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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, I'm looking for Spanish players. We are a group of 6, playing in a private server (Valoria) and we are looking for people who want to play with us. We also have a Steam group:
  2. Greetings fellow Wurmians! With 11 days until Wurm Unlimited is released, I figure it's time to announce my intentions to run a Wurm Unlimited private server. Again, most of the capabilities are uncertain but the following is a rough road map of what I want to do with the server. In-Game and Community Features Monthly in-game events (provided these can be scripted) - Examples would be a troll uprising and invasion of the starter city that players must defend against or holiday themed events Additional creature types if available Occasional quests offered by wandering NPCs with rewards being skill gains in a related skill, high QL items, or other rewards Pre-scheduled dragon slaying events, limited to 1 every other month in addition to whatever the current dragon spawn mechanics are Played owned deeds and alliances New items (if possible) Public Mumble server with private channels for alliances and villages If possible a web based news feed for new deeds being started, disbanded, and other notable events (event starts, dragon slayings, etc...) Fully functional in-game economy, including foraging for money and traders 10 silver to each new player that joins Patreon account to facilitate extended benefits for those who help offset costs of the project* Challenge mode featuring 60 day resets, other details to be worked out with community Starter city with access to free food, basic (10 ql) tools, and other items to help new players / characters get established Alliance / village leader boards - compete in a variety of categories with your fellow community members Accelerated skill gain, up to 5x Infrastructure Each server is planned to be hosted on a virtual private server in a major data center, not running on a spare tower in my basement! Planned for three initial servers: Pve, Challenge Mode, and a testing environment for testing modifications to the game Both PvE and Challenge Mode will have public Mumble server Weekly server maintenance performed Sunday mornings (OS patches, restarts, etc...) Project Specifics Server costs - $39.95 per month (potentially more depending on resource requirements) Mumble software - open source Forum software - potentially open source, potentially licensed Web site software - open source Development and enhancements - myself / volunteers GM staff - myself / volunteers *Patreon rewards are limited to silver and in-game items, not skill gain increases or other features that would give Patreon subscribers an unfair advantage over non-subscribers. It simply exists for those who wish to help with the costs of the project, and is not considered mandatory. Any money received via Patreon will go 100% to the project, and not to my wallet. So why am I starting this project? I love games, and I love Wurm. Running a server allows me to add my creativity to the game via the modding tools and server admin tools it offers, plus allows me to provide a place where people who want to flex their creative muscles can do so in a medieval fantasy environment. It's no small secret that Wurm is a unique game, and by running this project I get to ensure that experience is preserved and enhanced. I also enjoy creating things for others to enjoy. Over the years I have been a server admin for various MUDs in the mid-late 90s, ran several pen and paper RPGs, and founded / led gaming communities in various MMOs. My favorite thing is when a bunch of players get on and enjoy what I have put together, be it roaming fleets in EVE Online, raids and games in World of Warcraft, a 10 session campaign into political intrigue around a table with dice, pen, and paper, or by experiencing a journey through one's imagination via a text based MUD. I am committed to funding this project for a minimum term of one year. If the player base grows to 15 players in the course of that year, then the project will move from a project to long-term endeavor. If this project attracts donations, then it will be guaranteed to run longer. After one year I would like to have 2-3 volunteer game masters, and another volunteer developer working on extending the game, if possible, or working on in-game events. So what qualifies me to put this project together and manage it? In real life, I am a server administrator / business intelligence developer with 14 years experience. I have a deep passion for this game and for providing fun content for others. I like to code, and I like to design elements ranging from houses to sprawling deeds. If you are interested in this project, post here and let me know what you like and don't like about the plans. I'll be updating the thread as I work through the initial setup over the next 11 days.