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Found 2 results

  1. We recently ran into an issue where someone made a bridge on his perim. He made the bridge and it is his deed with his perim. The bridge is not connected to a house as it is in perim. In replanning deed he wanted to move the bridge...and there is no way to quickly destroy it. Battering ram does not work on bridges. Catapults only hits bottom 6 and top two tiles not in the middle. Mauls give .5 damage every 50 seconds for 28 tiles of double stone takes days and days of bashing. Long story short: Please allow bridges to be destroyed like a house with a writ or via manage options...where bridges are added and has a destroy button to use in case it is not connected to a house.
  2. For the love of vynora, please give us a short timer (10 seconds for example) on the ground get info perk, i'm sure i'm not the only one wasting a 18 hours refresh perk on a misclick every single day. Or a submenu for it maybe... whatever is easy to do and a life safer!