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Found 1 result

  1. Jolly Rogue Sermons (On Hold) (Due to a series of unfortunate life events.) A'Hoy Mates, My name is Leander, and It would be my pleasure to invite all priest to join my alts Leonder & Edwardteach at my Monastery for a Sermon Group. The sermons will continue, and be continuous, as long as there are enough priest to get faith gains, or I run out of energy to do it. During my festival there will be the option to stay in the monastery or move to the community workshop, really just depends on the priests in attendance. My hope for the sermon group this time is to be self propagating, and something for the entire Wurm community so any new priest can join and be able get their priest goals. Location where I'm at My deed is named Jolly Rogue, it is located on Xanadu at S15 (Summons are available upon request). On the community map the coordinates are 3521, -7123 (Jolly Rouge Retreat). Sermons Sermons can be held every 31 minutes by a different priest in a queue list explained below. announce your sermon at the 1 min mark to allow those who left the monastery to work time to return in time to be a listener When done with your sermon update the queue in the local chat with the "/me chat command", in addition, post your faith gain with the "/me chat command." The "/me" gives you yellow text so it's easy to find. Example: [02:11:45] Leonder WL Sermon starts in 1 min [02:14:11] Leonder [02:13:35] Faith increased by 0.0459 to 68.5993 [02:15:13] Leonder WL @44 free free Dahlia free Khalifa free leonder (ALWAYS be sure to post your name at the end of the queue.) the @ is the Minutes on the hour of when to do the next sermon. use WL= White Light BL=Black Light at the beginning of the queue. (Since the removal of the BL PMGs there is less need for this however to keep things straight in large group i will continue the separation of the queues like this.) The Libila alter has been moved from the Monastery to a safer place for the BL followers to pray and sermon For a preacher to gain faith from preaching, you need at least 6 valid listeners. Sermons reset the prayer counter for the preacher if 6 valid listeners attended. Because of the 30 min alignment cool-down, sermons should fire off every 30 min, but never less than 30 since the previous. Every time a priest preaches, his max prayers for the day gets reset and he can pray another 5 times (every 20 min) for faith ticks. Cool-down is between your sermon is 3 hours. so have something to do it that time (and pray). More info on The Rules see the village message board by the monastery door in-game Have fun be friendly. help your fellow priests out we're all here for the same reason. Do not log out please, if at all possible to ensure the max faith gains for others, there are benches to take a seat on and afk, However I do understand the strain keeping your PC running all the time so we won't hold it agents you if you do. No Sacrificing or Listening to confessions, they negate your valid listener status. but if you need to for whatever reason there are alters in the community workshop also this is a place for libila followers to hide from WL sermons to save alignment. Your spot will not be saved, NO Exceptions,If you log out while in the sermon queue for longer than 20 minutes you will lose your spot in the queue line and will have to wait for the next free spot. NO Exceptions! You Will be Poked a lot, If you are afk and it is your turn to sermon someone will pm you to remind you after that the queue will wait for no longer than 5 minutes before moving on to the next person you will lose your spot in the queue and will be put to the end. Talk to a Deacon, if You have any Questions, concerns, or disputes pm me Leander, Edwardteach, and Leonder or a Deacon of the monastery a trusted friend or a villager of Jolly Rogue. (deacon list can be found below) Wait your turn, if you have recently come back from extended AFK, or logged back from extended rest, DO NOT assume you will be next to preach, (unless you are returning from afk at your sermon time.) Look for the queue in local chat then ask if you may be added to any "free" spot or the end of the queue. Update the Queue Yourself, do this with a "queue correction" with your name in the free spot or at the end. DON'T expect others to do it for you. Monastery Dress Code, there is to be No heavy helms, shields, or weapons equipped while on monastery grounds, wearing armor to help channeling skill gains is ok, but this is the only exception (this is a place of peace, and I like to see people get into the role-playing spirit it just makes aesthetic more fun.) NO Animals there are to be no animals allowed inside the monastery yard. (they can be parked in the graveyard between the monastery and community workshop.) You Look Hungry, and Sickly Remember to keep up on your CCFP nutrition and hydration. (to keep from getting sick.) there are CCFP and filler meals in the larder DO NOT take them ONLY eat, please. Personal Space Keep some distance between you and other people, please, there are only 4 alters now so this shouldn't be too much of a problem. Sermon Times, Sermons will be continuous as long as there are more than 7 people logged in, to continue (this may allow the sermons to be 24hr), however in some cases due to low body count, Sermons will shut down around 2:00am Eastern US (7:00am UTC) and will restart the following day when enough people log back on. Cooldown Tuesday, this is the designated day of rest for us it will be the day that everyone is able to shut down the priests and let their computer cool down and rest, so starting at roughly midnight Easter US (4:00am UTC) everyone will be able to shut down their priest or take them home for 24hrs the restart of the sermons will work exactly the same as sermon time rule above. First come First Serve, When relogging for the new day the queue order will be on a first come first serve basis. Deacons a few trusted people i have named as Deacons they are my representatives to handle problems that arise or settle disputes if i am unavailable. (the deacon list is posted here and on the village message board.) Things to do while not Preaching Beds: In the monastery in each room, you will find a wardrobe and a large chest to use if you wish I will attach a lock to them and allow you perms on the item to make sure your things are secure while your visiting. Meditation: There is a love tile on the raised area behind the monastery, a knowledge tile in the sand not far from that. (i am currently looking for the insanity tile) Crafting: I have a spot for crafting anything, as well as raw materials to do so. (i have had issues with this in the past, so if u craft something in the monastery out of mats i have provided then that crafted item stays in the monastery.) Cooking: cooking is very important, and is encouraged. (however, I do try to keep the larder filled with free ccfp food and fillers mostly provided by donations.) Farming: you're welcome to farm any of the upper fields on Jolly Rogue if you wish. Casting: there are BSBs and Spirit houses to practice casting dirt and courier. there is a station with things for mend casting and a couple of boxes with free creation ql items that can be for other types of casting. Archaeology: there are lots and lots of dead deeds around Jolly Rogue, feel free to go do some investigating. The Monastery Discord Server Schedule Be sure to follow this post to keep up to date, and if there are any changes. Donations Donations are completely voluntary I'm not doing this for profit, they do however help me provide the community a facility for activities like this, and in the future the pirate festival and Impalong noted as the blue box on the calendar. anything can be donated, coin, raw materials, crafted items, and skills are the most valuable. Donating coin can be directly deposited into the settlement upkeep at the token. (this is what the coin will be used for anyway.) If you donate a large amount of something or a high ql something will receive an "Elder" benefactors credit here and at the monastery in-game. I am also gathering things for the pirate festival now. so donations of any kind will go to that, i am in search of prizes, bulk 75ish QL imping mats, and sacables Elders Thank you to the following people Deacons Trusted members of the Monastery.