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Found 6 results

  1. Since the Christmas update released, have not been able to pray at water for Vynora. Was working fine before the reset. Now, there is the option to pray but when clicked, no action is taken and nothing is recorded in event log.
  2. To make it more interesting to grind the channelling skill on Freedom, especially for main account priest/s. Also allow priests to complete tasks in their journal without having to go to Epic to do them. And this would make the praying skill in general more interesting and useful. Prayer skill effects: Base favour regain should be effected by prayer skill 20% at skill level 1.00 to 100% at skill level 100.00 Same curve as "Effective quality" from Weapon/Armour (1/20%, 10/34.7%, 20/43.6%, 30/50.4%, 40/56.1%, 50/61.2%, 60/65.8%, 70/70%, 80/80%, 90/90%, 100/100%) The old static base favour regain should meet the new regain between 50-70 prayer skill Gifts from the Gods []: Gifts from the Gods chance should be based on prayer skill 1% at skill level 1.00 to 3% at skill level 100.00 (current chance is static 2%) NEW Gift: get up to 15-45 second buff "Gain x shatter resistance while enchanting items" x should be a static value between 1-5% Altar: Gifts from the Gods chance modified on altar type and quality (100% shows here 2% static chance now or actual 1-3% chance effected by prayer) Example Table: Location Ql-1 Ql-100 God specific location 50% 50% Wooden 25% 75% Stone 35% 85% Silver 45% 95% Gold 50% 100% Electrum 60% 110% Number in table could be changed base on god Fo - switch wood with gold Libila - switch "God specific location" (corpses) with gold .... Prayer skill gain: alternative 1: make ring/s usable like a tool when a hand wearing a ring is activated. alternative 2: make ring/s usable like a tool like all other tools. Ring can be enchanted with CoC/WoA/BotD. Ring should be effected by enchant decay just like tools. Altar QL should effect skill gain. This will make the Jewellery skill more interesting as well.
  3. I would like it if a follower or priest could Pray with their deity statuette activated. Perhaps the effect would be the same as an altar of the same quality for prayer rewards? In addition, maybe some sort of bonus when praying at an altar with a statuette?
  4. Hello all, First off sorry about slingAspell not happening. Further plans are to be made at a later date to have something really special for next year. Location: South Xanadu NW corner of U17 in game map: I'll be holding a large sermon for some time open 24/7 come anytime you like. You can bring supplies of your own or order some to here. All three altars will be provided along with several different locations. There are a few fun things to do and as always I'll try and be the best host possible. Thanks Zalifear. Ps PM me in game on Zaz or Zalifear for any info.
  5. Should give star gems... or something. If they do already, then nevermind. However, I have yet to see a rare prayer give anything on my chars, even extra faith/favor? Nor have I heard of such happening.
  6. Well, that's it. Any offers? starting bid ONE IRON ...did i post this in the wrong section?