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Found 5 results

  1. We are hosting sermons at Heisenberg Shores located in F15 on Harmony. We are now on the highway system, so route to us and join the fun. New and "old" priests grinding your skills, all are welcome! Rules: When you arrive contact Princessoftrainwreck, Slipinjimmy, or Budfo and we will provide you with the link for the spreadsheet. Respect fellow priests. Join in any open spot or at the bottom of the list. Leave your toons logged in, no "hit and runs." Keep it fair for all. Please start your sermon on time within 5 mins. If you are late, skip your turn, and go to the next open spot on the list. Spell casting and meditation are turned on for all visitors. There are 2 meditation rugs available with 100 CoC that are open for anyone to use. The rug near the tower overlooking the water is in a special place on the Path of Love. We now have a Visitors' Larder. There is food for you to eat. However, the top shelf is for personal food only. Please rename any personal food, so nobody else will eat it. The larder is located at the rear (west) center of the building. Far away? We have a couple priests who can summon you to our deed, if you like. Contact Slipinjimmy or Princessoftrainwreck in game if you have any questions.
  2. Right clicking a water-covered tile for example in a low level mine, shows the 'Pray' option listed twice. I am a Nahjo.
  3. I'm now working on project of connecting nearby friendly deeds into Highway network system. As part of process I have in plan rebuild, straightening and optimizing some local roads. Last few days I spent working on overcome 2-3 tiles high cliff. Yesterday I was working with shovel above that cliff, when accident happened. Tiny lag disturbed timing of set on my climbing. That was not downfall, that was rather flight, more than 600 dirts worth height. One second turned into long time. I was thinking "I will die now, I can't survive this". Then I landed perhaps 7 tiles away and slided another 4 tiles down. And I survived. With 55ql bruise on my legs. Lucky I had horse on rope. I returned to my deed as fast as possible, thinking how to heal such brutal bruise. Farmer's salve should help, pehaps. I made few ones and selected that with highest quality. And it not worked. There was not option to use it. So I moved to BSB with cotton, 95ql cotton reduced that bruise to 48. But few seconds later healing tick returned it to 50, damn. I survived, but time will kill me now. None priest with heal spells was nearby. That bruise was bandaged, so unable to aply more cotton. Only really strong healing cover could safe me now. Time to open Wurmpedia and check which components I will need. In that time I moved to Vynora altar to spam pray. When web browser loaded into RAM of my older computer, I saw, I'm healthy. What? Checking events I saw Vynora healed me on third pray. So only thing I can say is: "Thank you, Vynora, very much. That was help in time of the greatest urgency." happy and alive Zak
  4. Saya Saya is a Magranon priest with 77.54 Faith. This is a female character and she is not on any meditation path. She has been used to manage the nature (grooming & breeding animals, cutting the grass, tending to farms and planting trees) on the deed for about a year now. As well as this her high mining skill has been used to assist the on-deed smith with high quality ores. This is helped by her ability to collapse mines. She is able to defend herself with her 70 fighting skill, which is also useful for collecting meat for the village. She will be sold with a Statuette of Magranon, a full set of chain armour at 80QL and a maul. Other items can be arranged with the deal. Below is her skill dump. Please either PM me an offer here or leave a reply to this thread. Thanks in return ~Saya
  5. Royal Oak Preaching Enterprise Introduction: Royal Oak is pleased to announce that it will host a preaching group for Fo, Mag, and Vyn priest/esses. Grinding a priest(ess)'s faith is indeed mundane and tedious. However, a preaching group can speed up that process (More info here:, and since priests/followers of different religions can now "listen" to each other, faith gain has gotten even easier. Location: Royal Oak, Independence (63x, 49y) (http://www.rosshicks.../images/map.png) I understand that this isn't favorable to many people. Time: Royal Oak Preaching Enteprise is planning on being the 24/7 sermon group for Independence. To make prayer resets possible is up to you. I will take note of people's timezones so we can "harmonize" and eventually organize a schedule and be an even more effcient preaching group. Features: -Royal Oak is offering 60+ QL golden Fo and Mag altars and an 80+ QL golden Vyn altar (credit goes to Aetherwalker). The dominant domain is Vynora. -Free and easy access to the shore for fishing for soul depth . -Free access to meditation rugs as well as a Love and Knowledge tile. (escort suggested) -Free access to a pinewood forest for your body control. (escort suggested) -Free access to animals to GROOM/TAME for your taming/animal husbandry skill and soul depth.* -Free access to mines for you Mag priests.* -You can purchase 50+ QL cotton/wemp for your body control/ropemaking skills.* -Access to 4 forges and 300 frying pans to lightly grind your HFC and soul depth (you can purchase materials from us).* -Free meals from me [unless donated (look at previous)] -If you have features you would like to suggest or have ANY questions, forum PM me. (* = requires permission) Some Absolute Rules: -DO NOT, and I repeat DO NOT cut oak trees. Period. No exception. [if you want to make a carpentry item (ropetool, grooming brush, or spindle) and REQUIRE oak, I will provide you with oak]. -Do not spam the local chat. We will ultilize the irc. (our channel is #royaloak) -Do not "ninja" preach. Meaning these few things... ~Do not log in and preach. Always ask for the queue... ~Try your best not to preach and log off right away. If you preach once, it is courteous to at least stay till the next person preaches... ~Do not log off while someone is preaching. -Need to argue? Utilize PM. However, if things go out of hand (which I doubt will happen) I will intervene and calm things down. -Concerning the provided feature above... ~If you utilized the forge and pans for HFC and soul depth grinding, empty out the pans... -Listen to what Royal Oak staff says (includes but not limited to Banzai, Thunderstruck, Yourshadow, and Bobmcjeffery). -Do not be stupid. Ask us questions and we will be more than happy to assist you. -Most of all, enjoy your stay and your faith gains . Final Note: I know this is far from central Independence and I know the group will probably have some trouble in maintaing a strong, dedicated, and well-sized group. But I hope this will successful and be helpful to the priests of Independence.