer to keep them, please let me know beforehand, and we'll find an arrangement. - My deed/mine is HUUUUUUUUUUGE. Is there a discount for that? I'll usually need to see by myself, as a huge zone to map usually means it'll be more difficult to map, but I'm usually pretty open to discounting some services for big jobs. - Your prices are crap! It should be less/more expensive! Well, I did my pricing a bit on "gut feeling", but if you feel like some of my prices are too expensive, or that I'm undercutting some prices and it's bad for commerce, please contact me and explain why you think some of my pricing should be changed. I can't assure you I will change my prices, but I'm always open for intelligent criticism. - How much do you charge for travel? My usual fee is 30c for Pristine and 50c for Release. For any job worth more than 2s, travel fee will be waived as long as you're on a coastal spot. If your deed is inland, I might add a fee of up to 1s, especially if I keep rock shards/ores from mining and have to bring them back to my boat. - I would like some services that are not in the list! Please contact me to discuss it and if it's something I'm willing and able to do, we can probably arrange something - What is the best way to contact you? I'd prefer to be contacted on the forums via a private message. You could also contact me in-game on Boogiepimps (on Pristine) if it's just for a quick question.
  3. Just figured I'd share my findings. I started out with 9 skill and aimed for 20 to see the ore locations near by and qualities. Took me about an hour with by plain simply queuing prospect on a tile 3 times, for each action you get skill gain you add one more prospect, eventually you'll run out of actions and also have dried out the tile for skill gain. I didn't noticeably see any difference if I had low stamina, high stamina, thirst, hunger or anything else. I was using a 43 QL pickaxe. Nutrition about 35%. The gains ranged from 0,02 which was rare to 0,05 which was also rare, centering around 0,03 - 0,04. Of course you have to consider pure luck and such magical things, but it seemed pretty time efficient way. Max 30 second loss on my skill level on a tile and my mine isn't even that big.